MARANDA DISTRICT Queensland July 14th

A Roma housewife yesterday told of a harrowing 16-mile drive along the Injune - Rolleston road at speed of 110 miles an hour, pursued by a brilliantly lit unidentified flying object. The woman who wishes to remain unidentified spoke calmly and lucidly as she described the incident. She said about 3 am on the morning of April 3rd she had l parked her car behind a road sign on a section of the road under repair. She had left Roma to meet her husband who was working on a property 16 miles north of Injune.

She said: "I was looking for the gate into the property and did not know what gate to go into," She ahd two children, a girl aged nine and boys of seven in the car with her. The car was running low on petrol, and the woman parked the began flashing her lights and sounding her horn hopping to attract the attention of her husband. She was expecting him to arrive at her location in a Land Rover.

"We must have been there for about quarter of an hour or twenty minutes flashing our lights and sounding the car horn, so I gave up. "I said to the kids, we'll lock the doors, we are going to have to sleep here.

" We must have sat there about another five minutes." My daughter was the first to notice a bright light the light was approaching from the mountains. "I got out of the car and I could hear a noise and it was getting louder, I said to the kids. "That it doesn't sound like a Land Rover. "Then I saw it was above trees." "I just sat there and kept looking." "I'm thinking to myself, I'm mad I might be tired, I'm seeing things, this does not happen.


Describing her nightmare high-speed drive to Injune the craft following close by, the woman said "Grass and trees were behaving as though affected by a very strong wind." She said the motor fot he object sounded like a loud electric drill. She also mentioned a loud "drumming noise." "We had the windows all the way up but the sound was still drumming and pressing into our ears." The brilliant white light from the craft lit up the whole area as brightly as daylight. "It was not like our lights, it was terrific she said." "I kept praying out loud Just to let me get into town."

Saucer Shape

She described the craft as saucer shaped under neath, with a smaller roughly cylindrical "room" on top. I've said all along that I have never said it was a flying saucer, I'd say it was more like an hovercraft of some kind."

Arriving at Injune with the car horn blaring, the woman roused a handful of residents, who also witnessed the craft hovering nearby for about 20 minutes. Then in just for a few seconds, it ascended and the light went off. "We all thought it had gone"?

Shortly afterwards a humming sound could be heard again but another woman witness said she thought this could have been electrical street light wires.

"The woman said: "They said 10 months before the same thing happened out there. "The same thing was sighted in the early hours of the morning down at Surat by two other women.

"The following Wednesday morning if you had listened to the Macquarie News other people talked of a similar sighting in Perth.

"They say this happens often around Injune.