What Next


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

There are some amazing videos around right now. One is a recording of a historical event in my opinion. The well known Harvard Professor…John Mack is seen giving a talk to a room full of skeptics. It was a skeptics convention, the group CISCOP held the event. Skeptical luminaries included James Randi , karl Pflock, Susan Blackmore and Phil Klass among others.

I couldn't imagine a more difficult environment for a UFO/Alien Abduction researcher to attend with the intention of 'sharing' information.

It's not that the skeptics are disinterested in the topic of aliens and UFOs , on the contrary they just love attacking the witnesses and their accounts…with a vehemence unparalleled. It's their favorite target of ridicule and abuse.

One of the most interesting things in the program is where Mack asks the question …“why the level of VITRIOLE ?”.

I found that amusing, the fact that he didn't expect to encounter any 'Vitriole' in a convention of skeptics.

However his point is a valid one. Adults should be able to discuss and debate any topic without it becoming a quarrel or getting nasty. Even a subject one does not believe in deserves mutual respect. It's more an indication of the mental state of the skeptic than anything else. The desire to destroy Mack was at a very high level, and when he talked calmly and suggested more open ways of looking at the topic he was attacked from all sides.

I certainly wouldn't recommend this kind of set up for any Ufologist. It parallels being fed to the lions. I never came away with the impression that anything had been solved either. The camps were still polar opposites….with Mack in the middle.

Sensible conclusions can only be reached once the available data has been assessed. To do that you have to READ the available data. The skeptics AVOID the data on the grounds that there “isn't any”. And as long as their attitude remains so fixed they will always be left in the dark, paradoxically, because most witnesses simply wish to tell someone their story. The skeptics are not listening.

The UFO sighting reports keep on coming in regardless of whether or not the skeptics are paying attention.

One of my favourite questions is “Were you a skeptic before this..?”. The answer is often 'Yes'. Many witnesses end up struggling through a whole series of stages of denial before they can accept what they themselves have seen.

A simple sighting can change peoples lives from that of a skeptic to that of a believer. Just ask some like I do. You will be amazed.

Now that the truth is coming out it will get harder and harder to ignore the evidence , and the reality of this subject will be apparent. After all, what is so strange about the notion of life existing elsewhere in the universe ? Even astronomers believe this to be the case, and that's only a step away from the beliefs of UFO researchers.