Now Then


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

In a previous edition I told you how good the International Scientific and Metaphysical Symposium in Brisbane had been. It confirmed in me the belief that we have a vital role in society in ensuring that the truth about UFOs becomes public knowledge.

Canadian professor Victor Viggianni said that we are well beyond the question of whether or not the universe has life , or that it has visited here throughout history. It's time people took a serious look at the multitudes of reports and piles of evidence that's accumulated over the last 50 years. There's just so much of it, and many are very reliable witnesses.

This is what I've been saying and thinking for about ten years now.

While at the Symposium I was approached by Wendy Burnham , who, on behalf of UFO Research NSW , asked me to fly to Sydney in November to give a talk on Victorian cases and sightings. Great idea. All UFO research groups should share information with each other, united we stand. I happily accepted the offer.

Apparently UFORNSW have had no information on Victorian cases up till now. I found this surprising at first, but then , realising where I'm from , it's really no surprise.

The UFORNSW venue is a classy Masonic hall in Castlereigh St , Sydney. It was a Friday night, and members were already there when I arrived with Anthony Clarke. Anthony is one of the members who very kindly put me up and showed me around Sydney. I brought along a Power-point presentation to show the group, based on many Victorian cases. We had some technical problems which were overcome, and the talk went well.

It really is a pleasure to show an intelligent and interested bunch of people the best cases and evidence we've had in Victoria over the years. Thanks to the technology everyone saw photos and illustrations made by witnesses, and I found the powerpoint system is really useful because it lays out everything you want to cover on the night. It was enormous fun. I was really made to feel welcome, and I have to say that our friends in NSW really are passionate about this subject. If any of them wish to visit Victoria and talk at one of our meetings they will be most welcome.

It's a very healthy situation, to be sharing information around between groups. It's also a welcome change for the better. The more we see ourselves as Australian Ufologists the better. Those groups who prefer to isolate themselves and mistrust the rest of Australia just have no idea what they are missing.

The next day everyone went to the Blue Mountains to help Rex Gilroy celebrate his 60th birthday. There were people everywhere, and there were personal sighting cases flying all over the place. Nearly as many as the cicadas which were almost deafening at times.

It was all over too soon, and I was on my way home again. Thankyou UFO Research NSW for a great weekend. On my way home from Melbourne airport I rendezvoused with Debbie Payne of AURA Adelaide, who was visiting her brother in Melbourne. She gave me an update on the Starchild and Australian Disclosure projects. For updates on either of these keep checking the Australian Ufologist magazine.