Source: Daily Telegraph Jan 25th
A department of Civil Aviation employee has photograph on movie film a myterious flying object. The minster of Air (Mr. McMahon) said this last night. Mr. McMahon said he had the film flown to the United Sates to be enlarged. Mr McMahon said Mr T. Dury a senior department officer stationed at Port Moresby, took the film. Mr Drury was a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force. "He is a reliable, credible person," Mr. McMahon said, "He saw a cloud forming." "A silvery object rose out of the cloud," he said. "The object seemed to be about the size of a pins head.


"It went up higher into the air until it vanished from sight." "As it moved, it left behind a vapor trail," Mr. McMahon said experts of the Royal Australian Air Force had examined the film carefully. The experts had reported that the film showed "something" in the sky." "While they would not deny it was a vapor trail they said it could be air disturbance created by the passage of a meteor he said: However, the "saucer" was so small that a detailed study of the film was not possible until tech- nicians had enlarged it. He added that United States Air Force experts probably would enlarge the film.

The Drury UFO Film Affair
A Study of a Celebrated Australian Case
by Bill Chalker