5th November
Broken Hill, Fri- it is claimed that a "flying saucer" said to be more than 100 feet long, was seen and photographed over Men Murtee Station, Wilcannia on Wednesday. The men who saw it are convinced the object was no ordinary plane, and say it resembled pictures of "flying saucers" they had seen published. It was seen by Keith Weston, son of the manager of Men Murtee, Fred Marshall, station hand, and another man employed there.

Weston said that about 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday they saw an object approaching from the south-west at high speed from 80 - 100 miles an hour at a height of about 500 feet.


It had a kind of tower on the top and two portholes. It appeared to be of silvery colour, but changed colours in the sunshine. Weston raced to the house, got a camera and photographed the object. The "saucer" disappeared over the woolshed making a "terrific noise" he said.

Mrs, Mckay, who is employed at the station, also employed at the station also heard the loud noise, but did not see the object. Mr Weston has developed the photographs and shown them to residents of Wilcannia. The Common wealth Government has asked Mr Weston for prints of the photographs
he took.