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By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

NASA footage…the Smoking Gun an Update

I love the NASA footage. It's amazing stuff to watch. It's also amazing that it was not headline news when it first happened. If you haven't seen it it's because NASA doesn't want you to see it, although they haven't actively tried to stop it either. In all fairness, Martyn Stubbs did state that the footage was always 'available' to those who had the means and the gumption to record it.

But things have been altered now. There was a time when direct video from space was available from the NASA website. They still call it “live TV” but it's no longer in motion. You see…the Smoking Gun video has so upset NASA that they no longer downlink live video.in motion format. The pictures are “live” in a fashion. However they are STILLS only!!!!

This is correct. Why would it be so?? NASA claims that the images in the Smoking Gun Video are only microscopic dust particles close to the video camera…too close to be in focus...and that the 'apparent' passing of the objects behind the tether is an illusion caused by residual image in the camera “vidcon” tube.

If these “facts ”were true there would be NO REASON to turn the downlink into a Stills show…as they have done.

The amazing thing is that NO ONE has remarked on this. We have the technology to show high quality full motion video in real time live from space but it does not happen. Not since the Smoking Gun video became available. It's the only way to prevent the Canadians from taping UFOs encountered in space.

Thanks to some painstaking research by David Sereda, the main “explanation” that has come out of NASA, through James Oberg, has crumbled to dust. Their main argument was that the camera was out of focus. NOT TRUE. For that to be true the following statements would have to be true.

      1. Video cameras are difficult to focus, especially for Astronauts.
      2. The video cameras used by NASA are sub-standard and difficult to operate, and their images cannot be relied upon.
      3. The depth of field in a video camera is severely limited.
      4. The video cameras used by NASA have very poor Image resolution characteristics and the image capturing elements are prone to “ghosting” and “flaring “ in high contrast conditions.

In actual fact...none of the above statements are true. Astronauts are perfectly capable of focussing cameras, even in space. And the cameras were of the CCD type. CCD video cameras, that is, ones with a “Charge Coupled Device” do not suffer from 'ghosting and flaring”…one of the main reasons why CCD cameras are used.

The problems associated with older cameras, with Vidcon tubes, are not apparent, but with guys like James Oberg, an excuse like this is handy because it 'might' help to debunk the video.

This is a real problem for NASA…because here is a Video, photographed by the most competent of people…'ASTRONAUTS'…using the BEST AVAILABLE equipment…showing UFOs in space. and in the earths atmosphere. And it's All in FOCUS.

The objects swarm around the tether and satellite…some even change direction…even the shuttle cannot do that…and some have flashing lights.

And the fact that they use CCD cameras exclusively…. means that when you see an object “APPEAR” to pass behind the tether that's because it just passed BEHIND the tether.

This is crucial, because the astronauts, or mission control just announced that the shuttle and tether are “ 80 nautical miles apart now”. Later they say its “100 nautical miles” away. This means that these objects, which pass behind the tether, must be HUGE objects…miles wide…similar to the objects in the movie Independence Day. So we now know that the Smoking gun Video shows us huge objects…in space…filmed by astronauts...with the best equipment …in the best possible quality.

This is why I like to screen the tape at all of our AUFORN Victoria meetings. Just in case someone hasn't seen it yet.

I personally heard a very experienced Victorian UFO researcher state that the swarming objects were droplets of water on the space shuttles window. Insane comments like that have no place in ufology anywhere in the world. Anyone with any knowledge of astrophysics would know that water cannot exist in space…as it instantly freezes and crystallizes. It's no wonder that Victorian Ufologists are viewed as being balmy by the rest of Australia.

Cheers. GS