Source: DAILY NEWS © August 12th
A GREEN COLOURED "flying saucer" swooped on two people driving near Carnarvon, and terrified them for nearly half an hour
MR Kukla's impression of the object, re-drawn by staff artist
This was the story told in Perth today by by 43 year old Nedlandss proffessional man and his woman companion, on a rock hunting tour which turned into a near nightmare. Antonin Kula, of Bedford st Nedlands who practised as a doctor in Europe, said the queer object reminded him of a living cell under a miroscope.

He and Mrs. Audry Lawrence, of Nedlands said they had to slam on their veicless's brakes when the flyinh object dived suddenly towards their head-lights at great speed from where they first sighted it aa good distance away.

They watched in fear as the object, in dead silence, pulsing with transparent and flouesecent green glow, hovered over the road 12 miles from Pimble station. They dousewd their veichels light abandoned the vichels and watched the strange object for almost half an hour, before it moved slowly away to the west.

Their story is a strange one. This is how the episode unfolded on the night of July 27th:

The time was about 7.40 p.m and though there were a few scattered clouds. the night was fine. Their position was about 12 miles north of Pimbie Satation. THe land cruiser's headlights were on high beam. As thery drove, they saw a green light in the sky, moving slowly until it disappeared behind cloud.

They next saw the light some minutes loater. This time it had changed colour to orange. Mr Kukla said today he thought is might have been an aircraft's light coming out of Carnarvon.

Antonin Kukla states "it was like a living cell

Then things happened fast. When about 40 degrees above the horizon, the object changed course with a rightangled movement, and dived towards the vehicles's headlughts. Within a second it had enlarged from about the size of a tea-saucer size to a mass measuring at least three feet. It was glowing a bright reddish-orange colour as it flased towards the car. Mr Kukla put up both arms in an instinctive geture. "Then I put my foot on the brake, and with my hands and arms up called, "it's going to crash on us!" he said.

Mrs Lawrence called out: "Kill the engine, switch the lightw off and get out to the bush." The car stopped they switched of the headlights, and got out of the car, they looked at the object. It had stopped in midair, and was hovering, now green in colour and rocked gently from tip to tip.

"It was impossible to judge what distance it waas from us," said Mr Kukla. After a while, he went back to the car and got a 7 x 40 monocular lense to observe the object, which was stillhovering in slience soem distance away. His bull terrier Snowy, normally first out of the car whenever it stopped, was crouched in the back seat, her heckles up. She refused to budge. Resting the lens on the car, Mr Kukla got a good look at the object. His first impression was of a shape rather like a squashed football or a magnifying lens viewed from the side. THen his reaction was aas if her were looking at a bright green cell or nucleus under a microscope.


"I had the fear in me that whatever it was I was looking at was not man made," He said. He watched the object for almost 30 minutes.

At times, the object descended below the treeline, then reappear-ed. Its outline did not alter, nor the colour. At time it hovered in a banked attitued, and at one dtage appeared hovering on its edge.

His last sight of the object was when it drifted westwards and eventually disappeared, changing colour slightly, but with green as the predominant hue.

The came another unexpalined happening. Mr Kukla recalled how car engines had been reported to be affected by proimity of unidentified flying objects, and foced to

Mrs Audrey Lawrence "she said, she saw a brilliant red-orange object."
himself to go through the normal drill for restarting the Toyota's engine. The engine was dead for 30 seconds before it began firing. Both he and Mrs Lawrence vouched for the thruth of what they saw that night. And when they spoke to Mooka Station owner Ron Butler later about their experiences that night, he told them his entire caamp had been lit up in greenish glow when "something" passed over it.

Then somethig had made a roaring, hissing sound, he told them. But he could not pinpoint the date or time he heard the noise and saw the green glow. Both Mr Kukla and Mrs Lawrence agreed on the UFO's characteritics:

  • It had definate saucer configeration
  • While traveling it was orange in colour
  • When it swooped down towards the car's headlights, it was vivid orange-red glaringly bright.
  • The colour change to transpariant, flouesecent green while it hovered near the couple.
  • Ther was no sound from the UFO at any stage. Mr Kukla checked out his moncular lens the following night. He focused on stars, to see