Source: Ballarat Argus (Ballarat 1919), ACOS Bulletin
Whilst travelling down a country road, a man came across an artifact resting near the roadside. He saw that a man was apparently working on it, and went over to offer assistance. The stranger turned as if surprised and pointed something at the man, who was knocked senseless. When he came to the man and the object had gone. Subsequently he found that his memory was never the same again.

1925 MOORA, WA
Source: Chalker, Bill, ACOS Bulletin No.9,pg.12
Two young men came across an object resting in a paddock. It was like two saucers on edge, with oval shaped ‘windows’ and four ‘legs’. The men beat a hasty retreat and didn’t return for several days. When they did, they found the earth scuffed about.

Source: Personal investigation by Bill Chalker
NA 1985-005
A 68 year old witness recounted a series of unusual events which occurred when he was 10 years old. One night, he and his other brother were coming home from a neighbour’s place when they saw a light approaching, getting larger as it went overhead and wound its way between mountains and hills. The object was described as a large round dull light beneath a round cylinder with a dome on top. The object suddenly started to hiss and lit up the whole area just like day. It turned slightly and moved towards the back paddock where it came to rest on a hill just inside the neighbour’s property. The neighbours had also seen the object come to earth, glowing for some time after landing. The next morning, a nine metre in diameter brown circle of scorched grass was found. Other reported events included nocturnal light sightings; animal disturbances (including mutilated and dead cattle and pigs); strange ‘womp womp womp’ sounds heard at night; and several sightings of a giant bird which stood over 1.5 metres high and which generated extreme terror in the case of at least one witness. There is partial corroboration of the nocturnal light and ‘Big Bird’ sightings by the reporting percipient’s two sisters.

1948 BERRIEDALE, TAS 0000hrs
Source: Bill Chalker
TA 1948-002
A Mrs Duffy and her sister were putting out the dog when they became aware of a very bright object which seemed to be directly above them. As it moved away they could see ‘little green men’ sitting on a ledge on the side. The men were singing in what seemed unintelligible words to the tune of ‘Three Blind Mice’. The disc-shaped object was visible for a few moments, then moved off to the west.

ca.1950 NARRABEEN, NSW 1200hrs (DD)
NA 1993-0001
Glowing white, star sized object seen about midday by Ms H. and friend while lying on beach and looking at sky. Object was observed for about half an hour manoeuvring slowly at high altitude at an angle of about 45 degrees from horizon. Witness lost sight of object eventually due to the glare of the sun. UFORNSW

One night a ‘fairy-ring’ six to 7.5 metres across appeared on a small hill to the east of Bostobrick at the time of UFO sightings in the area. The grass was dead inside the circle and even though the field had been ploughed many times since, the ring was still visible in 1974. Bill Chalker

TA 1985-079
15 year old girl heard a buzzing noise and saw a large object, stationary at treetop level, cast a golden glow over the landscape. The object moved till it landed in a paddock beyond some houses. The percipient took flight and ran home to relate her experience, only to be severely reprimanded for making such bizarre statements. TUFOIC

Three teenagers encountered a ‘figure’ at 20 metres range. It had a human outline, was dressed in some sort of robe, and seemed to be floating just above the ground. It was smoky grey in colour and had no definite head features, being some two metres tall. The teenagers fled. Bill Chalker

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 3861 Reported 13.02.05
Ray was in the Air Force in 1951, stationed at Amberley. Whilst there, he saw lights that were explained as being ‘min-min’ lights. He also saw an object that was producing a vapour trail, at about mach 1, which then did a 90-degree turn, a tactic, he said, that is impossible for any man-made craft.

He also mentioned some sightings near Eden more than 15 years ago. These events have been on his mind for some time.

1951 HALIDON, SA (CE3/4)
A Mrs A was out rounding up cattle when she came across a landed object resting on legs. Three male figures emerged and floated to the ground. They were of normal human appearance, wearing silver suits, silver boots and a hood over their heads. She was taken willingly into the object, into a room where there were, what today, would be called computer consoles. The beings communicated with her verbally and told her things about herself they should not have known. She was then returned to the ground. Keith Basterfield 1995

A former pilot, Arthur Fidler, sighted an object in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra. "What I saw was nothing if it was not some type of aircraft. If it was not one of ours, it was one of theirs. It was not a comet or a meteor, both of which I have seen in various parts of the world".

Captain G Ireland, an army man of Sydney witnessed an aerial object. "It certainly was not a light on a cloud. It was solid. It kept a steady course and glowed like a fluorescent light against a clear sky until it disappeared in a dark cloud bank"

Bet NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 1952 or 1953 STREAKY BAY, SA 2030hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3954(?) Reported 05.04.05
Between November and December 1952 or 1953, Noel and his brother-in-law were harvesting crops near Streaky Bay when a part broke on their harvester. They decided to fix the harvester that night so they could continue harvesting next day. They drove to a neighbour’s place who was the local agent for the required part. It was about 8.30 pm.

As they approached the neighbour’s place (about a mile away) they both noticed a large brilliant white light hovering a few hundred feet above his house. They were so rattled that they stopped the car and got out to take a better look. As soon as they were out of the car the light headed towards them. Noel admitted he was very frightened. The light then hovered above the two men for approx 30-60 seconds before it moved away at great speed towards the sea and then disappeared.

When I asked Noel how the object disappeared, (did it blink out, sink into the sea or get smaller as it moved away from them) he said it went so fast it was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Deb Payne AURA/AUFORN SA

Captain B L Jones, a commercial airline pilot, saw a flying ‘fishbowl’ just south of Mackay. The object appeared to have a illuminated glass dome. It manoeuvred fast round the airliner, then crossed its path and disappeared in the west. Later a man named Overell who was in charge of the Mackay airport control tower and a radio operator, Frank Hines, also reported seeing the same object.

Source: Barrier Truth (Broken Hill/09.06.66)
Two men out driving took photos of a saucer-shaped object hovering a metre above an electricity pole less than 30 metres away. They estimate it was 9 metres in diameter, with circular windows around the top section. Projecting from the under surface were three ‘pods’. The object left at speed. Later the men claimed that the RAAF had confiscated all but one print.

Following several UFO sightings a hiker who happened to be walking through the area of these reports saw a group of several ‘man-like’ forms clothed in ‘space-suits’. They seemed to be searching the ground with strange metal device.

Working late at an airport just after dark, two men observed what appeared to be a ‘flying saucer’ hovering over the observation tower. There were portholes around it and shapes inside which seemed to move around. There was a humming sound. It appeared to change colours, then shot up into the air at great speed. Mark Moravec

Source: Australian Saucer Record - AFSRS PUB
Three young men reported that their car had been followed by a ‘disc’, and that they had taken a large number of photos of it. Subsequently they were interviewed by the RAAF who reportedly confiscated the pictures.

SUMMER 1954. OYSTER COVE, TAS 0530hrs (CE2)
Witness tells of UFO sighting when as a young girl she was assisting her father to bring in the cows for milking. At first there was a low whining noise and the area seemed to be illuminated. Looking up she saw to the east a silver oval shape with a dome above, also there were white and red lights, plus a beam shinning out from below.

The cows were now making a noise and wanted to get out of the cattle pen. The witness opened the gate and the cows took off across the paddock. Meanwhile the witness’ father had raced up to the house to get his camera; he then went down the road to the object and took a number of photographs. The noise from the object increased and it shot off in a second out over the sea.

The father had the photographs developed, then contacted someone in authority to report the event. The witness recalls that three men in dark blue serge jackets came in a Humber or Buick car. They demanded that her father hand over the photograph negatives but he refused to do so. The men became threatening but eventually left with prints of the 5 photographs. Some years later the father had a contract to train German shepherd dogs for the Air Force; some mention was made at the time about the photographs. The negatives were put in a safe place but when the 1967 bush fires swept across south-east Tasmania her fathers’ house and contents were destroyed. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

1954 WINTER; PATCH, VIC 0630hrs
Mrs A Campbell had a clear view of a cigar shaped object made of bright aluminium. "I was waiting for the bus on the Monbulk road about 6.30am on a winter morning. It was very misty and just beginning to get light. I looked over the field opposite and saw the object coming down through the mist; it had windows along the side and was brightly lit with a bluish light; it was soundless and came down so far and stopped, until it was only about six yards from the ground. Suddenly it tilted and took off at terrific speed and disappeared into the rising sun".

END OF WINTER 1954/55 WHITFIELD, VIC 2100hrs (CE1)
Source: Source The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin September 2004
The reporting observer states that while visiting the farm of friends in Whitfield, North Eastern Victoria, he and his friends were starting a late milking at about 09.00 p.m., when they noticed a UFO hovering over the valley. Knowing that the adults, who were in the house, would not believe them if they told them about the UFO after it had gone, they went to get them.

The night was clear, not a cloud to be seen, and the clearly visible UFO hovered above the farm for a considerable time. Over the years, he has seen pictures of craft similar to the UFO. Unfortunately, the three adults who saw the UFO are deceased, as is one of his milking friends. He no longer recalls the month of the sighting, but believes that it was near the end of winter, when there was clear cold nights in that area.

When the UFO departed, it went sideways at incredible speed. He has not previously reported this sighting as "these things were not talked about in those days", and he later married and moved to Western Australia to live. He is now 65 years of age, has taken the opportunity to report this event, and would like to know if anyone else has had a sighting in this area.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3789 Reported 27.12.04
Witness was 16 years old at the time. Looked up and there were the stars of a clear night and a shape like a squashed up submarine. Turned on it's side and showed underside of a circle of lights. no flashing. No sound. South Western sky. moved non even. Darted with severe 90 degree turns.Australian Silky terrier fur stood straight up but never radted or barked totally out of character. Sighting lasted only 5 mins. Adamant of what she saw, but no one believd her. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

MID 1950s GLENELG, SA 2130hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3791 Reported 27.12.04
Elizabeth of South Australia recalls reading of a sighting in Glenelg in the mid 1950s. It was mentioned on the front page of The Advertiser, the following day. Standing on the intersection of Byron Street and Jetty Road, the witness (18) and several relatives saw the object hovering over the opposite corner, oval in shape, not flashing but like the bottom of a large saucer. It was a pale white or pearl colour and the witnesses were vaguely aware of a high pitch sound. Slowly it disappeared upwards. An uncle then said, “lets go home”. The witness claimed it did not frighten them and was quite ‘terse’ to think it had left so soon. It was not thought to be man-made.

Elizabeth found a report on the SA listings of a group travelling in a car on Jetty Road, Glenelg, around the same time, witnessing the same event.
Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Source: Daily Telegraph (Sydney/02.08.55)
Three young men returned to Melbourne with what they said was the picture of an entity. They said they saw a shiny object falling to the ground. After an hour’s search they found jagged pieces of shining metal and saw a moving figure fifty metres away. It was said to resemble a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front. It had a green cloak hanging to just below the knees. Its feet and hands were armour plated. After photos were taken the thing ‘disintegrated’ before their eyes.

The percipient to the 11th December 1985 Queanbeyan NSW sighting gave brief, second hand details of a sighting by his now deceased parents. They were driving from Captain’s Flat to Goulburn when they saw a disc-shaped light about 12 metres away in a roadside paddock. The light was the same colour as a blue electric welding flash. His father initially slowed down the car, but then sped off in panic. The family recalls hearing of the Nowra military pilot UFO encounter at about the same time.

Source: Followup 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5133 Reported October 2005

Bob (58), living on the Gold Coast, related a couple of experiences that he had when living in NSW.

While walking to school (Marrs Brothers College) he saw a long scrap-metal looking cylindrical object. He described it as around 10-15 feet long and about 4 foot wide. It travelled at running pace, not very high above the ground. This sighting occurred between two buildings and when he emerged, the object had vanished. To this day, he is unsure whether he had witnessed this object or just a part of his young fertile imagination. Robert Frola AUFORN

1956 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 1400hrs (CE1)
Max Cartwright, now 71 had a sighting in 1956 of a single object over his house near Roper River in the N.T. The slow moving object was sighted at 2am, no duration given. The object was described as long (s bit longer than a semi), dark with glowing windows. The object first appeared directly over Max’s house and made a high frequency screaming noise as it moved to the north. The glowing, oval shaped windows attracted Max’s attention. The ordeal left Max feeling excited. Keith Douglass UFORAS.

Source: Barrier Truth (Broken Hill/10.06.66)
A man photographed a UFO hovering in the sky. The picture shown in the source shows a typical disc with dome.

1956 or 1957 Bet. Scales BAY & STREAKY BAY, SA 0000hrs (NL)
Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3954(?) Reported 05.04.05
In 1956 or 1957 at midnight one Saturday, Noel and his wife were driving home to Scales Bay from Streaky Bay after a night out at the movies. About twelve miles out of Streaky Bay, Noel noticed what appeared to be a red tail light of a car in front of him. He thought this was odd because the road was fairly straight, there wasn’t a side entry road and the light appeared out of nowhere. He decided to speed up to get a better look but as soon as he did this the light sped up at the same rate, so Noel eased back on the accelerator. When he slowed down the light slowed down, when he sped up the light sped up. It was as if the light was mimicking his movements.

At the store in Calca, he turned on to a road leading to his homestead at Scales Bay. At this time no one else lived on this road except for Noel and Melva, but the light was still ahead of them, which he thought was very unusual at midnight in the middle of nowhere on a road where he was the only resident.

About half a mile along the Scales Bay road the red light took off at great speed out to sea. I asked Noel why he had waited so long to report this sighting and he explained that he had heard Dominic MacNamara (AUFORN, AURA Adelaide) on ABC radio and this prompted him to call.
Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

1957-58 BRISBANE (KENMORE), QLD 2300hrs NL
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 4919 Reported 08.08.05
During 1957-58, Hilda lived in Kenmore and was putting out the milk bottles for the milkman about 11.00 pm one night. She recalls: “When I was outside I looked up at the sky to the west and saw a round orange/red coloured object. It was stationary, then it took off to the north, stopped, then came back. I saw this for about ten minutes. It would sit still and then take off again. It was about the size of a basketball at arm’s length. It was very large. It was more like a cylinder or rectangular with a curved top and bottom. There is no way I would say this was an aircraft. I don’t think we have anything that can move like that. I have kept it a secret all these years for fear of being laughed at and ridiculed as it was not the thing to be talking about years ago. There was not much around back then it was mostly farmland.” Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code Reported 21.08.05
Ron, a retired school principal, recalls a sighting in the late 1950s. Ron and his wife were driving their Morris Minor in an area known as Wilson’s Reef, near Marong, north of Bendigo. They saw a large glowing cigar-shaped light above the reef. Looking more closely they could see a more intense cigar-shaped glow within it. The overall glow was the size of a football field. They stopped the car when they were only about thirty metres away from it. This thing was huge, and they were very close to it, but Ron was careful to point out that they were fascinated but not at all frightened by it. It made no sound as it went to the left and headed slowly off towards Newbridge. They watched it for about twenty minutes. Ron started up his car and drove towards the object and kept pace with it for a while, but then it accelerated away, still heading toward Newbridge. It suddenly shot off completely out of sight in a second or so, and again made no sound.

Ron has never officially reported this sighting in the entire fifty years since it happened, although he once told the story to a few interested school children who believed him because he was the school principal.
George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Source: Independent (Perth/23.10.77)
A section of Research Road sports a tradition of unusual activity including an account of a white, glowing man-like figure and a ‘huge pink sphere’.

Llewelyn, K. (1991). "Flight Into the Ages." Felspin. Warriewood NSW . pp143-146
Group Captain Tom Dalton-Morgan was Officer-in-Charge of Range Operations. Firing of a Black Night missile. Received call from Recovery Officer Percy Hawkins about an unusual, bright light in sky at 80-90 miles NW of missile site. Bright light at 5000 feet travelling directly towards the range head at high speed. Captain viewed the incoming light. It flew from NW then orbited the range buildings 5 miles to the S. When E it climbed away to the NE at a steep angle. It was a bright white-green light. No noise.

ca.1958 Concord West NSW 1800hrs NL
NA 1992-0034
Mrs E. (then girl of 16 or so) was sitting in a car, talking to an elderly couple, at about dusk, when she noticed a light hovering close to a nearby radio broadcast tower. Witness got out of car to better observe the light which was moving up and down the length of the tower. Object was then seen to move behind the tower and repeat the same manoeuvre. UFORNSW

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 0377b
Mr. Dare Taylor witnessed a ‘huge orange Moon sized object loosing altitude as if to almost land in farming country’. He said this sighting was reported in local Newspapers at the time, so must have been witnessed by others. Mike Farrell UFORNSW

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey
A strange, brick-coloured oily line across a sheet was found after it was left out on a line overnight. Dogs were barking during the night and a whirring noise was heard. Lights were seen in the sky during the night in question.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 3692 Reported 19.11.04
David has been living in the Somers area since 1998. On a few occasions he has seen something with a regular bright flash, like a strobe or a camera flash, moving and flashing about every twelve seconds. It doesn’t seem to be anything in orbit. It is sometimes seen in and around various constellations. He has always seen this with the naked eye. It usually moves off and disappears.

He also recounted how he saw something in 1960, over a sperm whale’s head on the Ninety Mile Beach. It was a very bright light which was skimming above the sand dunes, then disappeared. There was no vehicular access in the area in those days. He still wonders what it might have been. George Simpson, AUFORN VIC

between 1961 and 1964 GREAT AUSTRALIAN BIGHT
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5392. Reported
Mary was an airline crew member in the early 1960s. At the end of a flight that took off from Perth at midnight, heading to Melbourne, sometime between 1961 and 1964, the Captain mentioned that the plane had been orbited by an unknown object of some type. This thing flew around the plane twice then left. It had gone from wing tip to the nose of the plane, to the other wing tip, and round to the tail, and round again as the plane flew along. Mary knew the Captain well enough to know he wasn’t one to make up stories, and that he was serious about this event. Apparently it occurred somewhere over the Great Australian Bight, just a couple of hours into the flight. Both the Captain and First Officers saw it, and told Mary that there would be “no point in reporting the incident”. Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

Source: Mercury (Hobart/date unknown)
A letter to the editor claimed that a 6 metre long black object had been observed just above the ground and had touched down, causing a fire in a paddock at Brighton.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 1494a
Beryl wanted us to know of an incident which took place in 1963 at Springfield, Gosford. Her husband left for work on foot at 4:30 am and headed for the Gosford Train Station. She usually saw him off by watching him walk up the Road until he was out of sight. Beryl noticed an object hovering above her husband as he was walking, it was cigar shaped and seemed to illuminate a green colour which she says is difficult to discribe. She also noted the ship had square windows, but can’t remember exactly how many. The ship seemed to be moving along with him as if following him up the Road. He was heading down Headland Pde and turning on to Wells Street when the object seemed to just disappear. She said it was as big as a bus in length, but not the same height as a bus, more slender. Beryl said it followed her husband for a few minutes. When her husband arrived home from work he said he saw the object as well and said its engines sounded like a generator; a sort of humming. Apparently this particular UFO was noted in the paper by a Fisherman’s Wife who was asking witnesses to come forward. Beryl and her husband did’nt come forward, but they are now. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

1963 GOSFORD (MT ELLIOT), NSW 0430hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 1494b
Beryl also wanted to mentioned an incident that took place during 1970. They were living in another part of Gosford at that stage. She heard a noise in her backyard and went outside to take a look. She lived at the bottom of Mt Elliot on Clyde Road, Erina. When she went outside she noted that the top of the Mountain was all lit up, like a fire, but not a fire. There were other witnesses to this event, she stated it was mentioned on Radio, but was soon forgotten - too quickly in her opinion. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

"A couple of years later at Jinka Station Desmond was by himself, camping. He was looking at the stars and spotted what seemed like a satellite from the west direction, it was coming slowly, no sound, then a beam of light flickered on then stopped and swung this light around then moved on again. It did this two more times. Des put out the fire with water and just watched it go over head and out of sight."

"Another night he saw 2 silver lights together going fast. Keith Douglass UFORAS

1963-64; HOBART, TAS
A schoolboy reported seeing a UFO land on a beach and said he was approached by two entities. They spoke to him and later he developed a high IQ but was difficult to control.

NOTE: Confidential source known to K. Bennetto, TUFOIC’s sightings officer 1969-75. TUFOIC

1964 nr.BABINDA, QLD bet.0100 & 0500hrs
QB 1978-033
An ex-sugar cane loco driver related an old sighting of an unusual object he saw between 1.00 and 5.00am in 1964 (exact date unknown) while driving his locomotive.

"....Had come across Babinda Creek bridge and round a bend, as the loco straightened up the lights (on the loco) picked up the object, it was a silver, cigar shape with a highly polished surface. It seemed to be about 1/2 a mile away in the air just above tree level and hovering."

"At this time loco's were mounted with two lights, one pointing down and one pointing up in the air to illuminate towed cane trucks. As they came over a hill, the lights illuminated and reflected off the object."

Almost as soon as the object was struck by these lights a red glow issued from one end and the object took off like a bondi-tram to the south-south-east. Mr T stated further that the object was about the size of a DC-9 aircraft and he heard no sound above the loco's engines.

1964 DERWENT BRIDGE, TAS 2130hrs (CE1)
TA 1984-012
Mrs R and a passenger were driving towards Queenstown. They observed three silvery-grey, tear-shaped objects flying northwards at thirty degrees elevation. The objects were in a horizontal line formation and the leading object appeared much larger than the following two. At Derwent Bridge, the objects were at the observer’s zenith and had changed to cigar shapes. After telephoning her husband, Mrs R returned to find the objects had disappeared. Mrs R thought the objects were beautiful and relaxing whilst the passenger felt fear during the thirty-five minutes of the sighting. TUFOIC

Near Glenraigh, an abandoned railway crossing has provided accounts of ‘ghost’ lights. Bill Chalker

Source: Followup 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5131 Reported October 2005
Marie (79), a resident of the Gold Coast, recalled an event that occurred in the early 60s. While living at Peak Avenue, Main Beach, Marie and her friend Lock Hail (at the time of the sighting, her husband was indoors) witnessed a brilliant white, dome-shaped object, slightly to the right and above the Surf Lifesavers Club at Main Beach suddenly streak off and disappear towards Stradbroke Island. Just prior to its rapid disappearance, the underside of the object glowed a ‘frosty flourscent’ colour, moving ever so slightly upwards and then zoomed away. The sighting lasted only a few seconds. Conclusion: unknown. Robert Frola AUFORN

NA 1992-0035
Mr H (then a boy of 11 or 12) was fishing with his uncle in a boat on a tributary of the Hawkesbury River, at night, when they heard a humming noise. They then saw a glowing, yellow/gold, saucer shaped craft appear from over some hills to the north. The craft descended and began to follow the water course till it was directly over them. The witnesses reported seeing port holes and a large "windscreen" or observing viewscreen, and had the feeling they were being observed. The object remained stationary for about 30-40 secs before disappearing at great speed to the north-west. UFORNSW

1965 KING BAY (DAMPIER), WA 2100hrs
Source: PUFORG Newsletter
Mr C W Rickman, then aged 41, reported that whilst on night-shift he was standing outside a workshop when he saw what he took to be a gigantic distress flare to the NW. It was dark red in colour and lit up all of King Bay for at least 30kms. It remained stationary for some ten minutes. Mr Rickman called out to the others, and some fifteen men saw it also. Size was estimated as 0.25O. Finally lost to their view by just ‘going out’.

1965 nr NEBO, QLD
A 1982 interview with a Queensland Police Sergeant revealed details of this event to UFORFNQ.

Following the observation of a nocturnal light a very unusual trace was found. It was a ‘bum’ mark some 100 metres wide and running 1km, finally fading into healthy vegetation. Nearby trees lining a road also appeared to have burnt branches. The Mackay Police and the RAAF were said to have investigated. UFORFNQ

1965 SYDNEY, NSW 1730hrs
Source: Australasian Post (1965)
A strange pink cloud was reported by a woman. She then saw a snow-white ‘flying saucer’. A shiny ladder was lowered from a hatchway and a man came down and sat on a rung of the ladder. He shone a beam of light into the sea. The ladder and man were retracted and the object raced out to sea.

1966 FORESTER, NSW 2130hrs
Source: PUFORG Newsletter
A Mr M Bishenden reports that on a hot night in Forester he and a friend went for a drive. Approaching a paddock they noticed a circular shaped object in a clearing. Two "searchlights" came from the object - sky-wards. It had rectangular windows which emitted red pulsating light. After twenty minutes a figure suddenly appeared from nowhere. It was some 240cm tall, had a conical shaped head, was luminous and carried its right hand on its hip. The figure proceeded to float towards the witnesses who left at high speed.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 4871 Reported 14.07.05
R. (56) wanted to report strange encounters he has had since the age of five years when he lived in Parkerville West, Western Australia, and from that age he can remember seeing strange things.

One encounter happened about fifty years ago when R. had gone to bed and was watching what he thought was the moon. He called his mother to “come and look at the moon as it was getting closer”, but she told him not to be silly and get to sleep.

“I lay there watching as the moon got closer to the window and the ground. It was a big whitish ball of light outside my window. The only thing I remember after that was going to sleep and waking in the morning.” He continued to say, “All my life I’ve had strange paranormal influences like precognition which scares the hell out of me as most of what I see in my mind like earthquakes, tsunami, plane crashes, come true. My first wife thought what was happening was satanic and couldn’t accept there might be an alien side to all the happenings, so she left me as she thought I was going crazy. She was very religious.”

He recalls an experience he shared with his brother when he was fifteen which they have never been able to forget.

On night he and his brother had made arrangements to visit a friend’s place fifteen minutes down the road at Parkerville West. “On the way down the road we both noticed a strange atmospheric occurrence in the sky, the sky appeared to be filled with horizontal beams of light. We both said, ‘lets lay on our backs on the road to get a better look at what was going on’ so we did. While lying side-by-side, head-to-head, something strange must have happened. It was like we had gone to sleep on the road. When we woke, we weren’t lying head-to-head, we were head-to-toe. I was having a hard time gathering my thoughts when my brother just jumped up screaming and running off down the road, me, I had my arms out stretched to the sky, shouting ‘don’t go I haven’t seen how your engines work yet’. My brother was really upset. He kept screaming at me ‘what happened’. When we got to our mate’s place over an hour and half had passed. He was also really upset with us because he was expecting us in fifteen minutes, not an hour and a half later. We didn’t dare say why we were late, I mean how do you tell your mate you’ve fallen asleep on the road or even worse been taken away by something. They’d think you’re crazy. We didn’t want that kind stuff getting out about us.”

R. continued: “Strange things have happened to me all my life my kids see things. My daughter, who lives with her mum, tells me she sees ghosts moving around the house. My son when he was fifteen disappeared from our house. We found him naked on a beach with no idea of how he got there other than he said he had a dream of something coming into his bedroom. This scared… me as this was something I knew I couldn’t control. I couldn’t stop what was happening, I’m supposed to be the one who keeps the family safe but how do you do that with a force you can see coming.”

We finished there as R. had to pickup his son from school. This investigation is on-going and we have made arrangements to visit R. in a few weeks. Diane Frola AUFORN

A number of circular ‘nests’ were found during a two month period from February to March 1966. One was four metres across, and about six were 2-2.5 metres in diameter. Bill Chalker

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.146
Two people driving in a remote area came across a group of circles on a flat stretch of earth. There were eight in total, all identical in shape and size. Some overlapped. Said to be six metres in diameter and perfectly round. Two appeared to have been burned into the earth.

1966/1967 WOOMERA, SA 1730hrs (DD)
Looked up into sky and saw at least three lots of UFOs, 40 in all. One broke away and hovered low over him. Big as a football field. Mother told him he walked home in shock and took him to Woomera hospital. UFORSA

1967 nr DAMPIER, WA (CE1)
Source: JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE REALITIES, The Australasian Society for Psychical Research Inc, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2000
Mr Herbig, a retired mining engineer, related an incident from 1967. He and three colleagues were near Dampier in north-west WA (then King Bay), when a huge, bright, white, moon-shaped object came in from the ocean to the west and stopped over them for a while. It then flew back from where it came from. No sound was heard.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - unassigned number
Occurring on different nights during the warmer weather, Colleen observed from her kiosk on the beach at East Wynyard strangely shaped objects flying out over the bay. The witness and her children watched saucer, cone and cigar shaped objects. The cone shaped object would spin and display lights of varying colours of the spectrum. Sometimes these objects would fly in a V-formation of five. Most sightings lasted for five to ten minutes with the objects flying away from the witnesses. They occurred mostly at night and the sightings persisted for approximately one month. Dominic McNamara, AUFORN SA

1967 nr ST GEORGE, QLD
About 70kms NW of St George, a luminous object chased the car of Barry Morris and his future mother-in-law for nearly 200kms. Along the way, the object landed beside the road ahead of Barry’s car. Barry described the object as a silvery dome, flat-bottomed and levitating a foot above the ground. An open doorway could be seen, with a ramp leading to it. The area around the dome was lit up with a bluish light. The dome was about fifteen feet high. Later, the object flew directly above Barry’s car as he drove. The following day, Barry drove to where the object had landed and found landing marks. Barry took three photos with an instamatic camera, but when developed these came out as totally clear negatives (as with unexposed film). All other pictures on the roll came out normally.

Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 1766
At Christmas time 1976 South Australia Sue a UFO wittiness was entertaining 10 guest, all of whom stayed over for the night. Due to the house being full of visitors Sue gave up her bed to sleep on the couch.

Sue said: "I couldn’t sleep due the heat of the night and I decided to go for a late night swim in my pool to cool off". "While I was in the pool I saw 3 orange balls of light which seemed to appear just above a street light near my house". Sue said "I just floated in the water watching the objects but I couldn’t make them out" "Then all of a sudden the three objects took off vertically and vanished amazing. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

1967 off SYDNEY, NSW 2000hrs
A Mr Hill, now aged 33 of Bentley WA reported in Nov 83 an incident which he states occurred in 1967 whilst he was aboard HMAS Melbourne some 160kms of the NSW Coast. He relates that he was a radio operator in training and on the night in question was in the hanger well (open to the sky) watching a film with a number of the crew. The duty radar operator came over the PA asking anyone on deck to look out for six objects flying in a V formation on the port side. The film was stopped and he and others watched six bright white lights flying N to S. No other details are currently available.

Source; ABC Radio Programme "Investigations" (24.03.75)
A Mr Campbell related observing an object and subsequently being visited by an ‘Invisible’ entity.

Mr Zammit, a Maltese emigrant, saw several egg shaped objects in the distance. One of the objects moved closer and lowered itself to the ground near Mr Zammit's house. A large hole opened on its underside and three landing struts emerged. On landing, a glowing tube was lowered. In the meantime another object passed over Mr Zammit's house and seemed to be signalling to the grounded UFO by changing its light intensity. The landed UFO suddenly retracted its gear, and both UFOs shot up and disappeared.

The next morning, Mr Zammit thought he had dreamt the entire episode. However, on visiting the landing place, he found a piece of wax-like glass, which rang like metal when struck. Since then Mr Zammit returned to Malta but he has has lost this strange item.

Source: UFO Research Australia Newsletter
While cleaning his brother’s movie camera after filming the eclipse, Mr M’s attention was drawn to an object in the sky, to his right. At this stage, he decided to snap a photograph of it. Thinking it was no more than a mundane astronomical phenomena, both Mr & Mrs M returned indoors.

OCT-NOV 1967 HILLTOWN, SA 0200hrs
SA 1967-009
Awakening to hear a buzzing noise a family looked out the window to see an oblong rounded yellow/green ball of light, 2.4 metres across with a pulsating red light on it. The buzzing noise was audible all the time, and finally the ball just took off vertically into the sky. UFORSA

1967/1968 CLARE, SA (CE3)
A story circulated about a disc landing and a hairy dwarf being seen to jump out and disappear into the ground. Keith Basterfield

1968 MIDLANDS, TAS 1600hrs
Source: UFO Research Australia Newsletter
Second hand tale. Farming family returns home to see dark truck like object in paddock. When approached, the object takes off in cloud of dust, allegedly leaving marks. Name of witness unknown.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 1092
Her encounter was in Perth in 1968. One early winter evening, she was observing the skies for satellites. She noticed a particular satellite slowly gliding over the outer atmosphere, as they usually do. However, Mrs Dickson suddenly became puzzled when the "satellite" abruptly reversed it’s path and disappeared with unbelievable speed. When she raced in to tell her husband, he naturally didn’t believe her. So after 33 years she decided to tell someone else. Mrs Dickson found the 1800 number in the Take 5 magazine. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

SEPT-OCT 1968 DROUIN, VIC 0615hrs
Drouin South farmer, Mr George Willis, saw a strange object in the northern sky about thirty miles distant and is convinced it was a genuine UFO. At 6.15am, Mr Willis saw the object which he says had no lights but seemed to be surrounded by a yellow and bluish vapour. It was round and was the same size in the sky as a moon. Its speed was fantastic and it vanished in seconds. Mr Willis discounts the possibility that the UFO was a jet aircraft or his own imagination.

1968-69; nr LOWANA, NSW
A married couple encountered a "transparent man" walking near a railway crossing around which UFO’s had previously been reported. The man looked "uncanny" and "unnatural" but apart from that looked like a "normal" man wearing a flannel shirt and dungarees. Bill Chalker

1968-69; WALCHA, NSW 1800-1900hrs
After the family dog started barking two children went to see what was the cause. They rushed in and said that they had seen a small man walking out the side gate. Their mother dismissed the story, but when the dog started barking again the whole family of nine went outside and saw a large, red, circular ball hovering over the front gate. After five minutes it moved slowly away and went over a nearby hill. Bill Chalker

Source: TUFOIC Newsletter October 1997 Edition 82
Mrs G recently contacted the Centre to report a landing witnessed by her family when they lived in North East Tasmania It was a clear starry night when her two brothers called out the family to have a look at a "funny moon".

Mrs G described the sighting. We all went out to look at a magnificent white light landing in the paddock across the road from our house. It had a bright green light on top and a red one below. It landed close to a clump of large gum trees and lit up the surrounding paddock as bright as day. I can recall no noise. Great puffs of what appeared to be steam or smoke seemed to hang from the trees.

The oval shaped object seemed to have portholes around the middle. Three smaller lights appeared from the side of the object and moved down to the ground. There seemed to be some shadowy movement at the base of the lights. After 20 minutes the object rose up, move across the paddock, then shot off into the sky at a speed that can only be imagined.

Source: Followup 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5133 Reported October 2005

Bob (58), living on the Gold Coast, related a couple of experiences that he had when living in NSW.

Bob recalled that it was a warm clear night, around October-November 1969. He was coming home from college (he was studying to be a metal worker) when he saw a cigar-shaped object heading in a southern direction. The object was changing colours, from red to white to green to white etc. The object emitted no noise. the object was under 55 degrees elevation, travelling in a due west to east direction for nine seconds, changed shape to more like the appearance of a white dot, and then travelled due south at a rapid rate of knots (like a jet) for around a second when the object was over an Electrical Substation at Picnic Point. At this point Bob was about two to three miles south of this Substation. When this object disappeared, he describe the movement as four times faster than when the object was heading east.

See also 1955 SYDNEY (KOGARAH), NSW EVENING (CE1). Robert Frola AUFORN

1969 SYDNEY (PENRITH), NSW 0200hrs
Source: Psychic Australia (Sept 1976)
A young man recounted seeing a huge disc with windows, through which human shaped beings could be seen moving about. After about five minutes it rose to twenty metres, hung there, all the lights went out and flashed on again. He and some friends followed it for several kilometres before they lost sight of it.

Source: The Northern Star, Lismore, NSW.
A charred five metre diameter circle was found in a grass paddock. Originally the area appeared to be blackened by ‘Intense Heat’. Bill Chalker

TA 1969-011
Lone truck driver heading south on road from Bronte to Tarraleah sees bright orange dome shaped object on ground in button grass to west of road. When witness stopped, the object took off into sky; witness drove on. TUFOIC

ca.1970 MINTO, NSW 1500-1600hrs (DD)
Mrs A, while sitting in her backyard with her son and daughter, saw what she at first took to be scraps of paper blowing over her side gate. They were whitish in colour and despite the day being windy, they appeared to be suspended in the air. When she looked more closely, she observed that they were small discs some 22cm in diameter. There were 2 formations or rows each of 5 silvery discs. They hovered about 1m above the ground for a while before one formation. moving in a sideways direction, shot up into the air. Mrs A son tried to grab one of the remaining discs but they also flew up into the sky. UFORNSW

1970 MELBOURNE (EAST ST. KILDA), VIC 0320hrs (CE1)
Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3092
Deborah also mentioned an earlier sighting she had when she was about 8 yrs old.

One morning at about 6am in 1970 on a cloudless morning she saw a cigar shaped object over East StKilda. It made no sound and moved faster than any aeroplane. It had bright lights on one side and traveled horizontally across the sky in a straight line. Her comment was that it was very strange, and that there many reports on the radio at the time. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

A group of people were travelling home after a late party and were followed by a disc shaped object which extended a ladder below it. A man-like figure was seen. TUFOIC

1970 VICTORIA (CE-4)
Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline - Callin Code 2104 Reported 28.09.02
This caller wanted to report a sighting of a typical flying saucer in country Victoria in 1970. He wants to get on with his life and requested that no details regarding his identity or the case be published. The experience had been too personal and too upsetting for him to allow details to be released. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Source: UFO Research NSW Sighting Report - Reported 02.27.04
Andrew’s other experience was when he was with his younger brother Bill on their parent’s farm at South Gippsland, Woodside. The boys were only 10 and 12 years old and that particular day their parents were having a get-together with about 18 to 20 people. The boys were playing outside in the field and witnessed a craft come down and land. He said they were very scared and hid behind the dam bank. He thought the shape to be cylindrical with a landing structure. He thinks they experienced time loss of about one hour and would like one day to have hypnotherapy to find out what actually had happened.

They returned to the house at dusk and informed their mother (who is still alive) of their experience. They were not allowed to go outside after that and it was passed off as a possible crashed satellite. The next day when they investigated, there was no sight of the craft that had landed. There will need to be further investigation into Andrew’s experience. Errol Newlyn UFORNSW

Source: E-mail Report via 20.09.03
Bill Ireland told me about a holiday he undertook with a mate in his 4 wheel drive to North Qld. On the way back to Sydney driving on an inland country road during daylight in western Qld he felt that he was in danger of falling asleep like his mate beside him had on the long & somewhat dreary return journey. He suddenly awoke to find that he was still driving but 2 or 3 hours had passed and he was some hundreds of kilometres further along the road. He had absolutely no memory at all of having driven that distance during the afternoon & believed that he had fallen asleep at the wheel & that although his conscious brain had stopped operating he believed his brain had operated on automatic and he had continued to drive the car while asleep. Gary Opit

Source: E-mail Report via 20.09.03
Another story related to me by a friend around about the same time was that they were driving across the Sydney Harbour bridge during daylight when the next thing they knew they had driven all the way across Sydney much further than they had intended to go. Four of them were in the car & none had any memory of anything after being half way across the bridge. Gary Opit

1970-71 nr LONDON (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 0475
Shape: Huge upturned funnel
Size: Approx three times that of a jumbo jet
Objects: 1
Colour: Battleship grey, dull grey metallic texture, not highly reflective
Sound: None
Speed: 10 knots against the wind
Duration: To be confirmed
Direction: Moving East to West
Witnesses: Flight crew and passengers of QANTAS International liner

In 1970-71 Allan was a flight engineer for QANTAS based in London with 15000 hrs of flying time and was flying onto London during a blue sky day at 33000 to 35000 feet when the flight crew noticed an object like a "huge upturned funnel" at around 42000 to 43000 feet approximately 150 miles away. The captain of the flight announced the UFO to the passengers - for photo opportunities and general gawking, indicating that the captain, flight crew and passengers all felt in no way threatened or in danger. The captain maintained his course and did not divert.

The plane approached the object and flew under it at about a 45 degree angle. From underneath, the base of the funnel did not appear round but instead like a flattened elongated diamond. The object had no framework, no portholes, no doors or windows, and no visible propulsion. The object was confirmed by Shannon control Ireland on radar. Winds at where the object was ie: 42000 from West to East due to the Earth's rotation thus eliminating the possibility of a weather balloon. While reading a staff magazine Allan read that a British Airways crew had seen the same object on the same day on a flight from London to Rio.

Allan had also heard since that a similar object was seen by another QANTAS crew in Darwin at night somewhere between 1955-1965. Allan clearly has excellent aviation knowledge and told me that an object of that shape should not be able to fly in our atmosphere. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5172. Reported 08.11.05
Sometime in 1970 or 1971, when she was 12 years old, S. was staying at a friend’s house on the western outskirts of Mt Gambier when the event occurred.

During the night, lights engulfed the house; pulsating, warm, bright lights. S. was sleeping on the couch but she awoke to see the dimness of the lights through the lounge window. When she looked towards the end of the house, however, the light was more intense and pulsating more brightly. “Why didn’t I get up and look?” she asked herself in the morning. She declared that she was not scared. Towards the backroom was a room off to one side, where a rocking horse lay. Although she is sure she never got up, somehow her mind’s eye retells the journey of having walked past the rocking horse.

No noises were heard by anyone in the house. S. states that she is sure it happened in the “early am”. Although she says she was a shy 12 year old, she felt compelled to tell the story in front of her French class at school, and does not know why she did. She also had a lump on the back of her neck which doctors couldn’t explain. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 1736
Graham wanted to mention that he observed a white cigar shaped object around 30 years ago which was only around 1200 feet off the ground over Pennant Hills Area. He stated it happened within an hour of the first Concord Plane landing in Sydney way back then. The family were outside hoping to catch a glimps of the plane, but observed something else instead. He stated it was clearly not a blimp and did not have the same shape at all. He said the UFO seemed almost transparent and just hovered there.

Note: If anyone knows when the first Concord landed in Sydney Australia that will provide the timeline within an hour.

He also recalled an object he and his father observed at Narabri when he was young, his father was out hunting or something. He stated the disc was a yellowish hazy white, his father was so scared he took his son home. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

A rumoured close encounter type three report. No report can be ascertained. Keith Basterfield

Source: Daily Mirror, Sydney (05.11.75)
The wife and daughter of a well known singer observed a light on the side of a road. The light came from a ‘man’ bathed in a luminous glow. One of his hands was outstretched and from it to the ground, a yo-yo ball of white light, bounced up and down. Then the witnesses saw they were surrounded by thousands of small lights. They drove over these, which vanished after each impact.

A young man claimed to have been taken for a ride by humanoid occupants. Bill Chalker

A hiker was camped in a remote area and was awoken by a loud humming noise. Investigating he saw an egg shape and dark men, moving around it. The figures went into the object which rose into the air, now silent. Rex Gilroy

A parachute magnesium ‘flare’ was seen coming down about 1900-2000hrs. Three flattened areas were later found. A large number of tree branches were broken and twisted. RAAF helicopters and jets were alleged to have been in the area the next day.

During the middle of the night couple woke for no reason, then room was lit up with an intense white light. Light wasn’t coming through window, was "just there." Light went out. Lady looked out and saw a ball of glistening white light about 1.2m across, bigger than the Moon, receding beyond trees. UFORSA

Chalker, B. (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under:The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy."
"In one case just prior to the launch of a Black Arrow rocket (in part a DSTO project) an unidentified "aircraft" was observed by a trained site meteorology observer over Woomera prohibited air space."

A seven metre burnt circle was found on a stud horse farm. The owner said it was caused by a lightning strike which killed three cows. He declined to allow investigation.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 4913 Reported 08.08.05
In 1972, Mr and Mrs H. of Bellbird Park, returned home late one night around midnight and took their baby upstairs. From that room they saw for only a short moment, an object hovering above the house opposite. The object was about twenty feet long. Mrs H. reports: “It had lights all around it; very bright, and what was strange was it made no noise. We were both totally stunned and didn’t know what to think. It was shaped a little like a spinning top. I raced back inside the house to make sure our baby was okay and warm as it was cold out. When I came back out, which was not long after, it was gone.” She recalls that a friend also saw something near Wacol, Brisbane, about 8.00 pm one night. Mr H. adds: “We were on the balcony and to me it looked a lot like the fuselage of an aircraft, cigar-shaped and cruising very slowly. I originally thought it may have been a chopper but it wasn’t as it was silent. It made no noise at all. Lots of bright lights like portholes.”

Mr H. recalled another strange sighting: “I used to go fishing at Elliot Heads … There was a light in the distance. It appeared to be coming from Bundaberg way. It did two right-angle turns quickly. It was very fast. Too fast to estimate. It covered an area of about eight miles in about two seconds. Then it went into a right-angle straight upwards, high, then took off again.” Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

1972 CAMDEN, NSW 0300hrs
Source: Dr Geoff stevens case report, ‘Camden "grey powder" case’, dated 19 March 1995; UFOICN, no.43, April/May 1975
A dark patch of grass was found, some three metres across on a front lawn, and was apparently due to slime mold.

1972 EDWARDSTOWN, SA 2130hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3789 Reported 27.12.04
In Edwardstown, South Australia, in 1972, E.F. was about sixteen years old and alone watching TV at 9.30 pm when she turned off the lights and went outside to look at a most unusual object. Against the stars of a clear night was a shape like a squashed up submarine turned on its side and showing an underside of a circle of lights. The lights weren’t flashing and there was no sound. It was in the southwestern sky and moved in an irregular manner, darting with severe ninety-degree turns. The sighting lasted five minutes. Her silky terrier’s fur stood straight up but the dog was quiet. Unfortunately her family did not believe her when they returned home that night. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Source: Armidale Express (04.08.74)
An account of bright lights and burnt circles was actually a spurious account based on a lecture.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 4972 Reported 21.08.05
Gordon reports that in 1973 three people witnessed a light show over a farm in Berrigan. It was night and a line of five or six lights stacked above each other, taking turns at being the top or uppermost light, and then they would swap; one would go out and be replaced by one from the other end, and the cycle would repeat. Suddenly all of the lights sped off in different directions, very quickly like a skyrocket, again, making no sound. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3794 Reported 27.12.04
An ex-Ansett pilot contacted AUFORN with the recollection of an incident in Brisbane when a Fokker F27 Friendship crashed into Moreton Bay after an object was sighted on radar heading towards it. When the object merged with the Ansett flight blip on radar, only one blip was observed. The aircraft crashed with the lost of about 17 lives.

He says that the registry of this aircraft was VH-FNU, an ex Air France/ASA aircraft. I have looked up the registry of all Ansett aircraft and cannot find any mention of this Fokker crashing.

It started flying with Ansett in August 1970 and was decommissioned in August 1986.  During its service career, it was leased out to Air Pacific and Air Queensland.

But we have found in the archives of  The Advertiser posted on 10 June 2003 via Biniam Tekle, mention of a Fokker crash on the 10th June 1960. This was a TAA Fokker aircraft VH-TFB Abel Tasman and it crashed into the sea near Mackay.

All onboard were killed. Maybe this is the incident he is talking about" Robert Frola AUFORN & Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Source: South Burnett Times, Gympie (29.01.75)
QA 1975-018
....Mr Arthur Martin of Scott Street said that the two objects were 'definitely saucer-shaped, with turrets in the centre'....the objects which were hovering on the eastern outskirts of the town had emitted fairly bright, flashing lights with colours including violet, blue, green and white.

"We couldn't hear any sound from the objects, but the dogs were making a row and cattle in the area were also kicking up a noise", he said.

Mr Martin said that one of the objects had disappeared very quickly. The other had changed direction moving up and down and from left to right, before heading off slowly towards the east....

Claims that an aerial disc ‘buzzed’ the building site of a house were made by several people. One man recalls seeing a blue beam of light shining through a caravan roof and then the next thing it was fading a half of a kilometre away from the van.

Source: New UFOlogist. E-MAIL:
A small sharp edged circle was discovered close to the only small hill in the area. Hills are central to Meaden's atmospheric eddy vortex theory. The circle was photographed and measured. A full case study was produced which includes both photographs and a drawing of a sharp edged circle. Michael Hudson

ca.1973 MASLIN’S BEACH, SA (CE3)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 2859
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour:
Apparent size: small
Shape: Tube
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see:
Other witnesses: No

Alex is currently employed as a scrap metal dealer, and wanted to tell us about a very unusual piece of metal he saw 30 years ago. As a boy he saw a small tube of what seemed to be metal, floating on the water near Maslin’s Beach, South Australia, south of Adelaide.

It seemed odd to him that what seemed to be a piece of metal should be "floating." So he retrieved it and placed it on a rock on the beach. He put another rock on top of it to keep it in place. However, when he returned to pick up the metal it had gone. There was no trace of it. He says that now, 30 years later, it is still a mystery in his mind as to what it was. He called to ask if anyone else had ever reported anything of this kind. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

Rita H was taking photos when a light source appeared through the viewfinder. She had the impression of a close approach. She fell to the ground and the sky changed causing her extensive disorientation. Two photos were taken with a special camera and a very high ASA rated film. Prints have a light green coloured, elliptical shaped mass present on them. Woman subsequently developed lupus but this might be unrelated. UFOIC

Source: Victorian UFO Research Society, Moorabin, Victoria
The witness and two friends were riding their mini-bikes around various football ovals near Darebin Creek, Heidelberg West and Preston, opposite the Northland Shopping Centre. The weather was fine and still with a bright near full moon and thin transparent cloud. When they stopped riding, at about 10.30 pm, they noticed what appeared to be a large star-sized light to the east, above the Housing Commission flats on Liberty Parade. He thought to himself that it did appear to be an unusually bright star so near the horizon. They went for another ride and when they returned, the light had moved to the left, using the roof of the flats as a reference point. The light appeared to be yellowish and larger. He mentioned this to his friends and they took mental note as well. After yet another ride, they returned to find that the light was getting noticeably bigger and brighter, as though coming toward them. They joked and said, “Its probably a UFO”. He thought that it might have been a helicopter, but for the strange lack of noise. By this time, the light was shining on the football ovals and they panicked. They raced their bikes into nearby long grass and hid behind adjacent trees. The light was rectangular in shape, and vertically positioned about 150 to 200 feet above the ground. While still hoping that the light was from a helicopter, but being acutely aware that there was still no noise, he watched it travel horizontally at about 35 km/h in a westerly direction, over Darebin Creek, and then it appeared to gently rise up and over the Northland Shopping Centre. They finally lost sight of it about midnight as it descended from sight behind the shopping centre. Once they felt sure that it had gone, they jumped onto their bikes and rode home in a state of shock.

1974 SYDNEY (QUAKERS HILL), NSW 0030hrs (NL)
Source: Result of feedback form, 14.12.04
In 1974 at 12.30 am, CB and her sister were driving along Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, when the car she was driving all of a sudden shook violently then completely stopped. Nothing worked, not the radio or motor. She said, "I was scared something was really wrong when I started to get out of the car to get my babies out when something made me look up. That’s when I saw this massive circular disc-shaped object. It didn’t seem to be much higher than the power pole. It was surrounded completely by lights and had a dome in the middle on the top. We watched it move slowly over the dairy. There was no sound then it seemed to stop then shoot up into the air. I was actually standing under this thing. It was a grey colour, the size of half a football field. Once the object shot up in the air my car started with no problem".

She said that it was one solid shape, round with a dome on the top. "Someone from another part of New South Wales reported [a sighting] to a newspaper and sketched exactly what we saw. There were several sightings that night." CB cannot recall whether there was a moon but the weather was clear and pleasant. Anthony Clarke UFORNSW

EARLY 1974 GOLD COAST, QLD 1900hrs
Alise recalls an incident on the Gold Coast in early 1974. There was a pulsating light throughout the Gold Coast for approximately half an hour. A rainless electromagnetic storm was making the clouds go different colours all along the coast. There were continuous power surges. Many people lined up on the Gold Coast beaches after 7.00 pm to watch, many taking photos. Suddenly a large object came from the south, with a smaller object behind and, during the next few minutes, they moved north to the spit then immediately eastwards and disappeared. The coloured light in the clouds continued for another fifteen to twenty minutes after the objects’ departure. The next day there was only one report of a power surge contributing to a failure of some grid. Robert Frola AUFORN


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