UFORA92137 Undated Adelaide SA CE4 S4/P4
A man, G.A., called on behalf of his daughter. He is 70 years of age. Three times now he had slept soundly through experiences happening to her. The 3 experiences involved a 'man' in black. He said she had found little ‘scoop marks’ on her legs for a few days afterwards. All this occurred before he read "Communion.” (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFORSA)

UFORA92145 Undated Tasmania CE4 S4/P4
At age 18-20 years a man, Wayne P. experienced recollections of events, involving beings, which occurred when he was aged 44 years. He described the beings as being blue-grey in colour. No ears, large eyes, big head, small body, 2 fingers on each hand. Clothing finished at ankles and wrists blending into skin. Short beings. No verbal language - telepathic. Couldn’t tell male from female. He was placed on a hard, not too high off the floor, table and given a medical exam. He was not in an operating room environment more like a control room with angled desk top machines evident. A box about the size of a cigarette packet was moved across his body as H scanning. They inserted something like a needle up his nose - it was painful. He can recall an associated bright blue light outside his bedroom window. He thinks there may have been another abduction at a different age but cannot recall details.

At age 18 an apparition of uncle appeared to him. Had a few paranormal experiences scattered over his. He-sense of presence in some houses he has lived in, cold spots etc. Age 35 now. (UFORA phone-in. Referred to UFOIC as he lives in NSW)

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