Fire Ball Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads

15th Feb 2004

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Source: National 1800 UFO Hotline

Follow up Callin Code 3314 15.2.04 Burleigh Heads Qld

Sighting report

Slavko and his wife were quite shaken up on Sunday Night 15th Feb 04 at about 7.46pm at Burleigh Heads, they saw a fire ball travelling from North to South. It changed shape, and travelled right over their heads, they were going to run as they thought it was coming straight for them. As it reached over their heads it made a hissing sound like gas leaking said Slavko.

Slavko took some photo's but we have to take in to consideration that his hands were shaking when he took the photo's using a digital camera.  

Slavko being of mature age was unable to give me any further details.

Investigator Jan Stone AUFORN Qld

Comment Diane Harrison

The object in this set of photos is one of the same. With help of the cameramans shaky hand and some digital manipulation the camera changed the objects form several times as you can see.

I would like to thank Slavko for sending in these images.

Object South 28 degree 14.828 East 153 degree 26.64 Time 19.45
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