Source: Daily Telegraph JUNE
MELBOURNE, Sun. - Witnesses said today they thought they had seen human figures in a flying saucer. They saw the figures through portholes in the saucer they said. Six people reported having seen a pear-shaped, green object over East Malvern and Carnegie at 12.40 a.m. today.

Mr David Reese, 18, clerk, said: "I was saying goodbye to friends when I heard a noise like the dial tone in a telephone. I saw an oval-shaped object about the size of a railway carriage travelling in a curved arc from north to south. "It travelled at a fantastic speed, yet appeared to be moving slowly, as if time and speed had become distorted."

"Orange light"

"It gave out a weird orange light. When the shape reached the lowest point in the arc, I could definitely see in the object vague shapes that looked like human busts. The aircraft looked as if it were made of glass. You could see into but no entirely through it. Yellow vapor or flame came from it. The machine accelerated, and in another second or so it disappeared.

"It was not frightening just terrifically interesting." Mr Christopher Muir, an Australian Broadcasting Commission announcer, said: "I have always been skeptical about flying saucers but now I think there might be something in the theory.

"Like people"

"It was 50 yards away and within 50 or 60 feet from the ground. One moment it was there before me, and the next it was gone, shooting out yellow flames from the sides and underneath. Through what looked like portholes or windows there were reflections of some sort which resembled people."

"I have seen our fastest fighter planes but this thing moved with indescribable speed." "If it was a flying saucer from another planet we'll need faster planes if we ever have to fight the Martians or whoever they are. It disappeared with a tremendous, roaring sound. A clerk said: "A yellow flame spurted from the back like a Buck Rogers rocket ship. There seemed to be people vaguely shadowed in the strange light the machine emitted."

A Postal Department technician said: "Its shape was a cross between an egg and a plate. It appeared about 40 or 50 feet above the ground. There were yellowish flames."

A woman schoolteacher who would not give her name, said: "The thing was pear-shaped, with a beam of light extending from the blunt end. It was travelling low and fast."

A constable, on his way home form Police Headquarters, said: "An oval-shaped machine sped from the sky and hovered low, about 60 feet above the ground. Scarlet flames were shooting from it. Shadows of some people, I think, could be seen for several seconds.