A Perths mother and son's bizarre encounter's
with another world

1996. Irene & Ryan

Perth mum of four Irene Sander can remember exactly when the terrifying alien abductions started at 10.30pm on the cool damp evening of may 17th this year. She was just nodding off to sleep when a blinding white light woke her and a throbbing noise filled her ears. Paralyzed, she lay in fear as her body rose off the bed, and almost reaching the ceiling. Then suddenly she went blank, waking hours later exhausted and aching, her room filled with a horrible odour.

When Irene regained consciousness she was covered in bruises and puncture marks. Severely dehydrated and disoriented, Irene believed aliens have raped her.

But her biggest shock was to learning that her son Ryan, nine, had also been abducted. In fact, Ryan says he plays with his alien friends – "the little cuties" as he calls them – regularly, traveling around the world with them in their spaceship.

On the first night it happened, he saw this bright light coming along the fence, says Irene, 46 who moved to Australia from England in 1968. "He got out of bed to look at it and they took me and him. "He tells me he goes everywhere with these little aliens. He’s been to England and seen my home, and to Spain. He says they play with balls of light and throw them around –and they love his toy box."

Since her first spooky encounter, Irene believes she’s had dozens of other visitations, including five abductions- some terrifying, some pleasant. "At first, I thought I was going crazy, I’d burst into tears all the time, and yes, at one point I thought of taking my life." Irene set up self-help WA UFO Abduction Support Group, and has received enquiries from around the country, including Perth.

"It felt great to talk to another abductee because I didn’t feel so isolated," says Irene. We get together every couple of week to talk it over. It keeps me sane After talking to Ryan, she believes he’s been in contact with the aliens since he was a toddler. All his life, Irene says he has spoken about his "bedroom walls falling away" at night and how he goes flying with his special friends. He says they are about 90cm tall, very thin with grayish-blue skin, and black almond-shaped eyes.

"Ever since Ryan was six months old, he has laughed so loudly in his sleep it wakes me up. He does it even more now, I think it might be the aliens, "says Irene. "I even wonder if he belongs to them." Ryan, who is a very shy boy, says he loves the aliens and looks forward to their visits. His spooky experience often coincides with Irene’s.

Irene says: "I remember being inside the ship. It’s been dull silver in colour with a horrible musty smell. I met one of the aliens. We were communicating through mental telepathy. I didn’t want to come back to Earth. I felt so good there" Particularly disturbing, though, was Irene’s "rape" I think about it and it terrifies me," she says. Irene’s periods stopped for 15 weeks following the rape until she woke one morning in agony. Unable to breathe properly, she was rushed to hospital, but the doctor was unable to find anything. Irene believes she was pregnant and the aliens visited her to deliver their child.
See also recalls the aliens operating on her sore knee, which has been "in A1 condition" ever since. The funny thing is," Irene says, as scary as it can be, I feel a lot happier since the aliens have come into my life.

I’m more at peace with myself.
Courtesy of WOMAN'S DAY
Monday 2nd December
By Celia Barnes.