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Mysterious light and an unidentified flying object - those were the last thing occupying the mind of Brian Hughes when he began his journey by road down through Winton and Longreach recently at the start of his holidays.
Brian, a trades assistant in the 059 Workshops on 19 Level, has nearly nine years service with the company. He told "Isa News" on his return he was about 50 kilometres from Winton on the dirt road at about nine oclock at night when he saw, at some considerable distance away, lights he took to be from a road train.

"As I drove towards the lights," he said, "I noticed they seemed to become more tinged with yellow. I wasn't paying much attention and was completely unaware that anything unusual was taking place".

"Then I noticed an orange light shimmering beneath the large yellow light and , though I still thought it was a road train, I began wondering why it hadn't dimmed its lights."

Further on Brian said he dipped his own headlights indicating he wished the road train to do the likewise. Brian said "It was then that the object suddenly took off from the ground into the air flying directly towards me".

"As it did my car engine stopped, the headlights went out and my cassette stopped playing," Brian recalled. "I was frozen with fear to the wheel. "It was an eerie, terrifying experience and although it's hard to estimate, I reckon it was about 150 meters when it passed over my car. I jumped out to have another look and after it passed over the car, the car lights went on and the cassette resumed playing.

"My reaction was "My god, I've got to get out of here," I drove for a couple of miles then I encountered a vehicle approaching flashing its lights. I pulled up and the people in the truck (a grazier and his wife with a party of Aborigines on the back), asked me if "I had seen it"

Brian said "they thought it must have been an unidentified flying object". "We were all shaken up by the experience , particularly the Aborigines who were urging the greasier to drive on as they thought the UFO would come back and get them.

After chatting for about five minutes, we hopped in our vehicles and drove rapidly off." Brian said He considers it a once in a lifetime experience which he hopes, will never be repeated.