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Thank you to all those groups who continue to forward reports to me. As previously mentioned, this is a free service which enables you to receive details of cases from elsewhere in the country. The more organisations who input, the better the coverage will be for all of us.

My book, "UFOs: A report on Australian Encounters" (Reed Books 1997), which contains an extensive catalogue of the more interesting Australian reports over the years, will be published on the 5th May. I hope you will find it of value.

Firstly, "Project 1947-Jan Aldrich, in the U.S. has recently supplied me with copies of a number of documents reporting UFO observations pre 1947, in this country. As I hadn't come across them before I share them below. The letters/newspaper clippings were unearthed in such places as the late Dr James E McDonald's files.

"My first experience of strange sights in the sky occurred a long time ago. The date could be established, I think, through back files of papers. About 1912-13 a Frenchman was giving exhibition flights over Melbourne. One evening he was to fly at night and most people were on the look out for this unique sight.

My wife and I (then walking out) were on the sea front by the old fort at Williamstown. It was a night with low clouds and wind from app N to SE.
We saw a bright ball like object, glowing orange colour, lighting the clouds as it went through, travelling straight line Northwards very fast for those times. Present judgement 5000 p.h.

We were convinced we had seen the plane flight (up to that time we had no conception what a plane was like). Told the family all about it when we got home. Imagine our feelings when the next day the papers said the flight had not taken place owing to bad conditions. We were convinced it was not a meteor." Letter from the observer to the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society. Copy located in James E McDonald's files

Nov/Dec 1932 MT GAMBIER SA 1945hrs NL
A man walked for about an hour to reach the house of a friend. Close to the horizon he noted a " strange orange coloured light...from which flashed vivid lightning."

"My curiosity turned to amazement because of 3 features surrounding this orange light:

Firstly, it was continuous. Secondly, from the frequent lightning, I was able to make out the shape of that from which it emanated. It was like a blunt-nosed torpedo and the orange light was in the 'propeller' end, and thirdly, the speed at which the "shape was travelling."

He estimated it to be one degree in length. Letter from observer, dated 29/7/59 to the AFSRS-Victorian Branch

February 26th 1942 TIMOR SEA Noon DD
A sailor onboard the Royal Netherlands Navy Cruiser "Tromp" was on watch for enemy aircraft just after noon. Scanning the skies through binoculars he saw: "A large aluminium disc approaching at terrific speed at 4,000 or 5,000 feet above us." It circled the ship. The sailor reported it to the duty officer. The object continued to circle the ship for 3-4 hours, before it left at high speed and disappeared from sight. Letter from an observer , dated 20.3.57, to the AFSRS-Victorian branch

1946 MELBOURNE VIC 1600hrs 1 min DD
On a clear day with no wind a man saw what he took to be an aircraft. It approached over trees and was only about 150 feet up. It made no sound, and had no propeller, wings. Its shape was that of a large torpedo, and in size it was as big as a small plane. Now and then a brown vapour would come from it, only to disappear at once. Its speed was about 100 m.p.h. Letter from observer to the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society

July 7th 1947 SYDNEY NSW ?
"...A resident of the suburb of Kensington reported seeing two white shiny discs travelling at speed in a westerly direction towards Parramatta. He and his wife both saw the objects which they maintained were clearly visible for some time." "Auckland Star" 8/7/47 p1

July 8th 1947 SYDNEY NSW NL
"Though last night was cloudy over Sydney, people were reporting early this morning, that they had seen"flying saucers" similar to those which have been reported all over the United States. Some were said to be shooting south at terrific speed, others curving gently about the sky, and at least one was claimed to have fallen into the harbour." "Auckland Star" Wed 9/7/47 p3

February 6th 1955 KOOWEERUP VIC 2200hrs CE1
A Mr M was returning from a funeral with members of his family, when he noted an approaching "extremely bright light." Surrounding features, such as the road, were lit up by the intensity of the light. Mr M braked his vehicle.

When he light got to within 100m it: ..."swung very sharply to the left and ran off the road. What happened to it after that I do not know, because our attention was attracted to a curious object which appeared to be attached to the light and had hitherto been obscured by its brightness...It looked for all the world like a railway carriage...we could clearly see dimly lit windows evenly spaced precisely like those in a railway carriage." The carriage floated into surrounding area at the side of the road. "When it reached the middle of the swamp, the carriage simply disappeared." Report made to VFSRS

July 15th 1965 SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC (1815-1830hrs) 10 mins CE1
Five young children, aged between 6 and 11 years, reported sighting a disc shaped object which slowly descended at an angle from the NE. It hovered some 2m above a school with a rocking motion and made a high pitched whining noise. Below the object were some 15 lights which blinked on and off.

After hovering for a few minutes it suddenly left straight up. It hovered below the cloud ceiling, became blurred and then disappeared into the direction from whence it came. Letter to VFSRS

March 5th 1966 MELBOURNE VIC 2100hrs 25 mins CE1
A 19 year old man and a 20 year old woman reported an unusual domed shaped object at close quarters, while they were parked in a car at a golf course.

Described as 20m in diameter, and 6m tall, the object had an hexagonal shaped "cabin" on top of the inverted dome shape.

The man said: "I started the engine, let in the clutch and accelerated hard, but the car moved only a couple of feet...I could hear a humming noise from the object...when the thing went it moved faster than light...we drove off as fast as we could..." Melbourne "Truth" 2/4/66

February 1996 FERNVALE QLD CE1
Eight friends were out camping at night when the area around them was lit up like daylight. They saw an oval shaped object about 30m above them and as big as a small plane. There was no noise. The object was stationary for about 10 seconds and then moved off along a nearby river with a blue light trailing. The group seemed to become more subdued by the experience, and they were not interested in reporting their sighting or finding out what they had seen. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

May 2nd 1996 ECHUCA VIC 0050hrs 5-7 mins NL
A witness was on a houseboat on the Murray river about 15km east of Echuca and saw a bright, white light which grew and became a rectangle. It hovered in the sky moving up and down, with red lights around its periphery. It changed to a crescent moon shape and points of light like dust fell from it. It disappeared and appeared again as a sphere. The sighting lasted 5-7 minutes. That day the witness heard of a sighting made from Deniliquin over ABC radio. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

June 1996 ST LUCIA QLD 1900hrs 30mins CE1
Two women watched a bright light approaching their house and heard a noise like a helicopter. They realised it was a round disk which then proceeded to land in her backyard, which is a very small area. She switched off the dining room light to get a better view. It was the size of a small car. She was amazed how it could have come down without touching the clothes line or the trees. The helicopter hovered over the other side of the house. The daughter, aged 17 went to her room to look out of a triangle window (It was an "A" frame shaped house) near her book case. As she looked the reflection of the Moon shone on it making it look like a shiny, silver paper.

The object then rose to eye level and she saw yellow/orange lights like holographic swirling. Then it went up over the house and flew off in a westerly direction followed by the helicopter. The time was now 1930hrs.

Glennys is still investigating. However, it seems that three streets away a lady hanging out her washing reported a UFO flew over her house and disappeared somewhere down the street. A man phoned radio 4BC and claimed he saw a UFO while driving towards Indooroopilly around 1900hrs. Glennys Mackay

January 1997 MT GAMBIER SA Photo
A colour photograph was taken by a man which simply shows a "blob." Picture currently under analysis by UFORSA.

February 9th1997 HOLLAND PARK QLD 2000HRS NL
A witness saw three unusual lights in the space of 5 minutes. The first was a light like a star which moved quickly towards the city (north.) Then she saw a similar light which moved to the west, and the third moved South. Each light was first seen when approximately overhead. The first light stopped and then moved again, the second zig zagged as it went and each sighting lasted about 30 seconds. the colour of each light was white. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 10th 1997 CLEVELAND QLD 1900hrs 5 mins NL
Four observers watched what looked like a star moving slowly to the east, with no associated noise. Beneath the larger white light was a red light. It was seen for 5 minutes. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 11th 1997 MCGREGOR QLD 0000hrs NL
A bright pink/red light about the size of the moon suddenly "came on" at an angle of elevation of 45 degrees to the south. It was observed for about 5 minutes by two witnesses, and no associated noise was heard as it remained stationary in their view. They felt both scared and excited, and thought that it was nothing like a fireball. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 12th 1997 ALDERLEY QLD 2055hrs 1-2ses NL
A woman saw a light to the south at 8.55pm and an elevation of 45 degrees. It was about five times the brightness of a star and seemed to be moving horizontally. As she watched, the light broke into three lights which separated at an angle of about 10 degrees. The single light moved an apparent distance of 40cm at arm's length, and the two lights a further 5cm before they disappeared. No trial was apparent, and the event had a duration of 1 or 2 seconds. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 15th 1997 BURPENGARY QLD 1930hrs NL
A witness saw a light to the north coming closer along a clockwise arc, and then move away again along the same path. This was repeated. For a period of half an hour, she also saw a number of rings of light that seemed to break up and disappear. There was some cloud in the sky but the lights did not appear to be reflections off them. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 15th 1997 PARKINSON QLD 2130hrs NL
Six witnesses saw a bright orange ball to the north, and moving south below the prevailing cloud cover. The ball had a constant brightness, and no associated noise was heard. The ball stopped and dropped vertically down, but disappeared before coming to ground. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 16th1997 BURPENGARY QLD 1930hrs 30mins NL
Four witnesses saw a circle of lights to the east with a larger light inside the circle. The assemblage seemed to be moving away,, and was observed for about half an hour. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 19th 1997 IPSWICH QLD 2130hrs 5mins NL
An anonymous witness reported a big orange light to the east at an elevation of 45 degrees, which seemed to be moving with reference to a nearby treeline. It was observed for about 5 minutes and seemed to be brighter and bigger than a star. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

February 28th 1997 GOLD COAST CE1
A woman was visiting relatives and it was evening. Two mobile phones were in use at the same time when something like the moon dropped from the sky to about 3m above their patio. It appeared as a bright luminous ball pulsating in brightness. While this was happening one of the phones went crazy with static, and the lights dimmed, flickered and went out. Witnesses in a neighbouring flat also saw the light. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 1st 1997 INALA QLD 2215hrs CE1
A single witness saw a large, blue light moving slowly at treetop height and then speed off. It was an estimated 400m away. The witness was shaken by the experience. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 2nd 1997 MICHELTON QLD 2120hrs 1 sec NL
Two witnesses were looking to the north, and saw an orange light speeding horizontally east to west. The light was the size of a star, and seemed to disappear in clear sky below the clouds. The sighting lasted about 1 second. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 3rd 1997 SUNSHINE COAST QLD 1930hrs 60mins NL
A security officer and fireman observed two coloured stationary lights flashing green, blue, red and white like a lighthouse until 2230hrs. He did not report his sighting but next day media reports of sightings prompted him to do so. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 8th 1997 REDCLIFFE QLD 1945hrs NL
The children of a member of UFORQLD were walking their dog on the beach and saw first, an orange light, and a half minute later, a yellow light to the east and moving to the south. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175.)

March 10th 1997 GREENBANK QLD 2110hrs NL
A single witness heard a hum which drowned out his radio, and saw three lights, blue, white and mauve that seemed to be attached to an object, and pulsating in brightness. It was first seen to the east at an angle of 30 degrees. It moved in a circle and rose as it did so until its angle of elevation was about 70 degrees. It then moved to the east and stopped at a distance for about 6 minutes, where it seemed to fade out and become visible again a number of times. The hum was not like that of an aircraft. When the hum was first heard, the witness seemed to be expecting it, and it sounded different than it did outside. He paused inside for about 30 seconds before going outside. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 12th 1997 BETHANIA QLD 2secs NL
A woman was looking north and saw a blue light moving northwards, very fast at treetop height. The light was round and looked like a marble at arm's length. Its brightness was constant, and no sound was heard. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 18th 1997 BRIBIE ISLAND 0245hrs 40secs NL
A woman woke and saw a huge light about 2km away. The shape of the light was round and its colour pinkish with a strong glare. No associated sound was heard. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 20th 1997 WOODRIDGE QLD 0445hrs NL
A single witness saw a solid white light with a pinkish tinge to the south, an estimated 1km from the ground. No associated sound was heard. It moved west and then turned north. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

March 21st 1997 COOLANGATTA 1340hrs DD
A passenger in a Sydney to Brisbane flight was passing over Coolangatta on descent to Brisbane and saw a long thin dark grey cloud to the east and out to sea. It was estimated to be 1km long. It then changed shape and divided into segments, becoming more hazy. A bright white light flashed twice from one end of the object. Except for this cloud, which could well have been far out to sea, the sky was clear. She called Coolangatta airport and was told there was no air traffic in that part of the sky at the time. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175
* Note: see 4 April Gold Coast case-same?

March 25th 1997 REDBANK PLAINS QLD (0000-0300hrs) NL
Two witnesses saw a wedge shaped triangular solid to the west, with flickering lights on its back and it made no noise. It moved at modest speed and was estimated to be the size of a car and to be half a kilometre away. They also saw yellow flashing lights falling towards the ground during this three hour period. UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175

April 4th 1997 FERRYDEN PARK S Half sec IFO?
A man reported seeing a shiny, bright light, travelling in a straight line. It was only a pint point of light. He was looking north at the time. Suspected meteor.UFORSA

April 4th 1997 GOLD COAST QLD 1510hrs Several minutes DD
While flying over the gold Coast in an Ansett aircraft an artist reported sighing a very long object, out to sea. It was between the clouds. It seemed to break up and other objects came out and flew up through the clouds. Three others moved towards the water.As the plane turned and banked she lost sight of it. When she arrived in Brisbane she inquired if the radar had picked up anything and also phoned Coolangatta airport to inquire. She was advised nothing was picked up. Glennys Mackay
* Note: see 21 March case-same?

April 6th 1997 PALM BEACH NSW 2045hrs 10 secs NL
A woman and her 11 year old son were having an ice cream at the water's edge at a secluded section of Palm Beach, Coffs Harbour . A "pop pop" noise attracted their attention. A blue moon-shaped thing was coming towards them. They had the clear impression that an area 10m in radius was lit up around them for about 3 seconds. The object seemed to come straight in from slightly SE (out to sea). Seen as a "massive electric blue light." It started to move out after about 6 seconds. Pop noise heard again. Their faces were lit up like silver electric blue. It seemed to move out to the NE (seaward). To the mother it disappeared low on the horizon. To the boy it disappeared into the sea like a "big blue orb", which towards the end seemed to have a red thin trickling snaky tail. Phone interview with both witnesses about half an hour after the event by Bill Chalker, UFOIC

April 11th 1997 BANKSIA PARK SA 0300hrs NL
A man was woken up by his dog chewing the furniture in an excited manner. He got up and saw lots of flashing lights coming through the window. Looked outside and thought it was lightning and went back to bed. There is a possibility it was neighbour's blue burglar alarm. UFORSA

April 17th 1997 COLLINSWOOD SA 2100hrs NL/CE3
Playing tennis a woman looked up and saw in the east, a sparkling orange/red light, in or below clouds. It was initially stationary then moved south. Before moving it became elongated in the vertical direction. She lined it up with a pole to test its movements. It then moved back to the north. As an aircraft came past, she lost the object behind a tree. Other tennis players also saw it.

12 months ago, she was feeling tired during the day and lay down for a while in her bedroom. A "person". with blue eyes, blonde shoulder length hair, and wearing a white robe visited her in the room. He said hullo "Kay" (her name) and talked with her. She couldn't later, remember the conversation, but said she felt comfortable with the "man". She came to when her hubby, who did not have his house keys, banged on the front door. She revealed that she now has a scoop mark on her right leg. UFORSA

April 18th 1997 PORT LINCOLN SA 0000hrs NL
A security guard watched a "large soap bubble"shape a quarter the size of the full Moon travelling past him. Six weeks previously at 0015hrs he saw 3 star like objects pulsating, then blink out. UFORSA

April 18th 1997 RIDGEHAVEN SA1900hrs 1min NL/IFO
A woman was walking with her children when she saw a point source sized, orange coloured light moving constantly in a straight line to the east. It was close to the moon. It then went out. Analysis suggests it was a Cosmos satellite. UFORSA

April 18th 1997 LARGS BAY SA 2140hrs NL/IFO
Looking to the north-east, at 35-40 degrees elevation man sighted a point source sized object changing colours. Possible star. UFORSA

April 18th 1997 ADELAIDE SA 2300hrs 3hrs NL/IFO
A "matchbox" sized circular object was watched for three hours. It was in the western sky, spinning and moving right to left. It then reversed and spun left to right. Believed to be a star. UFORSA

April 19th 1997 BANKSIA PARK SA 0400hrs NL
A woman got up to got to the toilet and looking out of the window saw a large, red coloured, full Moon shape to the West. The brightness was such that it hurt her eyes to look at it. UFORSA

April 19th 1997 SALISBURY DOWNS SA 2245hrs NL/IFO
While walking her dog, a woman sighted what she thought were two stars close together. One moved to the right then curved off to the west. Possible light aircraft. UFORSA

1996/1997 MT NATHAN QLD CE3
A woman telephoned Glennys Mackay to report a number of very unusual occurrences which had happened on her 20 acre property. The back of the property is virgin land with scrub and trees on it.

When her husband has been home she has seen him go out through the windows, being levitated and floated out somehow. She has seen circles of light in the paddock and found a flattered area of grass the next day. She also says she has seen shadowy figures in the distance, with red lights behind but they seem to go very quickly. She was woken one morning at 3am to see red lights just above a shed, and a shadowy figure moving across the shed roof. The next day she found a dam half empty.

She says that when her husband has been down at the bottom dam she has seen him talking to a very tall person dressed in a grey body suit, and saw it turn and disappear as it got near a fence. She has seen the same ones near her son and woken up to find someone in her room. She thought at first she must be going crazy.

On Mon 14 Apr Glennys received a call from the woman who related that she had gone out onto the front veranda and found strange footprints from the top step and along the veranda to the kitchen door. At the top step there is a large, heavy wire mesh fence which has been wired into place to keep the dogs and animals off the verandah, and is 1.3m high.

The woman sketched the prints and faxed it to Glennys. The feet were nothing like Glennys had seen before. They are 34cm long with 41cm distance between each step. The first foot print started on the top step, evenly spaced through the mesh and around the verandah. It had been raining the day before. The prints had picked up the soil on its feet and left good prints. The toe was extremely long and the feet very narrow. Looks like two smaller toes lower down the feet were evenly spaced. There were also prints on the other side of the verandah. From this data Glennys estimates that the creature would have to be at least 180cm tall.

Under hypnosis by Glennys the woman described seeing her husband float out the window, and of seeing bright lights. Glennys Mackay

Sources for this issue:

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Glennys Mackay, QUFON, PO Box 2183, Mansfield MC, QLD 4122.
Project 1947
UFOR(SA), PO Box 281, Blair Athol, SA 5084
UFOR(QLD), PO Box 222, 50 Albert Street, Brisbane, Qld 4002.

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