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June 1951 North West Cape WA 1000hrs 15-20secs DD
A member of a seismic survey party wrote: "...something came into my line of vision. I focussed my eye on it. It was circular and sharp and in colour, dull aluminium. I sighted the object at 11 o'clock high and followed it to the horizon. Assuming size to, say DC-2 aircraft or smaller, altitude 25000-30000 feet. Direction SE. Speed, very fast. Much faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. There were no exhaust gases, rocket flare or vapour flash visible and no noise observed as the rig was operating and this would have drowned any noise.

"It was also observed by another member of the party when I asked if any one else could see anything in the sky. It was in sight for about 15-20 seconds.

"It was sighted at about 10am in a cloudless blue sky. It was a definite sighting of a metallic object..." Letter from witness to VUFORS dated 27/3/57. Courtesy Project 1947

October 4th 1996 Seaton (Adelaide) SA 2030hrs 4mins NL
Two men reported seeing a large, bright, white light. "The large light seemed to release three smaller lights coloured red, white and amber." These lights manoeuvred in the sky. The whole formation moved, without noise, to the North and was lost in the distance. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p19

December 1996 Kangaroo Island SA 2300hrs 1min NL
A round, noiseless, yellow object was seen by two people.Travelling from E to W. It changed to a northerly direction at one point. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p18

February 1997 Cessnock NSW 0130hrs NL
A woman reported sighting a large, golden coloured light, which seemed to come to ground near her property. On hitting the surface the ball shattered into three pieces.

Next day she viewed the area through binoculars and found damaged trees in the direction of the impact. She took her dogs and visited the location. Here she found a 6m diameter unusual cloud of mist and an unusual odour. At the apparent impact site tops of trees were found to be "dead." INUFOR investigators visited the area and confirmed damaged vegetation. INUFOR Newsletter Vol 2 No 3 April 1997 pp10-11

February 9th 1997 Reynella (Adelaide) SA 2105hrs 10secs NL
A student and mother responding to dogs barking, looked out of the window to see an object "swoop past" some 3m off the ground. Shaped like an "old fashioned milk bottle", the object came in from the SE. It emitted red, yellow and blue colours and left a bright, glowing trail. It left at speed to the West. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p5

February 12th 1997 Kilburn (Adelaide) SA 2130hrs NL
While looking at the stars Jim Adam noted three white lights in the sky. They moved to the south, and faded away into the distance. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p5

February 13th 1997 Modbury (Adelaide) SA 0515hrs 15 mins NL
Two people saw five white and red pulsating lights, moving at high speed. Coming from the NW and travelling to the SE, they were finally lost to view in the distance. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p18

February 18th 1997 Calwell ACT 0330hrs (5-10mins) NL
A woman, rising to attend a baby, saw a glow outside. It came from a large oval/oblong based object, with a little dome on top. This was stationary, outlined against a nearby hill. Finally, it moved away and out of her vision. INUFOR Newsletter Vol 2 No 3 April 1997 p33

February 22nd 1997 Port Macquarie NSW 2200hrs NL
An object approached from the North, below cloud cover, then slowed down, coming to within 500m. After hovering, for 1 minute it moved off at slow speed. Photographs were taken. Its description was "an ice cream cone on its side" and of a gold/orange/yellow colour. INUFOR Newsletter Vol 2 No 3 April 1997 p20

March 2nd 1997 Lismore area NSW NL
(a)2130hrs Bangalow 10 mins

Group of women and children noted a bright light in the clear sky, moving around. Described as a diamond shape with a circular tail, it's surface was faceted. After hovering nearby, it then passed slowly over them, before speeding off. 

(b) (Time unknown) Wollongbar

A large, bright, white light was seen descending at an angle. 2 minutes later a similar object was seen. This travelled East to West, including a stationary period.

(c) 2140hrs Byron Bay 6-7 minutes

A bright, yellow/white light was observed hovering overhead. At its rear was a steady red light. It left at speed to the NE.

(d) (2300-000hrs) Byron Bay

3 people observed a "pulsating, glowing orange" light travelling Eastwards in a straight line. It was said to be noiseless, 25-30m across, and "fat-shaped with a dome on top."

(e) Ca 2100hrs Bangalow 10mins

A very large, bright light was reported hovering at low altitude in the direction of Byron Bay. INUFOR Newsletter Vol 2 No 3 April 1997 pp19-20

March 3rd 1997 Adelaide SA 0620hrs 2secs NL
A bright, white light was noted by a man. It was to his SW. "I saw it do a half circle, then go down at an angle as if it was going in to land. It disappeared behind the trees. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p19

March 20th 1997 Grafton NSW 1900hrs NL
A South Grafton resident observed two "red lights" surrounded by a yellowish/golden "shell", flying silently at low altitude. The lights were about 20m apart, and moving together as one. They were heading in a straight line coming over the Sales Yards at South Grafton, towards the direction of the Grafton Racecourse. The witness reported that a light aircraft took off from the South Grafton airfield soon after the "lights" had passed overhead, but was unsure of the aircraft's direction of flight. Barry Taylor

March 23rd 1997 Adelaide SA 0055hrs NL
A passenger in a taxi in the city observed two yellow/white lights to the south. When the taxi stopped at traffic lights, yet another 2 lights were seen. Then more became visible until there were 15 altogether. No noise was audible. The lights, by this time were to their east. The passenger at home by this time, saw the last three lights rise into cloud. Air Traffic Control picked nothing up. AIUFOFSR Newsletter no 75 p7

April 1997 Kin Kin QLD 
"A man living at Kin Kin saw a very bright light which was coming from behind his shed. He did not go to investigate because he said he was too frightened. I asked him if he heard any noise. He said there was no noise, only very bright light which seemed to engulf the whole area. This light seemed to penetrate the shed. I went to look over the site but could not see any markings on the ground, or in the immediate area. This sighting was also seen by two other people on their way to Kin Kin that same night. Their description was of a large disc shaped object, angled almost on it's edge, and emitting a very bright light. It was seen on the top of the ridge on the northern side of the road. UFOHSAR

April 4th 1997 Nambour QLD A "gained time" experience
"A Mr John D phoned. He said, I think I have had a strange experience that is really bothering me, can you help me?...a few weeks back I was at home getting ready to attend an appointment. I had the radio and the 3 o'clock news had just come on. I finished getting ready. It was 3.10 p.m. I got in the car and headed for Morayfield. I checked my watch with the car clock. It was 3.10 p.m. Shortly after 4 p.m. I arrived at my appointment with a couple of minutes to spare. The business I had, only took a few minutes. I had to sign some legal papers. It was about 15 minutes. Having done that I walked straight down to the car and went home. During this time I didn't bother to look at the clock. There was a bit of traffic on the road so I knew it would take me a bit longer to get home. In my mind I knew it must be getting on for 6 o'clock. That's when I got home.

I put the car in the car port, locked the car and went inside. I put on the stereo to listen to some music on Coast FM, when the bloke on the radio said it's 3 p.m. News Hour. I looked at my watch and it said 3 p.m. I ran out to the car and looked at the clock. It said 3 p.m. I was nearly filling my pants. I thought of dialling the phone time machine, but I was too sacred, so I phoned my appointment. The lady on the other end confirmed my appointment was for 4.15 p.m. that afternoon. I was really shaking. I don't know how I managed to drive there again. It was like watching a video of me doing it all over again. Really scary, I was shaking.

Carlo Riva writes: "I asked John if he had checked his odometer before he left the first time. He said no. He only checks it periodically when he needs to get the car serviced. I then asked him how about your petrol. He said I did look but this car is a new Festiva. It is so economical the gauge hardly moves. You have to do a few kilometres to see it shift I questioned John on many aspects of his story to eliminate any possibility of him making a mistake with regards the time of his appointment, and to the time of the news reports on the radio.

There was however, one thing that John did come up with and that was he remembered the receptionist was wearing the same dress again on his second visit. Also he distinctly recalls what he thought was a bright flash of light in the sky as he left home the first time, although the sky was clear. He likened it to a lightning flash." UFOHSAR

April 19th 1997 Gympie area QLD 1810hrs NL
Ms Eileen Defenbach: "I saw an object that looked like a large comet, but it was too big and was travelling far too slowly. It was round at the front with a long, thin tail. It moved across the sky slowly. I was able to go and call my neighbour to come and have a look. I also took some photos of the object, which I will get developed." Carlo Riva writes " I came to the conclusion that this object could not possibly be a comet. or shooting star or even space debris, because of it's slow speed and its level trajectory. Also, according to the witness it seemed to be low in the night sky." UFOHSAR

April 22nd 1997 Fort Glanville SA 1245hrs 2secs NL
Travelling to the football in a car, a man sighted a white, circular object moving in a straight line. It was heading SE. UFORSA

April 27th 1997 Victor Harbour SA 10mins NL
A woman reported seeing six circular, orange/yellow lights in three pairs, about 100m apart. They travelled from North to South and were lost to view over the sea. UFORSA

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