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30 Mar 1997 GAILES QLD 2145hrs 3mins NL
Two people sighted one large, constant, orange light 300m South of them, travelling West. It twinkled noiselessly, in level flight, before climbing. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

1 Apr 1997 HELENSVALE GOLD COAST QLD 1930hrs 30mins NL
A man, watched a cigar shape, with a rounded bottom, to the SE. Estimated distance 10km (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

1 Apr 1997 MANSFIELD QLD 2210hrs Ca 1min NL

Initially seen to the North, a group of 5-8 steady, orange lights in a line, travelled to the SE at speed. No noise. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

2 Apr 1997 CALOUNDRA QLD 1900hrs 2mins NL
A triangular shape with red and white lights was noted rising in a straight line to the South of a woman. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

4 Apr 1997 MUNRUBEN QLD Eve 30mins NL
45 degrees to the WSW, a woman sighted a flashing green/white/blue light larger than a star, Relative to a fixed object she stated it moved. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

6 Apr 1997 LOGANHOLME QLD 2000hrs Secs NL
Seen to the North, from a car, a light appeared green from the front, but white from the rear. It travelled downwards. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

7 Apr 1997 WOODRIDGE QLD 0800hrs 1-2mins DD
Speedier than a plane, an object with trail was reported travelling South to North. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

8 Apr 1997 LOGANLEA QLD 2010hrs 5 secs CE1
As she watched TV a woman looked outside to see a bright blue ball, 20cm across, through the window. It hovered outside only 4m away, then fell into her backyard. An inspection however, found no physical evidence of its presence. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

11 Apr 1997 DARRA QLD 1900hrs 5mins NL
Descending into the West was a blue, oval shape light, surrounded by a pale white ring. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

11 Apr 1997 BRISBANE QLD 1828hrs IFO
Dozens of calls about a yellow, oblong UFO were identified as an illuminated advertising blimp. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

16 Apr 1997 YEPPOON QLD 1930hrs Secs NL
While observing the Moon, a group of people saw several noiseless lights, just East of overhead on a bearing of 345 degrees. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

24 Apr 1997 THORNESIDE QLD 1-2mins NL
Two people noted a star-like light to their SW. It came down to tree top height, hovered, then moved around periodically. It then disappeared. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

27 Apr 1997 NORMAN PARK QLD 1930hrs CE1
A disk was seen some 10m over a nearby house. It "wobbled and spun slowly." The observer left at this point, but on coming back noted she saw two objects in a park nearby. They finally rose into cloud. 10mins. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

28 Apr 1997 INALA QLD 1935hrs 30-45secs NL
To the East, at 20 degrees elevation, a silver light moved about-rotating slowly. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

29 Apr 1997 ALEXANDRA HILLS QLD 2050hrs 30mins NL
45-55 degrees to the NW, a man watched a flashing light, changing colours and moving up and down. Also seen through binoculars. Over this period it travelled to his left and down. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

30 Apr 1997 SHAILER PARK QLD 1830hrs NL
An amber lights was seen near Comet hale Bopp. It moved W to N, then N to W in a straight line in under a second. The light then dissipated. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

A woman was putting her car away, when she noticed two orange lights in the sky. They were approaching from the East. The higher object was going West, the lower one was going NNW.

They seemed to be going behind clouds, i.e the lights seemed to grow smaller and change from an orange to a red dot. Both seemed to have slight variations in speed. The higher was climbing to the West in a straight line-weaving off course occasionally. The lower one headed NNW going down. She lost sight of them behind buildings. The weather was clear, cool, with little or no wind. (UFORSA)

5 May 1997 REDCLIFFE QLD 0030hrs 3 mins NL
An oval shaped, pulsing, orange light was seen overhead travelling North to the horizon. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

A woman saw an object travelling from the North-West to the South, where it hovered for 5-6 seconds, before it moved off and was lost to view. It looked like two shallow saucers, lip to lip. The body was like the tail of a comet in its consistency. (UFORSA)

A silver, metallic disk was seen to the SE at 30 degrees elevation. It had no wings or tail, and became smaller in seconds. Lost behind trees. A minute later the witness glimpsed it again. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

10 May 1997 MODBURY (ADELAIDE) SA 1930hrs NL
Travelling south in a car, a man saw two orange lights. They seemed to be moving North and turning back towards the hills. As he went down Clarke Terrace he lost sight of them. (UFORSA)

11 May 1997 PENNINGTON (ADELAIDE) SA 1900hrs 5 mins NL
Two objects, star sized, and orange/red in colour were seen by a woman, near the Cheltenham race course. She observed them for 5 minutes, in the Western sky. (UFORSA)

13 May 1997 MOUNT BARKER SA 1715hrs 4-5 mins NL
A screeching bird drew a woman's attention to a black shape, which she described as a "black 44 gallon drum" vertical with a dim flame underneath it, and a small amount of black smoke. The object moved SE to NW at a slow speed compared to a helicopter. Eventually it disappeared from sight behind trees. There was no associated noise. The sky had high scattered clouds.

The next day she saw another object much more clearly this time, and it was a black garbage bag.

There was an article in the local paper in which Police warned about the dangers of sending up garbage balloons. (UFORSA)

17 May 1997 MODBURY NORTH (ADELAIDE) SA 2020hrs NL
Two objects, orange in colour, were seen by a man, as they travelled from the South-East to the East. (UFORSA)

17 May 1997 NOOSA QLD (2130-2200hrs) NL
Seven lights were reported to the East. (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

19 May 1997 GATTON QLD 2345hrs NL
A woman told of seeing, on the ground between Grantham and Heildon, a round, pink-red "fireball." (UFOR(QLD) Newsletter "UFO Encounter" No 176 May/Jun 97)

28 May 1997 WEST LAKES (ADELAIDE) SA 0220hrs
A woman was awoken by a noise and a light. The light was very bright, blue/white in colour, and it appeared to be focussed around the drapes of her bedroom . It was coming through a 5cm gap in the curtains and also filtering around the edges. It went out after a few seconds. The sound was like the roar of a jet starting up, very strong. It faded away in about 4-5 seconds. After that there was only darkness and silence. She did not look out the window.

About 12 months ago, her son heard a high pitched noise and saw a bright blue/white light, during the night. (UFORSA)

1 Jun 1997 ELIZABETH SA 0030hrs NL
Six orange lights were seen by a couple. (UFORSA)

1 Jun 1997 SALISBURY SA 0020hrs NL
12 bright orange lights were seen by four people. (UFORSA)

Report of orange lights being sighted. (Keith Basterfield)

Reports of "red fireballs." (The Age Newspaper Melbourne 2 Jun 1997.)

9 Jun 1997 Near STRATHALBYN SA 1930hrs CE1?
A farmer's wife rang to report that her husband and son had been travelling home in their ute, after seeding a paddock. As they drove along a road, they saw to the front right of them, just inside the paddock, an unusual object low down near the ground. They followed it for about 2kms when all of a sudden, it just vanished.

They described it as a triangular shape, with the shape outlined with a series of red lights. It seemed to be 22m in length and about 10m in height. Each red light seemed as big as a basketball. Adjoining and merging into the main triangle was another triangular shape. They heard no noise from it at all.

The wife rang neighbours to ask if anyone else had seen it. A farmer, also working in a paddock, at 7.30 p.m. had telephoned his wife on his mobile to ask if she could see a "red Christmas tree shape" up in the sky. She went outside but was unable to see it. He was located some 3km away from the farmer and his son who sighted the triangle. (Keith Basterfield)

19 Jun 1997 Various locations SA (1800-1830hrs) Secs NL
a. Moomba-A group of people reported sighting 5 point source lights, yellow/white in colour, travelling SE to NW. Seen for 6-7 seconds.

b. Willaston-At 1810hrs a woman saw 6 objects, of a white colour travelling rapidly S to N. Duration 5-6 seconds.

c. Cheltenham (Adelaide)-A woman saw 4 objects, yellow/white in colour travelling quickly from South to North. Time 1810hrs. Duration 5 secs.(UFORSA)

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