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UFORA90045 Lifelong Adelaide SA CE4 Level A S5/P4 A complex South Australian Abduction Report.
UFOR(SA) have now released further details of their investigations into an extremely complex abduction case which they have been documenting since April 1990.

In summary, a 31 year old woman has detailed life long interaction with alien entitie, with numerous encounters:-

• In about 1965 when she was ages 6, she along with a group of other children, was approached by a group of unusual lights. Partial fragments of recall implies that the group was somehow “put to sleep”.,

• When aged 10-11, in about 1969-70, she recalls a group of entities and a ball of light entering her bedroom and adducting her. A “classical” abduction and medical examination ensued. Her sister was sharing the bedroom at the same time.

• At age 12, in 1971, she was sitting on a local beech, feeling depressed, when a being came out of the water. She was then led through a white tunnel into a “craft”.

• Around ages 16-17, in 1975-76, she was visited by a group of 6 small and 1 taller entities who abducted her and took her to a place. Here she was able to walk about, and then her future life was shown to her.

• At age 19, in 1978 she has fragmentary recollections of a visitation at a time when she was sharing a town house with another woman.

The aliens involved in all these experiences are described as follows:

(a) The small ones 1.23cm tall. Head to body ratio larger than humans. No hair on head. Large round eyes-no pupils. Dark eyes, blue or black. Slit mouth and a small nose.

(b) The tall one. 2.15cm tall. Slant eyes, Moderate build. Normal nose. Bigger mouth than (a). Prominant cheeks. Male. Seemed to be the leader.

In addition to all of the above, the woman reports numerous, lifelong paranormal episodes. These include poltergeists, levitation, apparitions, clairvoyance, telepathy, spirit-photography, channelling and incubi visits.

From an abnormal psychological point of view, she experiences frequent hypnagogic/hypnopompic imagery, eidetic imagery, is an excellent hypnotic subject, can become highly absorbed in activities to the exclusion of other stimuli and her sleep patterns are not the norm.

Two unusual pregnancies are said to have happened:-

1) Around 1979. She thought she was pregnant. Nothing detected in blood or urine tests. Experienced cravings. Had enlarged stomach and cessation of periods. Breasts tender and nausea experienced. One month later everything returned to normal.

2) 1986. Doctor confirmed she was pregnant, although she maintains she had not had sex with her husband or any other human being. Says she did have sex with an alien incubi. She started having nightmares that the baby wasn’t human. She became ill and the pregnancy terminated itself.


As might be imagined, in a case such as this, investigations have been slow and thorough. Extensive interviewd have been conducted with the woman and her husband. Her sister has been interviewed and confirms vivid memories of a ball of light entering their bedroom in the 1969-70 episode. However, the sister recalls nothing further beyond this.

A claim was made by the woman that she may have “implants” in her upper gums, under her nostrils. She says these were detected by a dentist at an Adelaide hospital in about 1980. A search of hospital records indicates that x-rays are routinely kept for only 7 years and therefore the ones we seek have been destroyed. However the woman has recently visited a dentist and had x-rays of her upper gums taken. She says this also shows two unusual items present in her gums. An interview is being sought with this dentist to see if this can be verified.

Investigations are continuting to attempt to secure appropriate medical records, to interview a girl friend who reportedly saw the witness levitating whilst asleep, and to document the case further. (UFORSA).

UFORA90091 23 Sept 90 Adelaide SA 2205hrs Low Level C S2/P4
Whilst travelling down the Lower NE Road near Highbury, the witness reported seeing some tellow lights to their north at about 30 Degrees elevation. These lights were round in shape, and hovered initially. After some 2-3 minutes they then took off at speed. (UFORSA).


Clark, Jerome 1990. The UFO encyclopedia, Volume 1: UFOs in the 1980’s Omnigraphics. 234pp US$65

Clark, currently the editor of the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies’, International UFO Reporter, has produced volume one of a projected three part review of UFOlogy. This current volume examines personalities, publications, organisations, and events from the 1980’s and will be a useful reference tool for the researcher.


1. Australian Government Archives have now forwarded photocopies of 110 pages of documentation from the RAAF’s early policy file on UFOs. These cover the period July 1953 to 1959 and include a copy of the 1954 Turner report and papers about the Gill case.

If anyone is interested in a copy of these papers they can be obtained from me at a cost of $20 which covers photocopy, package and postage expenses.

The Archives are presently reviewing the early RAAF sightings files to determine what may be released under the Governments thirty year rule.

2. Journal Of UFO Studies.

The J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies advises that their second volume of their Journal of UFO Studies should be published next month. An extensive review article on the status of Australian UFOlogy, authored by Vlad, Pony and myself will appear in this issue following a request from CUFOS to us to write such an article. Price of the Journal can be obtained from CUFOS at IUR, 2457 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60659, USA.

3. Abduction study Group

UFORA in Adelaide is working towards forming a professional study group for abduction research. Negotiations are underway to bring together a sociologist, a clinical psychologist, a dentist, a specialist in post traumatic stress disorder and a number of ufologists. More on this in due course.

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