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4 Jul 1997 Port Elliot SA 0700hrs NL/Photos
Two people sighted three flat discs in the Eastern sky close to the rising Sun. They took one photo, then one disc disappeared. They took another shot and a second disc went. A third shot, after which the third disc left. All had been in a straight line, equi distant apart. The photos show a sunrise ween, with extremely small angular sized white lines present. (UFORSA)

10 Jul 1997 Christie Downs (Adelaide) SA 1830hrs 3-4 secs NL
A young woman was turning off Flaxmill Road onto Brodie Road, when she sighted a bright, white light up at the factories. It was three circles of light in a triangular formation. From the top circle was a beam of light going up in to the sky. Due to driving a car, she looked away and upon looking back it had gone. (UFORSA)

13 Jul 1997 Christie Downs (Adelaide) SA 2115hrs 5-10secs NL
Two people were outside smoking cigarettes, when one caught sight of a round, orange light. She yelled to her husband and the next door neighbour to look up, and they all watched the light for some 5-10 seconds, after which it was out of sight. It was a point source of light, seen initially in the WNW and travelled swiftly to the SSW. No sound. (UFORSA)

13 Jul 1997 Craigmore (Adelaide) SA 1825hrs 1min NL
A bright light was suddenly noticed at 45 degrees East. Then a second light went to the East of the first light, then a third to the East of the second light. There was no sound. In an instant the first light dimmed to an intensity of a small star. About 3 seconds later so did the second light, then the third. The lights then moved East to West then started to climb upwards in formation till the witness lost them due to the glow of a street light. The witness telephoned the RAAF but there were no RAAF aircraft about. (UFORSA)

28 Jul 1997 Modbury Heights (Adelaide) SA 1900hrs NL
A woman, outside smoking, looked to the East, when she noticed a light travelling south to North-East at about 15-20 degrees above the Adelaide Hills. The observation was of a red light with two smaller, white lights close bight object travelled at a medium pace with the white lights flashing on and off at an erratic pace-there were no set patterns to these flashing lights. The object passed behind trees and as it came into full view again, it slowed down, then hovered. It then darted up and down a few times, and then continued on its way. At one stage an aircraft approached but there was no reaction in any way. Finally the object disappeared from the witness's view. No sound. (UFORSA)

31 Jul 1997 Modbury Heights (Adelaide) SA 1820hrs NL
While outside the witness to the 28 Jul sighting, looked to the East and saw a red object with flashing white lights. While watching this one, another red light came into view and followed the first one. It seemed to speed up in order to catch up the first light. They both were lost to view travelling North-East. (UFORSA)

14 Aug 1997 Swan Reach SA 2200hrs NL
A man reported sighting a formation of lights in a horizontal arc shape. A further light then came over his left shoulder and went behind the formation, which then dissolved. (UFORSA)

25 Aug 1997 North Haven (Adelaide) SA 1945hrs 10mins NL
A teacher noticed a strange light hovering out to sea. The shape kept changing colour. It was a triangular shape and the lights kept changing from white to blue to green. He grabbed binoculars and took a look, and the shape was clearly triangular. The lights kept changing colour but blending in to each other. Around the shape there was a haze of light. The object dropped very quickly a couple of times. Eventually it disappeared. The witness stated that it was definitely not an aircraft. (UFORSA)

25 Sep 1997 Craigmore (Adelaide) SA 1945hrs 5mins NL
A young woman rang to report an orange light, which came from the North, with a bobbing motion. No sound. (UFORSA)

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