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1969 Ringarooma NE Tas Night 20mins CE1
On a clear night, a Mrs G and family witnessed a white light "landing in the paddock across the road from our house." This light had a bright, green light on top of it, and a red light below it. Landing close to a group of tall gum trees, the surrounding paddocks were lit up as if it were daytime. Steam or smoke appeared to "hang from the trees." There was no noise audible from the object, which was oval in shape and had what appeared to be "portholes" around its middle. There were three, smaller lights, which moved from the object's side to the ground. At the base of the lights there was "shadowy movement." It finally left the ground, went over the paddock and "shot off into the sky at speed. (TUFOIC Newsletter edition 82 Oct 97.)

Dec 1987 Off Flinders Island Dusk 30secs NL
Mr W's yacht was anchored off East Kangaroo Island, when he noted a "star"moving relative to other stars. It travelled East to West and his first thought was it was a satellite. However, it did a number of zig zag movements, then accelerated away to the south. As it came close to the southern horizon, its speed blurred its shape. (TUFOIC Newsletter edition 82 Oct 97.)

29 May 1997 Petrie (Brisbane) Qld 1820hrs 3mins NL
Nine lights changing colour from red, yellow and blue, were noted in a stationary position in the South West. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

29 May 1997 Browns Plains (Brisbane) Qld 2100hrs NL
Two red lights, about star size, were reported in the South, by a woman. These lights were "moving in repeated patterns...disappearing and reappearing." (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

30 May 1997 Algester (Brisbane) Qld 1830hrs 2-3mins NL
A man videoed "balls of fire", which appeared to contain structural details. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

1 Jun 1997 Archerfield (Brisbane) Qld 2300hrs 3mins NL
Three red lights approached from the South at high altitude. They were described as bigger than a bright star, round and pulsing. They moved to the North-West and disappeared in different directions. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

6 Jun 1997 Redbank Plains (Brisbane) Qld 0010hrs 25mins NL
Two people saw a red/orange/ball at an apparent 15-20kms distance in the West. It was lost in fog. However, at one point "the object seemed to move 300 to 600 metres in an instant." (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

8 Jun 1997 Mount Tarmas Qld 2030hrs NL
Nine people in total reported sighting a red/green/white/blue flashing light in the northern sky. It seemed to be approaching. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

9 Jun 1997 Everton Park (Brisbane) Qld 0545hrs 2 mins NL
While walking the dog, a man sighted a bright, blue light to the North-West. It was travelling slowly to the South West. It faded away. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

10 Jun 1997 Wamuran Qld 1930hrs 3 hours NL
A man thought he was watching three moving stars, which changed colour, in the SSW, the NW and the W. "When observed with binoculars, even more colours were seen." (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p15.)

10 Jun 1997 Redbank Plains (Brisbane) Qld 2200hrs NL
Three, noiseless, bright orange lights travelled from East to North-West, high in the sky. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16

11 Jun 1997 Mt Tamborine Qld 1830hrs 3mins NL
A white, oval shaped light was seen in the direction of Paradise Point. It was stationary initially, then travelled slowly North. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

12 Jun 1997 Petrie (Brisbane) Qld 1745hrs 3secs NL
What was taken to be a bright, "high flying aircraft" was seen. It flashed red and blue and then disappeared. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

12 Jun 1997 Gold Coast Qld 0230hrs NL
A soundless, bright, white coloured object, said to be ten times star size, left a trail of coloured sparks to the West. The female witness reported she had been woken by a bright light. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

14 Jun 1997 Goomery (300km NW? of Noosa) Qld 2125hrs NL
A "swish" sound lasting 2-3 seconds, passed over a woman, followed by a light travelling South to north at 30 degrees elevation. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

19 Jun 1997 Hendra (Brisbane) Qld 0255hrs 6mins NL
A white and red light was observed at 75-80 degrees South. It moved around at high speed. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

23 Jun 1997 Point Hobbs W coast of Tas 1930hrs 120mins
Two witnesses were anchored off Bird Island for the night. J. observed a group of three lights to the West at 20 degrees elevation. The top light was red, with two green lights below it. Around these lights was a "glow." Angular size of this cluster was estimated as about 1/2 degree. During the observation the lights lost elevation, and moved to the North. On occasions J. reported erratic movements of the lights-they'd move sideways or travel in a circle in an anti-clockwise direction. Finally, near the horizon, they travelled behind the island, then up again, until finally being lost to sight. (TUFOIC Newsletter edition 82 Oct 97.)

28 Jun 1997 Gold Coast Qld 2330hrs NL
A soundless, cigar shape was said to have been hovering to the WNW over Tamborine. It had "lights along its bottom." (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

30 Jun 1997 Bellbird Park Qld 15mins NL
In the South a light, seemingly above the clouds showed off red/green and white colours. Elevation 20 degrees. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

1 Jul 1997 Jamboree Heights (Brisbane) Qld 2115hrs 45mins NL
A woman saw a bright, white light to the East. This light travelled in a zig-zag pattern. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 177 p16.)

10 Sep 1997 Port Huon Tas 2230hrs NL
Two friends were in the lounge of a house when they sighted a large, boomerang shaped light in the sky. It was a variety of colours, varying from blue, yellow, green, and red. One of the friends drew the other's attention to a second similar "boomerang" shaped light near the first. The original light was seen to give off a "trail of sparks from the left side," and fading out travelling downwards. The lights had moved around in an anti-clockwise direction, by "going up to the left and right, then dropping down again." Finally they called in one of their mother's but by the time she arrived in the lounge the lights had gone. (TUFOIC Newsletter edition 82 Oct 97.)

29 Sep 1997 Jacobs Well Qld Ca2359hrs 1min
Pilot Rob Hill and another person were flying Brisbane to Lismore in a helicopter, when they saw an unusual object, with three lights on it. These lights were evenly spaced along its side. The Pilot is quoted as saying: "It seemed to be flat and then it tilted like an aircraft banking and disappeared." Brisbane ATC advised no other traffic was in the area. (The Northern Star 3/10/97 pp1&2. My copy courtesy Wendy Murfitt.)

1 Oct 1997 Northern NSW NL
Pilot Wayne Fisher was flying a helicopter, between Brisbane and Lismore at 7000 feet, on a clear night, when the chopper was bathed in white light, which came from above and behind. Two other people were onboard, a Dr Margo Harbison and a Steve Van Bratt. Brisbane Air Traffic Control had no other aircraft in the vicinity. (The Northern Star 3/10/97 pp1&2. My copy courtesy Wendy Murfitt.)

1 Oct 1997 Ballina cutting NSW 2245hrs 4-5secs
Mr Wayne Presser and his daughter, Kara, reported a bright, round, metallic blue coloured, object in the North Western sky, travelling at speed. (The Northern Star 3/10/97 pp1&2. My copy courtesy Wendy Murfitt.)

11 Oct 1997 NSW?ACT 0815hrs UT -1845hrs IFO
A spectacular, green/blue coloured fireball, rated as brightness magnitude -10 to -15 (the Moon is -13), was reported over New South Wales. Travelling West to East, seen for about three seconds, it left a trail in the sky of some three minutes duration. Reports came in from Siding Spring Observatory; Coonabarabran, Taworth, and Canberra At the end of its trajectory it broke up. Sounds may have been heard connected with the fireball. (Rob McNaught).

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