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24 May 1993 Belmont, Newcastle, NSW 1730-1800hrs
A commercial pilot just got out of his car when he noticed three large lights, triangular pattern, in the sky to the south. They appeared to rotate about a vertical axis and moved from side to side "as though looking for something". The sky was generally clear but some cumulus clouds above the lights. They were bright and like the sodium street lights in colour. After a while they appeared to descend or move away in the distance, they moved over the top of a shed and out of sight. Total time of sighting 15 minutes. REF: UFOR(NSW) NA930027

Late May 1993 Cromer, NSW 0400hrs
Mrs C woke up at 4am and looked out of bedroom window. The night sky was cloudy but an object was sighted in a north-easterly direction "hovering" in one position. It was the brightest object in the sky and about star size. Mrs C returned to bed and sleep after about 30minutes. UFOR(NSW) Note:Venus was rising during this period in the east. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930036

24-June-1993 Eastwood, NSW 19:00-1910hrs
Mr and Mrs V saw a bright orange light shaped like a ball drifting towards the channel 7 tower from a north-west direction. It "drifted" to about 20+degrees, above the tower and appeared to drift back in the same direction it came from. It then disappeared below the tree line. The Channel 7 Newsroom on Friday 25th had stated other people had contacted them with the same information. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930039

10-July-1993 Eastwood, NSW 19:25-2010hrs
Mr and Mrs V (ref:NA930039) over a 45 minute period noticed triangular light pattern of red/green/white with occassional pulsating flashes at a south-south-west position. It was far too high to be an aircraft and they felt it more like a satellite in character. It drifted south until hidden by the treeline. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930040

1-June-1993 Liverpool, NSW 00:28--0031hrs
Mr D was putting out the garbage when he called his wife to look at four round orange lights move over their house. They or it came from the south and travelled north. The front one had, what appeared to be, sparks emitting from its base and a Saturn-like ring about it's circumference. One of the objects disappeared for a couple of seconds then reappeared, the formation then moved northwards out of sight. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930043

12-June-1993 Naremburn, NSW 19:40-2005hrs
Ms G looked out of her window while waiting for a pizza delivery when she noticed odd lights in the sky. They were a deep golden-orange in colour and eventually totalled five. They were about planet size (noticeably round, not pinpoints like stars) and moved very slowly. There were originally three objects close together that moved to the south-west out of sight, two others were seen to proceed and disappear like the original three. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930045

10-July-1993 Merewether, Newcastle, NSW 2030-2110hrs (approx)
Mr G noticed a configuration of three very large bright orange lights hovering stationary in the sky. About two to three minutes later they were joined by two more identical objects that appeared to travel from the east (coast). Mr G's first thought was that they were hot air balloons but this theory was discarded as they moved far too quickly and with too much ease. After watching for about ten minutes Mr G retired for the evening. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930047

10-July-1993 Merewether, Newcastle, NSW 2105-21:20hrs
Mrs H was sitting in her car and noticed yellow lights with flashing red light on the front of each one travelling from the east. They appeared to assemble in a square just underneath the clouds and then one-by-one ascended through the clouds out of sight. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930038

24-August-93 Beverley Hills, NSW 2245-2300hrs
Mr and Mrs M just arrived home when they noticed two yellow lights moving in the sky. They were about coin size with hand extended and proceeded from north to south until they disappeared behind houses. During the entire sequence the lights remained in formation about 100 metres separating them and one behind the other. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930050

5-December-1993 Burrill Lake, Ulladulla, NSW 2230-2235hrs
Mrs L, while walking her dog, noticed a very bright orange light on the opposite side of the lake. Her first impression was that it was a bush fire but then she noticed the object was moving out of the lake to the shore. There was no sound. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930066

14-October-1993 Chullora, NSW 1100hrs
Mr PM was sitting down eating his lunch when he decided to look up into the sky. he noticed a UFO approach from a northerly direction and hovered above him for about three seconds. It tilted it's front end and then disappeared from sight at "a million miles per hour". It was about 20-25 feet in diameter and was dark grey in colour. As soon as the UFO had left an unmarked helicopter appeared directly overhead, paused then continued in the same direction as the UFO. REF:UFOR(NSW) NA930067

28 Jul 1997 Modbury Heights (Adelaide) 1920hrs 2-3mins NL
A woman saw a red light going South to North-East, at an angle of 10-15 degrees above the horizon. It slowed down, and hovered. Moved up and down a few times. Eventually lost to view behind trees. (UFORSA.)

28 Jul 1997 Parafield Gardens (Adelaide) SA NL
A round, red light was reported by a man. It was seen at 45-60 degrees elevation, moving East to West for 5-10 minutes. Eventually faded from view. (UFORSA.)

4 Aug 1997 Glenelg (Adelaide) SA 2200hrs 5-6mins NL
Two witnesses told of seeing what they thought was a plane to the West. It went red then orange then white. Fairly low over the sea. Ascended overhead and zigzagged. Finally, just got fainter and fainter then disappeared. (UFORSA.)

4 Aug 1997 North haven (Adelaide) SA Early morn NL
While looking out of a window a woman noticed a large, bright object red-green, flashing and surrounded by haze. It was stationary 20 degrees elevation, then dropped 5 degrees. Finally it went up again and then went away as the dawn brightened. (UFORSA.)

8 Aug 1997 Parafield Gardens (Adelaide) SA 1947hrs 80 secs NL
4 people saw an orange/pink coloured light at 40 degrees South West and thought it was as helicopter, but then realised there were no navigation lights. It travelled to 70 degrees NE then did a 45 degree turn to the eats. A second light became visible and dropped behind light one and made a turn 5-8 seconds after light one did. Various manoeuvres were observed before number 1 disappeared at 15-20 degrees and number 2 at 30 degrees. (UFORSA.)

14 Aug 1997 Paralowie )(Adelaide) SA 1900hrs NL
Three orange lights seen within 40 minutes. (UFORSA.)

14 Aug 1997 O'Sullivan's beach SA 1910hrs 5mins NL
A pink/orange light was seen. A small piece, resembling a piece of cloth, fell off. (UFORSA.)

21 Aug 1997 Christies Beach SA 2030hrs 3mins NL
A light, which initially was large, then went smaller, then large again etc in sequence. Was white/yellow in colour at 45 degrees West. Lost to view when they were travelling. However, when they reached home they saw it do the same thing all over again. (UFORSA.)

21 Aug 1997 Adelaide SA 2030hgrs NL/IFO
Sitting in the back garden a woman saw light beams moving around in the Northern sky. Identified as lasers from a night club. (UFORSA.)

27 Aug 1997 Craigmore (Adelaide) SA 1935hrs 4-5mins NL
A man advised watching an orange light travelling West to East. (UFORSA.)

2 Sep 1997 Salisbury (Adelaide) SA 1950hrs NL/IFO
Three orange lights were identified as garbage bags. (UFORSA.)

5 Sep 1997 NL/IFO
a. Salisbury SA 2145hrs
One orange light ravelling East to SE was identified as a garbage bag.

b.Elizabeth SA 2135hrs 5mins
Three golden/orange flashing lights were seen in the eastern sky.

c. Salisbury SA 2145hrs 10mins
Three, then 5 objects, orange coloured seen travelling NW to SE

d. Paralowie SA 2200hrs
Three orange lights were seen, then 20mins later 6 were seen. Going downwards. (UFORSA.)

7 Sep 1997 Mylor SA 0045hrs 2-3secs NL
A white, circle/ball of light, half the sze of the full Moon was seen travelling S to W at about 15 degrees elevation. (ze.)

11 Sep 1997 20kms N of Adelaide on Port Wakefield Road SA 2000hrs
A bright, pulsating white light was observed. (UFORSA.)

22 Sep 1997 Craigmore (Adelaide) SA 2010hrs 10secs Nl
While driving on Adams Road, a woman sighted a pink, oval shape at 40 degrees E travelling to the West. It looked 304 times the size of the biggest star in the sky. (UFORSA.)

24 Sep 1997 Clovelly Park (Adelaide) SA 2130hrs 30mins NL/IFO
Looking 50 degrees East a woman saw a stationary, green object "about as big as 2 stars. Identified as a star. (UFORSA.)

3 Oct 1997 Ingle Farm (Adelaide) SA 2150hrs NL
Outside their house, a group of people saw two objects overhead. They were very bright, round, and orange in colour. (UFORSA.)

5 Nov 12997 Glenelg North (Adelaide) SA 2045hrs NL
Hanging out washing, a woman reported a white, flashing light going "really fast from West to East". Eventually lost to view in the distance. A second light orange/white in colour travelled East to West. It zigzagged and flashed on and off. (UFORSA.)

5 Nov 1997 Aberfoyle Park (Adelaide) SA 1930hrs 30mins NL
In their backyard the witness's' attention was drawn to an aircraft. Below the aircraft they saw a "line" shape which went to the SW to West. (UFORSA.)

1 Dec 1997 Adelaide SA Angel's hair
Reports of sightings of "Angel's hair" floating in the sky. Believed to be spider's web. (Radio station 5AD.)

1 Dec 1997 Kangaroo Island SA Night
The pilot of a mail plane reported sighting an orange object. (Channel 7 news.)

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