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This catalogue is intended to provide brief summaries of ‘missing time’ and ‘abduction’ accounts which have been collected from Australia and New Zealand. It is then hoped to produce a much more in depth document as time permits.

An increasing (but low numerically) number of Australians are coming forward to UFO groups to report ‘missing time~ or apparent abduction events. The claims being made are similar to those elsewhere in the world, but interestingly many occur as a ‘bedroom intrusion’ with the reporter often on the sleep/awake interface.

Australian researchers have been slowly documenting these reports and the reader is directed to the following:

1. Basterfield, K, Godic, V. & Godic, P. (1989). ‘The Abduction Phenomenon in Australia’ Intemational UFO Reporter 14(4):11-13 & 24.
2. Chalker, Bill. (1989). ‘Abducted?’ Australian Penthouse. Nov 89. pp35-39 & 113.
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4. Basterfield, K, Godic, V., Godic, P. & Rodeghier, M. (1990). ‘Australian Ufology: A Review. Journal of UFO Studies n.s. 2:1944.
5. Basterfield, K An Australian Abduction Case Study. Forthcoming IUR.

Very little coverage of the subject has appeared in the media Items carried on television are in the nature of imported specials on Ufos which feature, in part, abductions.

There is no broad appreciation of the abduction phenomenon amongst health professionals in Australia Consequently, only three in the whole country, to my knowledge, have taken an active interest. UFO Research Queensland is working with an industrial psychologist. Bill Chalker in Sydney has teamed up with a clinical psychologist. In Adelaide Keith Basterfield, the Godics and Julia Elsbeth have enlisted the assistance of a clinical psychologist.

Theoretical work as to the nature of abductions has been undertaken by myself and Bob Bartholomew, an American Sociologist; and Bill Chalker. Readers are referred to:

1. Bartholomew, R. E. & Basterfield, K (1988). ‘Abduction States of Consciousness.’ IUR 13(2):7-9 & 15.
2. Basterfield, K & Bartholomew, R.E. (1988). ‘Abductions: the Fantasy-Prone Hypothesis.’ IUR 13(3) :9-11.
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4. Chalker, Bill. (1990). ‘Alien Abductions.’ Nature and Health. Autumn 1990. pp 20-26.

Future plans are to slowly document, then publish in depth case studies, and also pursue theoretical aspects. Many of these accounts reveal complex narratives involving multiple episodes of ‘abduction’, ‘missing time’ and/or psychic/paranormal events. The latter aspect has been very often overlooked in the work of American abduction researchers.

The assistance is gratefully acknowledged, in the preparation of this catalogue, of associates of the UFO Research Australia Network, particularly Bill Chalker.

The case abstract is followed by a reference section. The original source/investigator of the case is presented first, which in many cases is a group or individual investigator. If there is a widely available published version of the event this is also given. In some cases a UFOFlA reference number is provided. No attempt has been made to provide all published references to a case. If the reader requires further information on a particular event they should contact the source directly.


001 Undated Adelaide South Australia
A man reported a number of abduction events. Apparently beings materialised in his bedroom and as he became aware of their presence he fell asleep. He recalls in one instance being wheeled down a long shiny corridor into a room. He then found himself on an operating table. Later he came around in his own bed.
(Bell, N.R “Encounters of the ‘Forth Kind’. The Golden Age, Feb 1989 pp10-11 & 21.)

002 1955 Adelaide South Australia
A ten year old girl, Janet X, was being treated for a slight nervous disorder. Whilst under hypnosis she recounted a story of her interaction with aliens and a flying saucer. Whilst in trance she spoke of being in a saucer with three ‘men’, and of visiting a planet with an advanced society.
(1. Chibbett, H. S. W. (1969). “Ufos and Parapsychology.” Flying Saucer Review Special Issue 3. pp33-38. 2. Interview between Pony Godic and onginal investigator Peter Thomas in 1989.)

003 Late 1956 Near Hughenden Queensland
A twelve year old girl lost consciousness after feeling she was being lUted off the ground. Waking, she found herseH in a large room with two men in silver/white suits. After again losing consciousness she came to in a paddock, with a saucer shaped object visible.
(1. Victorian UFO Research Society. 2. Chalker, Bill. (1989). ‘Abducted ?’. Australian Penthouse. Nov. p37.)

004 About 1958 Gippsland area Victoria
A young girl investigating the sighting of a UFO came across an object and a ‘man’. She recalls riding in the object, but is unable to say how she got home.
(1. Chalker, Bill. Personal Investigation & (1989). ‘Abducted ?’. Australian Penthouse. Nov. p37.)

005 1964 onwards Queensland
A twenty nine year old woman recalls a number of experiences, the first of which occurred at age three and a haH. She recounts remembering waking in her cot to hnd the room filled with small entities, who seemed to be examining her mother. This experience was vividly recalled in early childhood when the woman was hrst exposed to photographs of a hospital operation. In another experience at age nineteen, she can recall being taken from her bed, and floated up to a gspaceship’. However, she has no on board memory.
(UFORA90046. Bill Chalker.)

006 11 Aug 1966 Victoria
A Miss Marlene Travers, of Melboume, is reported to have observed a large silver disc land near her. It is claimed that she was abducted and raped by an alien wearing a loose fnting metallic green tunic. Investigations reveal this account is most likely a literary hoax.
(1. Binder, O. (1968). ‘Unsolved Mysteries of the Past’ New York Tower. 2. Edwards, F (1967). “Flying Saucers Here And Now”. New York. Stuart p147.)

007 Sep/Oct 1970 Sydney New South Wales
One night a man noticed a red/orange glow in the bush close to his home. He took his dog and went to investigate. Getting closer to it he saw a glow illuminating the area His dog became excited and dashed into the bush. There next appears to be a discontinuity in his physical and emotional reactions - an apparent period of ‘missing time’. He next recalled seeing an owl fly past him and he could hear his own intemal thought: ~There’s something I should remember.~ Strangely, he feit comfortable with this, lost interest in the glow and went home.
(UFORA91036. Keith Basterfield and Julia Elsbeth.)

008 1-2 Aug 1971 Gladstone Queensland
A Finnish couple, Ben and Helen K left Gladstone at about 11.35 p.m. and upon arrival in Rockhampton found that only forty minutes had passed on a trip which would normally have taken much longer. In addition to the rapid trip, they could not recall passing through intervening towns, although they did recall seeing an unusual green light at one stage. Their 1971 Valiant sedan was reportedly covered with a thin film of odourless oil, and unusual marks were noted on the cars bonnet. Attempts at hvPnotising the couPle were unsuccessful.
(Chalker, Bill. (1984) “Australian Interrupted Journeys.” UFO Research Australia Newsletter 5(2):14-23. Initally presented as part of a lecture at UFOCON four, Sydney, Oct 79 & published in the MUFON Journal Aug 1980).

009 1972 Largs Bay SA
‘Carol’, a twenty seven year old woman reported a lifelong series of experiences which commenced with a CE1 when she was aged six. This was followed by other UFO experiences, poltergeist activity, telepathy, precognitive dreams, an out-of-body experience, lucid dreams, hypnagogic imagery and sleep paralysis episodes, amongst other things. Of particular interest was a recurrent nightmare of encounters with a strange dwarf in an unusual room. Memories of some of these events were triggered after watching an ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ segment on abductions on television. Under regression recollection eventuated of one apparent abduction at age nine. Partial recollections of a second possible abduction at age fifteen, ran into a memory block. A friend of her participated in some of the experiences and was present in the same room during the age fffteen event. Regression of this second woman confirmed parts of Carol’s story but not the abduction.
(AUFORA89036 UFO Research SA/Keith Basterfield.)

010 July 1972 and subsequently Frankston Victoria
Mrs Maureen Puddy reported observing a disc shaped object in the sky. Later she related that her car stopped itself as the same object hovered overhead. Several months later she recounted being ‘mentally~ abducted into a room, and of observing an entity there. This latter event took place whilst two other people, Victorian UFO Research Society investigators Paul Norman and Judith Magee, were physically present with Mrs Puddy. However, they only reported that Mrs Puddy lapsed into unconsciousness. On a later occasion she said the entity again appeared to her when she was driving her car.
(ti. Gsny iitzk snd S/i/ Stsp/eton-persons/ investigstion. 2. Mspee, a 41972y. ‘ZJFO Over th6 Moorsdac Sosd ‘ fiSE i~86v.-3-5. a Magee, a {i978v. ‘Msureen P>ddy’s Dhird Encounter.’ fiSh 24;3v. /4fi5.2)

011 1973 Springwood, New South Wales
One night two men were asleep in a caravan on a remote building site, when one was woken by a blue light projecting from a hovering aerial disc. A time lapse occurred of some two hours. He felt that some ‘beings-Caucasian types’, were somehow involved.
(UFO Investigstion Centre, Sydney: Anecdotal investigation by David Buching, Sep 1975J

012 1974 Clifton Bore South Australia
Two short beings took a fossil hunter into a UFO. After entering he passed out. Later. he savs he saw two human female children on board. He formed the opinion that he had been rejected by the beings. A doorway opened and he found himseH back in the desert.
(Australian Flying Saucer Research Society)

013 1974 Canberra Australian Capital Territory
Two young women felt compelled to get into their car which then drove itseH to a certain spot. They were escorted by a brilliant white light source. Vague human shapes were seen as well as strange noises heard. There was an episode of ‘missing time’ involved.
(Investigation by Bill Chalker. Deleterious effects on Heather, one of the percipients, meant that the incident was not able to be fully researched.)

0141974 Elizabeth South Australia
A woman recalled, that as a nine year old girl, she and a friend observed a UFO at close range in suburban Elizabeth. As she has memories of observing the object from two different angles of view, but no recollections of moving between the two locations, she suspects a period of missing time may have occurred. Regression has revealed no abduction scenario.
(UFORA98037. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield.)

015 1974/75 Coola New South Wales
Three men came across a large black object at low level. After one man shot at it a number of circular objects emerged from the main object. The next recall by the men was of going to sleep. Several years later one man experienced partial recollections of more to the event, after watching “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”.
(Mark Moravec)

0161976 Country New South Wales
A thirty one year old woman was overcome by a feeling of sickness, while vacuuming her house. Three strange beings were seen in front of her. There was apparently telepathic communication and advice that she had to go with them. The next thing she recalls is it was five hours later and her fiancee had arrived home.
(Bill Chalker)

017 1976 Elliott NT
An old man is said to have been abducted after a bright object landed near him. Beings alighted and took him aboard. He said they asked him questions about life on Earth and our activities, before they returned him, unharmed to the pick up point.
(1. UFO Research NSW. 2. Pony Godic 1989.)

018 Feb 1976 Hobart Tasmania
A man and his wife had gone to bed, and she fell asleep leaving him awake. Suddenly through the closed door came three figures. One figure tried to put a ‘bagW over the man’s legs in an apparent abduction attempt. The man tried to awaken his wife whereupon the figures departed through the window which seemed to burst open.
(Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre.)

019 1977-1989 Adelaide South Australia
A thirty four year old woman related at least three unusual episodes. The occasions of interest to us involve finding herseH in an alien environment which were the second and third of her three experiences. One night she suddenly found herseH recalling that she had somehow been in a very large room where there were a large number of human-like beings, including a human child about age ten. The room showed no apparent source of illumination. It was warmly lit - a very light soft blue colour. Breathing was no problem, gravity was normal and the temperature was skin temperature. She can recall conversing with the child. On the following occasion she had retired to bed when she found herseH drifting through tunnels. Suddenly, she was in a room. This time the people present were not human. They had pointed faces, large heads, and slanted very dark blue eyes. Their heads were quite swollen at the forehead, with their ears being little, with no lobes as such. They had thin bodies, were grey in colour and short in stature. One of the female aliens was carrying a baby. The baby had its arms outstretched and the witness asked to hold and nurse it. Suddenly, she knew she had to go and found herseH back in bed. She quickly fell asleep. In her teens she underwent precognitive dreams, and later in life (continuing) precognitive visions.
(UFORA89016. Ray Brooke and Keith Basterfield - personal investigation.)

020 1978 Papua New Guinea
Under hypnosis a woman recalled that as a twelve year old girl she was abducted. The witness declined further investigations due to the nature of the accounts which emerged under hypnosis.
(UFORA89057. UFO Research Queensland.)

021 1978/81 Auckland New Zealand, and Greece
A forty four year old Queensland man can remember two occasions which seem to indicate Wmissing time.” The first was in 1978 in Auckland. He had gone to bed one night and his next recollection was of being naked outside his house. Finding the house locked he had to attract the attention of another occupant to let him back in. Later, in September 1981, he was holidaying on the island of Skopelos. He found himseH waking on a beach with water lapping at his feet. Orange dust, not from that area, covered him.
(UFORA90049. Bill Chalker).

022 1978-1982 New Soulth Wales
A Sydney woman woke up feeling agitated and heard a voice. Figures appeared and said to come with them. She went through a doorway into a room where she was shown a scene on a screen. This screen showed pictures of her then future life, which later came true.
(Bill Chalker)

023 10 Jan 1978 Bakers Creek Falls, New Sourth Wales
Garry P. had been driving along alone in the early hours of the morning when he found himseH unaccountably stationary on the side of the road at 5 am. He was unable to clearly remember the previous 160km. Whilst stationary he noted a really bright light hovering some distance away. Although he tried to get close to it he could not.
(Bill Chalker)

024 Feb 1978 Baladonia Western Australia
A memory iapse of some three hours is said to have been associated with the observation of two unusual lights. During this time a thirly year old truck driver says he recalls: ‘...talking to somebody about inventing something...also I remember speaking with two voices...’ Investigations have been unable to learn anything more about the event.
(Jeff Bell, Perth)

025 Mar 1978 Gisbome New Zealand
Three women were involved in an apparent abduction case in the midst of a large UFO flap near Gisbome which began in 1977. One night they were Iying on a hillside watching the skies, and felt that a period of ‘missing time’ occurred. Shortly after the event a regression hypnosis session was arranged and an abduction scenario revealed. In 1989 during a retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker, a regression session was conducted with one woman. This revealed an account of being drawn up a beam of light; of seeing one of the other women inside the UFO, and of talkina to a male entity. All three women were then back on the hillside.
(UFORA89017. Original investigation by Bryan Dickeson. Retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield & Bill Chalker. See also Dykes, M. (1981). “Strangers In Our Skies.” INL Lower Hutt. pp46-49.)

026 21 Oct 1978 Bass Strait
Twenty year old Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait while flying a Cessna aircraft between Melbourne and King Island. One of the suggestions put forward is that he had been abducted by the occupants of an object which he reported observing just before radio contact was lost with him Neithar he nnr the aircraft have ever been Incated.
(World Wide Coverage)

027 1979 Nildottie South Australia
Don and Jack recounted an abduction experience, which is said to have occurred near the River Murray. They were preparing for dinner when beings entered their house. They experienced a time loss and next thing they knew they were standing by a large silver craft. After being subjected to psychological testing for several hours, they became aware of being back at their kitchen table.
(AIUFOFSR. “Pix-People” magazine. July 1988.)

028 1979 Melbourne Victoria
A man, named Mark, retired to bed one night at about 11 p.m. Shortly after closing his eyes he lost all sense of sound and feeling and found himself travelling in a tunnel through space. Looking forwards he noticed a light at the end of the tunnel. His next awareness was of Iying on a table in a ‘craft’. He was medically examined by three beings. One of the beings seemed to be a female human, with long blonde hair. The other two were some 150cm tall, fat, and a dark brown colour. These latter two had plumpish faces, large eyes, a large nose, bigger lips and ears than us. They addressed him in English, and seemed like scientists. When they introduced a ‘scannef to check him over he ‘freaked out’ and woke up in his own bed. All his teeth felt numb and his knuckles were white.
(Garry Little)

029 5 Feb 1979 Lawitta Tasmania
At about 9 p.m. an intense white light lit up the bonnet of a car driven by a young man. The car engine stopped, the radio went dead and the lights went out. Later that evening the man was picked up by police in Hobart for driving the car without lights. They found him to be in a dazed condition and he did not know where he was. He was taken to hospital apparently suffering from shock. The man wished no investigation of the event.
(Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

030 Sep 1979 Jindabyne New South Wales
Two young men, out hunting, reported seeing a bright white, spherical, light on the ground some little distance away. Next night it was seen again. In 1983 one of the men began recalling memories of a two hour time lapse on one of those nights. One memory was of the two men being floated into a room where they were placed on a table and examined by tall, white beings.
(Moravec, M. (1984). “The Jindabyne Abduction.” UFORAN 5(5):6-10. Bill Chalker - retrospective investigation.)

031 1980-1989 Adelaide South Australia
‘Barbara’, a young woman, wanted assistance in determining the origin of three relatively large triangular marks on her forehead which had simply appeared over night some two years prior. Over a ten year period Barbara saw Ufos, had a near death out-of-body experience, and a peak experience. She also experienced telepathy, precognitive visions, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic imagery, and other psychic style episodes. As to the marks on the forehead, she did have recollections of ‘something’ touching her forehead during one night, following which the marks were seen the next day. Under regression she recounted how a ‘shadow’ was in her room and shone a laser-like beam of light onto her forehead, thus creating the marks.
(UFORA90038. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield)

032 24 Oct 1981 Port Lincoln South Australia
Two young men, Messrs P. and J. were travelling in a car near Port Lincoln when they encountered a “white endless space” where a time loss of several hours is said to have occurred. During this lost time they have vague memories of a ‘being’ and recalled ‘...walking into a big room.’ Just prior to the ‘space’ they had been watching a mysterious light in the sky. Arrangements to have the two men undergo full investigation was unsuccessful.
(1. Keith Basterfield/Pony Godic - personal investigation. 2. Basterfield, K. “Australia’s First Abduction Event?” UFORAN 3(4):4.)

033 1982 Queensland
A woman in her late forties recounts that during sleep she found herself in a spaceship. The entities present, both male and female, were all human looking. There were also a few other human being abductees, present also. She would not let the entities examine her as she was pregnant. The beings were apparently disturbed at having made a mistake saying they did not touch pregnant women. One being showed her how the baby would look when born, which the woman says was accurate. This was followed by a tour around the ship. Her next memory is of being back on Earth in the countryside.
(UFORA90047. Bill Chalker)

034 1983 Darwin Northern Territory
Simon, sixteen, reported a series of events which included a night time close encounter, a number of dreams and also observations of entities about the house. An investigation revealed a possible psychological explanation for the events.
(Keith Basterfield and Pony Godic.)

035 1983 New Zealand
A Chinese woman awoke during the night to see a bright light shining through the bedroom window, felt intense heat and heard three men speaking. After going to the bathroom she retumed to bed and thought she fell asleep. Then she walked through a door into a UFO. There were six non-human ugly ïmen’ present. She was undressed by the men. After seeing a number of other human beings on board the ‘craft’, she then found herself back in her own bed, naked.
(AIUFOFSR Newsletter. Aug 1989. No 44. pp 22-23).

036 Ca 1988 Adelaide South Australia
A married woman, ‘Jan’, went to bed one night and during the night had a very vivid experience which she believes was not a dream. She found herself in this white space. Present were three entities. They were some 210cm tall, and covered in ‘gowns’. She wasn’t frightened as the beings emitted a beautiful feeling. She had a discussion with them. When she woke the next morning she had a vivid recall of the events of the night apart from the content of the conversation. Personality changes ensued subsequent to that night. Since then she has reported episodes of sleep paralysis and other unusual activity.
(UFORA91037. Keith Basterfield).

037 Ca 1988 Mid North South Australia
Over a number of years a woman has experienced interactions with aliens. All of these have taken place in her bedroom on the interface of sleep and wakefulness. Some of the episodes have involved sexual contact.
(UFORA91038. Keith Basterfield).

038 1988(?) Adelaide South Australia
A man reported that he was in two way communication with aliens via an implant in his ear. During an investigation it was revealed that he had undergone two apparent out-of-body experiences where he was ~sucked out’ of his body. He indicated that during these episodes he had been taken onboard a UFO. His account was set in the context of on-going communication with the Ashtar Command via automatic writing.

039 16 Jun 1989 Yowah Queensland
Two brothers were engaged in opal mining when they reported seeing a large disc shape plus six smaller objects, during the night. A portion of some twenty to thirty minutes of time seems to be missing. Regression hypnosis was utilised on both brothers. Initial regression with the Brisbane brother did not reveal an abduction experience, but subsequent regression organised by UFORQLD revealed narratives describing a complex episode which in part indicates a struggle between tall Adamski type entities and small grey type entities.
(UFORA89022. 1. UFORQLD. 2. Bill Chalker. 3. John Jensen.)

040 2 Nov 1989 Eden Valley South Australia
A thirty five year old female nurse tells of events including rattling doorknobs, and a sense of presence. There is also an account of levitation. Entities came in to touch her. They had eyes with no pupils. She felt disoriented.
(UFORA90048. Bill Chalker.)

041 1990 Sydney New South Wales
A woman has repeated recollections of a ZdreamZ where she sees herself Iying in bed with some ‘little’ people near her. This dream first occurred in childhood.
(UFORA90048. Bill Chalker).

042 Lifelong Adelaide South Australia
A thirty one year old woman, ‘Susan’, living in Adelaide has told that at age ten or eleven she was abducted from her bedroom by one tall and a group of small entities who entered the room via the bedroom door. The smaller beings were some 120cm tall, with large bald heads. They had large eye sockets, no visible pupils, with dark blue or black eyes. With a slit mouth, and a small nose. The taller being seemed to be in command, and was some 210cm tall. She was levitated off the bed and taken to a circular ~room~ where she received a medical examination whilst Iying on a metal table. The next conscious recollection was of waking up in her own bed. Regression sessions documented her abduction claim. This woman also recounts numerous lifelong episodes of such things as poltergeist activity, the sense of a presence in one house she lived in, being told she levitated whilst asleep, seeing objects such as children’s tricycles moving by themselves, experiencing apparitions, precognitive visions, telepathy and spirit photographs. There are also claims of unusual implants in her face.

In addition there is fragmentary recall of a number of other abductions. The rnce is set in the context of the woman being an aduit survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
(UFORA90045. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield.)

043 Lifelong Tasmania/South Australia
A number of paranormal and abduction-like events were reported by a twenty seven year old man in 1990. These included a 1987 event in which he woke paralysed in bed. Something was being pushed into a vein in his arm. Upon awakening he found a hole in his arm from which blood was issuing.
(UFORA90066. Keith Basterfield and Julia Elsbeth.)

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