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The purpose of this listing is to promote co-operation between Australian UFO organisations, by sharing UFO sighting reports on a national level.

Data may be forwarded by mail to GPO Box 1894, Adelaide, SA 5001; by fax to 08 8 231 9939 or email to by the 25th of each month. I then prepare the listing within a few days of that date, and send a free copy to each of the Australian groups of whom I am aware.

The next listing will be published at the end of February 1997. Your contributions are welcome, by 25th February.

Date unknown Location unknown 2200-0000hrs 5-6mins CE1?
Mrs F recalls incident while driving at night on a country road as a Country organiser for the Miss Australia quest. She saw a round or disc shaped, very bright object, through the car windscreen. Stopping the car she got out for a better look. The object was a gunmetal grey, with a row of brilliantly lit lights around its edges. The object remained stationary for 5-6 mins then took off at tremendous speed, vanishing in seconds. Mrs F had to let her eyes adjust to the darkness again before driving off. UFOR(NSW)

Ca. 1950 Narrabeen NSW 1200hrs DD
Glowing white, star sized object seen about midday by Ms H. and friend while lying on beach and looking at sky. Object was observed for about half an hour manoeuvring slowly at high altitude at an angle of about 45 degrees from horizon. Witness lost sight of object eventually due to the glare of the sun. UFOR(NSW) NA930001

Ca. 1958 Concord West NSW 1800hrs NL
Mrs E. (then girl of 16 or so) was sitting in a car, talking to an elderly couple, at about dusk, when she noticed a light hovering close to a nearby radio broadcast tower. Witness got out of car to better observe the light which was moving up and down the length of the tower. Object was then seen to move behind the tower and repeat the same manoeuvre. UFOR(NSW) NA920034

Jan/ Feb 1965 Carlton NSW 2000hrs 3-4mins NL
Mr W and his father were sitting on their front verandah talking at about 8 p.m., when they noticed a star like object in the sky moving in a south-easterly direction. When they looked more closely, they saw more objects, and counted 9 in all. The objects appeared to be flying in a "football shaped" formation. Several neighbours were called to watch the objects which were seen for 3-4 minutes, until they eventually disappeared from view. UFOR(NSW) NA930061

Ca 1965 Coal and Candle Creek NSW CE1
Mr H (then a boy of 11 or 12) was fishing with his uncle in a boat on a tributary of the Hawkesbury River, at night, when they heard a humming noise. They then saw a glowing, yellow/gold, saucer shaped craft appear from over some hills to the north. The craft descended and began to follow the water course till it was directly over them. The witnesses reported seeing port holes and a large "windscreen" or observing viewscreen, and had the feeling they were being observed. The object remained stationary for about 30-40 secs before disappearing at great speed to the north-west. UFOR(NSW) NA920035

Ca 1970 Minto NSW 1500/1600hrs DD
Mrs A, while sitting in her backyard with her son and daughter, saw what she at first took to be scraps of paper blowing over her side gate. They were whitish in colour and despite the day being windy, they appeared to be suspended in the air. When she looked more closely, she observed that they were small discs some 22cm in diameter. There were 2 formations or rows each of 5 silvery discs. They hovered about 1m above the ground for a while before one formation. moving in a sideways direction, shot up into the air. Mrs A son tried to grab one of the remaining discs but they also flew up into the sky. UFOR(NSW)

22 Mar 1977 East Gosford NSW 0200hrs NL
Ms B, while driving back to Matcham, near Gosford, from Sydney saw a triangular, neon pink object flying slightly ahead of them, on their right. When they reached the turnoff to Terrigal, the object stopped and hovered over the Terrigal Drive. Ms B and Mr S were curious but they felt too terrified to go any closer to investigate. They drove on without the object following. UFOR(NSW)

1977/78 Matcham NSW 1900-2000hrs 10mins NL
Ms B and Mr S watched an orange coloured, half moon shaped object for 10 minutes from their backyard. Object then faded slowly from view. UFOR(NSW)

1978 Matcham NSW 1930hrs NL
Ms B while driving east past Matcham hall, noticed a strong blue light through some trees. When she was able to look more closely she could see a flattish, blue ball, which was half hidden behind trees on a nearby ridge. She was too frightened to stop and investigate. UFOR(NSW)

1978 Allawah NSW 0510hrs 10mins NL
Mrs C while getting ready for work, looked out her window to check the weather. After noting the clear conditions her attention was drawn to 4 golden coloured spheres hovering in the south-Western sky. She watched them for about 10 minutes before going off to have a shower. When she returned the objects had gone. UFOR(NSW) NA930063

1979 Matcham NSW 0100-0300hrs
Ms B was woken to the sound of some large object outside, like a turbine or fan displacing air. Conditions were not windy, as no tree branches were moving. Witness did not investigate any further. UFOR(NSW)

1980 Centennial Park Sydney NSW 0000hrs CE1/3?
Ms M was watching television about midnight when a voice in her head told her to go to nearby Centennial park, where she would see a UFO. After walking to the park and waiting for about an hour, she saw 5 lights in the sky. One of the lights came closer and appeared to be some sort of craft, which hovered about 6m above her. A woman's voice from the craft told her to sit under a nearby tree, which she did. She then saw a human, male figure, dressed in a white T shirt and shorts, standing looking at her. She was holding a flower in her hand, which she had picked, intending to give to them. The woman's voice told her to give the flower to the stranger. At this point she blacked out and does not remember anything else, or even how she got home. Several days later, she walked back to the park and saw a circle burnt into the grass, which was visible for about 3 years. UFOR(NSW)NA920039

ca 1984 Matcham NSW 1830hrs DD
Ms B noticed what she first took to be the Moon in the half moon phase, from her backdoor. The object, which was orange coloured and motionless was visible above the tree line and seemed to be over the dam on her property. Later that same night, she had gone to nearby Terrigal Haven, she saw there was a new Moon in the sky and in a different direction to the first object. UFOR(NSW)

Ca 1987 The Entrance NSW 2230hrs NL
Ms B, while driving south on the Entrance Road, with 4 others in the car, saw what seemed to be another car, travelling noiselessly on their right hand side. The mystery object, which appeared to have 3 round headlights, stayed with them for about a minute.. The object seemed to be above them, when in actual fact the road slopes off to a valley on their right hand side. UFOR(NSW)

20 May 1988? Holbrook NSW 1900hrs CE1
Master B., aged 10, was standing next to his father's utility, on the family farm, 14Km south-west of Holbrook, when he heard a noise "like an owl flying" coming from above him. Looking up, he saw a "shiny grey object flying at tree top height and looking like a flying steam iron." The object was about the size of an average car and was estimated to be flying at about 300km/hr. The object was also seen by Master B's brother. Both boys thought they saw a door of some sort on the side of the craft. UFOR(NSW)

2 Aug 1992? Narara NSW 0230hrs NL
Mrs M, while feeding her baby during the night, saw a glowing, oval shaped object, through her open window, after watching it for a while, the object just "vanished", despite their being no clouds in the sky. UFOR(NSW)

30 Oct 1993 Singleton NSW 2040hrs 7secs CE1
A grazier, Mr R living in an isolated rural area, on a property between Singleton and Muswellbrook, was watching television in the evening, when he became aware of a very bright light moving around outside near the house. He opened the curtains to see what it was. On doing so, he saw a brilliantly lit 'circular' or spherical object flying over the property at a height of about 120m and at about a similar distance. The object had a white circumference with a light blue middle, and was giving off a blue halo. The object was watched for about 7 secs till it disappeared behind a hill, heading in a NW direction. UFOR(NSW) NA930060

24 Aug 1995 Mannum to Murray Bridge Road SA 0555hrs 5 mins DD
While driving with his wife, on a crisp, clear morning, a 52 year old man noticed two lights in the sky, to the north-west.. He stopped the car and turned off the lights to take a closer look. The two lights which had initially been rising from the ground were now stationary. The Sun was reflecting off a metallic greyish coloured shape, causing the lights. After about a minute or so, the object to his right disappeared. There was no noise, nor vapour trail. About a minute later, the other object disappeared. UFORSA

5 Dec 1995 Prospect SA 1620hrs 3 secs DD
A 35 year old woman was standing in the front of her driveway when she saw what at first seemed to be a meteor. It was in fact 2 objects which seemed to be racing each other. When they met at a point they just vanished. They were blue with a tinge of either green or yellow. UFORSA

22 Jun 1996 Narre Warren VIC 2340hrs (10-15mins) NL
Two orange lights were watched by 8 people as they came from the SSW straight towards the observers. They were travelling faster than normal aircraft. They slowed down after about 3-4 minutes to a very slow speed, holding an equal distance apart. About 2 minutes into the observation they began to roll in formation in a clockwise direction. When at about 45 degrees, they began to move apart again. One appeared to move back while moving up at approximately 10 degrees to the SSE. The other appeared top move back to the SW maintaining level flight. The first was lost in cloud cover, the other moved away until too dim to see. They were completely silent, and flying into the wind. Melbourne Nexus Association

9 Sep 1996 Kadina SA 2115hrs 30 secs NL
A number of people were in a car when they saw a light in the sky. It looked like one big light with 2 or 3 smaller lights on either side. The light was very bright white, with a bluish tinge. They no sooner saw it than it disappeared. UFORSA

18 Sep 1996 Burnie TAS 2335hrs NL
Motorist travelling home on wet evening suddenly notices group of 5 large, bright, orange lights in a line just over the sea alongside highway. Lights not moving but look to be low and close by. Witness has to concentrate on driving, when looks back lights have gone. TUFOIC

13 Oct 1996 Hawthorndene SA 2145hrs 5-6 secs CE1
A 72 year old woman and her brother heard a loud, rumbling sound like thunder. She went out into the back yard and sighted a glittering or glowing green light, some 50m away and only some 10m above the ground. The light was stationary and seemed 30-45cm in diameter. She watched for a short time then called her brother. However, before he arrived the light had departed at speed. UFORSA

17 Oct 1996 Caloundra QLD 1850hrs NL
While admiring the view, several UFO researchers sighted a light, which then dropped rapidly into the sea. It then came back up out of the water and sat in the sky in front of them. Through the telescopic lens on a camera they watched it as a huge, round ball of light, surrounded by a blue hue. Eventually it departed at high speed to the NW. As it went into a cloud it became a large, long, cylindrical shape with a bright light in front and several large lights at the back. About a minute later a large light came out of the cloud and flew over the top of them. QUFON

22 Oct 1996 Wynyard TAS 2045hrs CE1?
Motorist travelling home when notices bright light ahead in sky. It looks to be coming lower and resolves into bright white light in centre, flanked by steady red and blue lights. There seems to be a grey domed object reflecting from light below. It comes down over roadside paddock just a few metres up. Witness hurries away from area. TUFOIC

Nov 1996 Kempton and Northern Towns TAS
TUFOIC received, over a fortnight, calls regarding the discovery of "UFO slime" in gardens and a roadside cafe. The substance appears to be clear and jelly-like, although the two Kempton deposits disappear unless kept moist. The slime has been found in gardens, on concrete and on lawns., Reports have come from the North West and North of the state. In no report has any associated UFO phenomenon been reported, following initial publicity it seems that a UFO group was to place to lodge slime sightings. Samples were obtained and analysis revealed one sample was mollusc eggs, and another to be a substance from potting mix. TUFOIC

30 Oct 1996 West End QLD 2230hrs NL
A bright white light was seen in the SW, some 15 degrees up. It was stationary for a minute. After 3-5 minutes it "decreased in size and brightness". Finally vanished in less than 5 seconds. UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3

2 Nov 1996 Fern Tree TAS 2100hrs NL
Two witnesses notice star like light travelling to the NNE. At first they assumed it was a satellite, but the it fades a bit and does a U turn and moves quickly to the south. TUFOIC

3 Nov 1996 Longford TAS 2251hrs NL
Two witnesses travelling home to farm see moon sized, orange light over paddock lighting up ground. After arriving home, the light moves up and around the sky, moving into clouds. It is still visible through e cloud sending out a beam. Disappears whilst witness is in house. TUFOIC

5 Nov 1996 Cornwall TAS 2115hrs CE1?
Dogs barking/daughter screaming alerted mother to something going on. Daughter claims that a round UFO was above house and it moved off towards a nearby hill. That night father has a dream of aliens placing device on forehead, wakes in morning to find brown marks on forehead and cut on wrist. Had no prior interest in UFO phenomenon. TUFOIC

5 Nov 1996 Cygnet TAS 2130hrs NL
Witness notices bright star like object to the NNW. It is moving slowly over Cygnet when it slows, changes direction and gains speed as it goes off to the NNE. TUFOIC

6 Nov 1996 Cornwall TAS 2000hrs NL
Same family as in Nov 5 report sight similar object to east of town moving away to the north-east and disappearing behind hills. Also seen by neighbours on this occasion. TUFOIC

8 Nov 1996 Calamvale QLD 2145hrs 90 minutes NL
Several people observed a very large object directly overhead. It finally just vanished, with a "large cloud appeared in the place of the object." UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p 3

10 Nov 1996 Brisbane QLD (1905-1910)hrs
A member of the UFOR(QLD) committee saw a silent, red light travelling S to N while driving. Initially seen at 45 degrees, and lost near the horizon. UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3

10 Nov 1996 Atkinson Dam QLD 1900hrs Few mins NL
On holidays, a finally sighted a number of lights, moving generally N. A colour change in one from white to orange was observed, while another appeared to "zig zag." UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 1996 p3

25, 26 & 27 Nov 1996 Alice Springs 1996 Night NL
Nocturnal lights, orange in colour were seen and photographed. QUFON

30 Nov 1996 Beaudesert QLD 3 mins NL
A cluster of green and white flashing lights was noticed to the N. Initially hovering, they then moved swiftly to the E. No aircraft movements fitted this observation. UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3

8 Dec 1996 Moorina QLD "Nests"
Several unusual traces were detected in a crop of 150cm tall Sorghum, on the 9th Dec. It is believed they appeared on the 8th. They traces consisted of a spiral, "woven" pattern. They ranged in size and shape from a 15m oval, to a 6m (shape not given.) Plants were broken, bent over. UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3

8 Dec 1996 Tamborine QLD 2230hrs (10-15 minutes) NL
A bright, orange light was observed by two people, as it hovered then moved away slowly. Initially to the NE it moved to the N. UFOR(QLD "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3

4 Jan 1997 Mt Gambier SA 2040hrs NL
Reports of an object with a tail passing over. Also apparently sighted in Victoria. UFORSA

7 Jan 1997 Para Hills West SA 2330hrs NL
A man sighted a stationary object over the Adelaide Hills, and watched it for 45 minutes. It occasionally dropped down and then went up again. 15 different colours seen going on and off. Smaller lights were hiving off and coming back together. Witness drove to Mount Lofty and sighted a "flying box car." Looked like a "decorated Tiger Moth". The sound of a motor was noted. UFORSA

9 Jan 1997 Windsor gardens SA 0100hrs 5-6mins NL
An orange glow was sighted travelling steadily along at constant speed. Its brightness changed, turned red and became dimmer. There was no sound as it moved in the direction of Yatala. No shape seen. UFORSA

9 Jan 1997 Grafton NSW 0035hrs 20 secs NL
A 'V' shaped formation of 8-10 white lights was sighted. The witness estimated them to be at 1km distance, and 500m high. No sound. Barry Taylor

Sources for this issue:

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UFO Research (SA), PO Box 281, Blair Athol, SA 5084.

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