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July 13 (year unknown) INNISFAIL QLD 2200...Duration? NL
A 69 year old man saw an orange glow coming slowly from the south, It passed directly over Innisfail and just stopped for at least 1 minute. It then changed direction and passed right over him at speed towards the ocean. UFORFNQ

May 27th 1994 BRISBANE QLD 0210 40mins? NL
A 21 year old man was fishing when, towards South Stradbroke Island he saw a white light which seemed to be on the water. It slowly approached him with a curved motion. About 10 minutes later, the object appeared ahead of him at about 60m up. It was cylindrical in shape, some 10m long and 5m wide. There were no wings, and it was black and silver in colour. As it moved it made a humming noise. The object then accelerated over the witness. Behind this object were 3 brown, hazy lights in a triangular formation, which seemed to leave a trail as the object departed. It left to the NE. Although the duration seemed 40 minutes when he looked at his watch it was 0427. The next morning when having a shower he noted sharp pains in his chest. Looking at his body he found several incisions, each 8cm long below his left nipple. later a rash appeared. UFORFNQ

March 7th 1995 BONNY GLEN STATION FNQ 0100 Few mins NL

3 staff noted a bright light source approaching the station. The lights travelled across the paddocks towards them. Another man came out and saw a huge bank of lights 60-100m away. As he watched the lights, seemingly some 3m off the ground, just disappeared or switched off. No object was seen and there was no noise.

The witnesses drove around looking for whatever it was for some 20mins. On checking the station airfield paddock they found grass in one area had been flattened in several directions. When the witnesses drove through this area they noted that where the vehicle left tracks, there were blotches of a green, phosphorescent material on grass tips and stems.

The lights were described as huge and round, in 3-4 rows in a rectangular formation. The 3 aboriginal witnesses said the lights were blue. The other man said white.

A CSIRO representative concluded that the substance was a naturally occurring growth. UFORFNQ

April 22nd 1995 KAIRI QLD 0505 26mins CE1
Mr H driving his Ute saw a very bright light in the South, and then the light approached him, low over paddocks. He noted a whirring noise. It approached the road and stopped over a fence. He slowed his vehicle and came within 50m of it, where it hovered at 20-30m up. Its front faced the road.
He turned a corner and the object turned right on its axis and he saw an exhaust from the rear of the object. Now parallel to the road it paced his vehicle for about 3kms, where it then left the road and travelled to a position then stopped.

After he stoped for 10mins he carried on, and the object again paced him for 4kms. At this point it turned away and headed East. Mr H described the object as like big stingray, its surface of a dull grey to flat back colour. A cockpit with windows had been visible and a tail fin was to the rear.When first seen it had been illuminating the ground with white light. UFORFNQ

December 1995 HERMITAGE TAS About 22.30 NL/CE1
At least three sighting possibly more of a large round bright white light in the area for some 3 weeks prior to Christmas 1995. Witness was out shooting on first occasion when light appeared almost at ground level beyond gully he was shooting in. Some days later it appeared over hills to the north west of the farm. On the final sighting a large round white light with a beam below was seen over the paddock adjacent to the farm. It was in sight for 20 minutes as it moved slowly to the east. TUFOIC

January 1996 HUON VALLEY TAS 22.30 NL
Lights seen by witnesses as leave friends home. The lights are moving to the west over the hill tops. When they arrive home some 10k away the lights are now in a dip in the hills to the north. The light mass was elliptical to dome shaped with lights moving around the base and a beam shinning down towards the ground. Disappearance not observed. TUFOIC

February 10th 1996 HUON VALLEY TAS 02.00 CE3
Witness woke in early hours to find room lit up by light, had a feeling must go outside. From the verandah she saw the source of the light was a brilliant long elliptical shape 50m away in the paddock. There was a brilliant blue/white light and a metallic type smell you could almost taste. Standing in the garden was a tall thin figure estimated over 2m tall.

The figure beckoned the witness with its left hand. The witness went down the steps into the garden before being alarmed and returning to the verandah. She threw some furniture from the verandah at which point everything went dark as her companion came out to see what was going on. TUFOIC

February 1996 HUON VALLEY TAS 02.00 CE3
About a week after the first encounter the witness again woke in the early hours with the feeling she had to go outside. Again there was a figure in the garden but no object in the paddock this time, the same metallic smell seemed to be present. The same (or similar) 2m tall thin figure seemed to be surrounded by a bright mist effect. It looked to have a one piece silvery suit with a band around the waist. She was not sure if it covered the head, whilst she did not notice the lower legs. It seemed to have long wrap around eyes that sloped up at the outside, also the ears looked flat and pointed. Also present were two smaller rounded figures to either side of the main figure. They were less than a meter tall, fat in the body with small arms and legs. They moved in a jerky fashion as they looked at the ground. One figure had a trowel like instrument which it kept pointing at the ground. The witness had a feeling to follow the figure but on this occasion retreated into the house and locked the door. Looking out the window she was unable to locate the figures. TUFOIC

March 1996 HUON VALLEY TAS 19.30 NL
Two witnesses watch an elliptical object half moon sized moving about in the north east sky. The object is accompanied by 4 smaller lights that moved around the main object. They are lost to view later behind cloud cover. TUFOIC

May 3rd 1996 STOCKPORT SA (2200-0030) 3-5mins NL
A white, oval light was seen to the south. It slowly moved then reverted to where it had been. Overall, it seemed to move slowly up. AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

June 28th 1996 BELLENDER KER QLD 2130 5-10mins CE1
9 people, travelling in a station wagon observed a stationary object as they drove along. It shot off at speed to the SE then stopped. As they travelled on it approached on a converging course with them, to a height of some 150m. It stopped above the highway to their W. All of them got out of the vehicle to look.

Some 40 secs later it moved off slowly to the WNW, climbing upwards and gaining speed. It was described as triangular in shape with a bank of huge, circular lights underneath it. Although bright, these lights did not illuminated the ground. On the back of the object were purple and red lights blinking, with a row of blinking green lights above them. No sound reported. UFORFNQ

August 30th 1996 MOLESWORTH TAS 00.30 NL
Two witnesses travelling by car see a pinkish glowing area over a hilltop to their south west. There seemed to be a number of star like lights inside the glow. The lights were just moving about in an erratic manner. After watching several minutes the witness drove on. TUFOIC

October 5th 1996 GLENUNGA (Adelaide) SA 0035...10mins NL
An orange, oval shape was reported travelling E to W. It changed direction, then it moved into clouds. AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

October 5th 1996 PAYNEHAM (Adelaide) SA 2015... 5 mins...NL
2 people observed a triangular shaped object, with a white light near each apex. It left behind clouds, AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

October 10th 1996 BRIDGEWATER TAS 21.00 NL
Several people travelling by car see a glowing shape in the sky ahead. The shape moves to the west and as it does so adopts a position with the front down and back up. The object then returns east before shooting off in seconds over the north western skyline. TUFOIC

October 11th 1996 BRIDGEWATER TAS 21.00 NL
Same witnesses as in previous sighting are returning home. After dropping off a friend they encounter the same object. The grey object is still visible when they arrive home, this time a roaring noise can be heard, and their dog is barking. It looks to drop out of sight into a hollow as if landing. Witnesses contact local Airport and Army without any results. TUFOIC

October 12th 1996 BRIDGEWATER TAS 21.05 NL
Previous witness and next door neighbour both sight object as arriving home. It takes off at a rapid speed then returns to area east of witnesses. Hovers over a hill and sends down a beam of light. Again a noise is heard. Neighbour tries to video light but only gets that stars and moon. The object moves about erratically then shoots off east and is gone. TUFOIC

October 20th 1996 HENLEY BEACH (Adelaide) SA 2050 Secs NL
A round shaped, dark red coloured, object, seen in the SE, sparked as it travelled across the sky. It moved overhead then to the NW and being lost behind trees. AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

October Late 1996 GORDON TAS 21.00/early AM CE1?
Several reports of large round glowing object in the sky and down at almost water level.

Witness reports seeing light when driving home on first occasion, it had lights the colour of the rainbow. Several cars stopped, one witness said she was going to ring the Hotline.

Witness returned few nights later and saw orange glow hanging in sky over the Channel (water between Tasmania and Bruny Island). Had the impression there were movements inside like grey shapes or shadows. Witnesses' friend sees similar object low over water soon after also claims to see shapes and figures inside. TUFOIC Report still under investigation

November 26th 1996 RENOWN PARK (Adelaide) SA 1820...5-6 mins NL
A woman reported seeing a moving light, with a pink tail from WSW to ENE. When it was almost overhead she noted a second and similar light travelling ENE to WSW. Both were lost in haze. AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

December 1st 1996 ROYSTON PARK (Adelaide) SA 2245 2mins NL
2 objects were seen moving SE to NW. Each had 5-6 red/white/purple lights around them. AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97

December 10th 1996 NORTH BRAMSTON QLD 2100 10-15mins NL
6 people watched a gold to orange coloured light in the sky for about 5mins. Then through binoculars watched for a further 5 mins. It stayed in one position, then slowly went skyward and moved towards cairns, then finally disappeared over the mountain. UFORFNQ

January 4th 1997 HAMILTON AREA VIC
"A bolide was widely reported in the Hamilton area of Victoria. Many witnesses saw and/or heard the bolide as it exploded in the atmosphere. The Hamilton Spectator newspaper reported on this incident." VUFORS

January 14th 1997 LAUNCESTON TAS 01.15 NL
Sightings under investigation. Reports to Hotline and Examiner (Launceston) of unidentified object hovering over city in early hours. The object had been making a loud noise and had three big flashing lights. It eventually moved slowly away to the north with the noise being heard for some 20 minutes. Another caller to the Centre from the West Tamar reported the noise but did not see any object. TUFOIC

February 5th 1997 WEST OF GRAFTON NSW 1110 30 secs DD
A "flying wing", white in colour was seen travelling south to north. It moved in a straight line at an estimated height of 600-2500m above clouds. Its speed was put at 800km/hr. Barry Taylor

February 5th 1997 GRAFTON NSW 2130 NL
A light was seen moving SW to NE with an unusual movement. this was described as "accelerating" and "slowing" as it moved across the sky. Near Orion's belt it momentarily brightened, then assumed its former brightness. Shortly after this it faded and was lost to view. 1000ASA colour film was used to take 4 pictures. A man from Coffs Harbour rang to report observing the same light, with the same unusual movements described. Barry Taylor

Mid February 1997 WERRIBEE VIC
A crop circle was found. Simon Johnson

February 15th 1997 PERTH WA
Six families in Duncraig saw something which passed in front of the Sun, cutting its light on a par with an eclipse. Brian Richards-UFORUM/Barry Taylor

Sources for this issue:

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