Now Then.

By George Simpson © Victoria

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. I missed the deadline for two editions of the Ufologist . The first was missed because there was very little to write about, and then my computer went silly…the motherboard decided it was time to retire to silicon heaven, so I missed the next deadline too.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine bought himself a bike and decided it would be a good idea to ride it regularly for exercise, so he phoned me and we began regularly riding the local bike paths to keep fit. One of the places we often end up at is the Carrum beach where the bike path ends at the mouth of the Patterson River.

Last February or March we noticed something we had never seen before. Just off shore from the beach at Bonbeach there was a pole out in the water, with a light on top and below at the water level. It seemed to be out about one kilometer from the shore, and the lights were very bright. There are other markers just like this , and we could see them to our left in their usual positions, with their lights as well, right offshore from the local yacht club.

This new light pole was somehow different. It wasn’t there the night before. It was also much taller than the others in the area, I’d estimate it was at least 5 or 6 metres high above the waterline. We chatted about many things, and watched this strange light pole for about half an hour.

We then went on our way, as usual. The next night there was no sign of the tall light pole. Nothing. A few things crossed my mind. Maybe it was temporarily set up for some reason, but because of it’s very large size, and it’s position that far out from shore, had it been put there by the EPA or someone, they would have left it there for at least a few weeks. It was very big, and would have taken a lot of effort and expense to erect it. But it was gone the very next night.

And why have a light at the waterline as well as one at the top? As we watched it I said to Gary “This is very strange”.

We really have no idea what it was or why it was out there. The local Yacht club had no idea what we had seen, and no-one else has reported it either.

It’s hard to believe the Second International Scientific and Metaphysical Symposium has already come and gone.

It was really a great weekend, meeting all of the speakers , and hearing their lectures on wide and varied subjects. There was two guest speakers from England, one from America, and one from New Zealand, and several from various parts of Australia.

It’s a real shame that more people didn’t go along. Those who knew it was on and didn’t go really missed out on a special Seminar. What I find hard to understand is why many locals from Sydney never appeared in the audience. Some complained that it was expensive. Well, compared to a return air fare, staying in accommodation and paying for meals, car parking etc etc they had it relatively cheap.

One of the overseas speakers was George Knapp, who spoke about the Skinwalker ranch where many unusual events had been going on for years. I recommend people read it, to find out the whole story. It really is one of the better UFO related books to have been recently published.

Aside from the seminar, as soon as I arrived home, another book I had ordered had arrived.

This is the latest from Lloyd Pye, The book about the ‘ Starchild Skull ‘. This is truly an amazing skull that is entirely strange, and the book is a fantastic journey alongside the man who has fought to get this skull taken seriously by the scientists and specialists needed to help analyze the nature of this highly unusual specimen.

Just imagine if we had a specimen that was half human and half alien. We could do DNA tests and find out about the DNA make-up of our celestial neighbors. Imagine that.

If you have any interest in UFOs and aliens I recommend you buy a copy of this book.

Our June meeting went very well, and everyone had a good time. People came from all over Victoria, and we didn’t leave till very late. The meeting was basically a review of the second ISM Symposium, and some more info on the Westall case.