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Did a controversial Icelandic geologist discover the truth behind the UFO enigma -- and is science validating his findings? Strap on your seat belts for a tour of the “weird and wacky” Nyall (New) Philosophy.

Dr Helgi Pjeturss (1872-1949) was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, into a well-known local family: His father was a police officer and a Treasurer General of Reykjavik, while his mother was a music teacher. Young Helgi was “studious”, and in 1891 went to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he studied natural sciences with a special interest in geology. After graduating with high honours he went on to make his mark.

In 1897 he led a geological expedition to Greenland, and in 1899 began the pioneering field work in Iceland that earnt him a doctorate and an international reputation. He also published two respected tomes on Nordic geology. However his career as a field geologist was increasingly hampered by bouts of chronic insomnia, and, plagued by sleep problems he embarked on an intuitive study of the nature of sleep and dreams: which, his supporters say, eventually saw him discover the “key to the cosmos”. You be the judge.

So what are dreams?

The human race has long been mystified by dreams. The Bible says they can come from God, Freud believed they spring from the subconscious, while Jung mentioned the “collective subconscious” ... but Dr Pjeturss concluded they come from “dream givers”, who live on extra-solar planets!

“During sleep,” he later wrote, “we establish contact with a dream-giver, a person whose brain and other nerve states are transferred to the sleeper. What this person lives, the sleeper dreams believing that he is himself experiencing the adventures of the dream-giver ....”

“The human beings, animals, plants, buildings, landscapes, constellations, and other astronomical phenomena, seen very clearly in the vision-dreams, were such as do not exist on this planet or in the sky. Incredible as it may seem, there is no conviction I hold with greater certainty than this, that psycho-physiological contact with the inhabitants of other planets, is a normal phenomenon of human existence.”

“The dream of a person, without exception, has its ultimate origin in the simultaneous waking life of another person, who is in most cases an inhabitant of another planet in the universe. Dreams are a matter of interstellar transfer of energy.”

In 1910 Dr Pjeturss had a Vision where he saw “rays of light in all their indescribable splendour emanating from realms of perfection somewhere in the universe”; and he further concluded from this the Universe has many inhabited planets, with “unimaginably” spiritually advanced civilisations. So advanced their planets glow with “bioradiation”. Dr Pjeturss believed this bioradiation or “living waves” (1) travel from high-charge areas to low-charge areas in the Universe, and (2) travel at a speed greater than that of electromagnetic light, because they are emitted from a “higher order of matter”.

The Nyall philosopher Thor Gudjonsson in his book Astrobiology: The Science of the Universe (1976) says, “’in the physical universe’, signals traverse only with the speed of light, and in the stellar depths are ... unbridgeable. In the biological universe however, the energy traverses the same distance instantaneously. The life forms exchange energy regardless of distance and the more complex the structure is, the greater are the possibilities of communication - when these structures enter the proper relation.”

Thus, according to Dr Pjeturss, we earthlings have dreams because, in a super-charged Universe, we live on a “minimum energy level” planet, and we (allegedly) awake refreshed from sleep, because we receive an energy transfer during this dreaming process. Dr Pjeturss also wrote, “radiation from inhabitants of other planets constantly reaches our planet and every individual that exists on it. From this we can safely conclude that by every single inhabitant of our planet, during his [or her] whole span of life, radiation is being emitted to other planets.”

So, who are the dream-givers?

Dr Pjeturss believed, when we die, our souls, or “entire organic patterns”, travel to other suitable extra-solar planets, where they completely re-materialises in the psychic “vital fields” of those planets. However the destinations are predetermined by the lives led, and souls either go to “Lifestefna” planets, where the line of evolution is directed towards progress and perfection, or “Helstefna” planets, where the line is towards self-destruction. Our dream-givers are former earthlings or souls from very similar planets.

If we ‘receive’ our dreams, why doesn’t the person in the next room have the same vision?

Dr Pjeturss believed this rarely happens, because daily events determine our dream life. Life “tunes” the psyche, like a radio or TV receiver, to receive only one frequency of bioradiation at a time.

Dreams are often ‘set’ in familiar surroundings but Dr Pjeturss believed this is an illusion that is created by poor rapport betwixt sleeper and dream-giver. When the rapport level is poor, the dreamer fills in picture with familiar items; however when rapport is very good, the sleeper has one of those vivid, ‘out of this world’ dreams.

So, where’s the evidence for a physical, extra-solar, planetary Afterlife?

Nyall philosophers point to evidence from seances, where messages allegedly from the “other side” describe a physical world, where life continues on as a learning process. Dr Pjeturss argued ghosts and ghostly activities are bioradionic in nature, with the haunters in reality located on another planet. He also believed the departed may rematerialise back on Earth, if the vital field conditions are in place. On this Dr Pjeturss wrote, “The radiation from a person is most intense and most effective near his [or her] body, and one may speak of a field of force, around the body ... In this vital field of force, where bioradiation unites with an adventitious (extraneous) bioradiation, it seems as if the endeavour to create a new organic body can be achieved most successfully ... It seems as if in some mediumistic seances a common field of force can be generated, from the bioradiation of the medium and of the sitters, and that in such a field of force ‘materialised phantoms’ can be generated, more easily than in the vital fields of individuals.”

In 1874 the celebrated English chemist Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) hosted a series of sittings with the materialisation medium Miss Florence Cook at his London residence, and apparently witnessed just that. Each night, before eminent witnesses Miss Cook went behind a thin curtain and materialised the phantom “Katie King”. Not only was the phantom photographed, and medically examined, Crookes reported on one occasion “for nearly two hours she walked about the room, conversing familiarly with those present. On several occasions she took my arm when walking, and impression conveyed to my mind that it was a living woman by my side, instead of a visitor from the other world....”

If phantom materialisations are possible, is it also possible the ETs are of a similar ilk?

Nyall philosophers believe the ‘visitors’ (and their craft) are bioradionic manifestations from other planets, and that their appearances here are predetermined by the vital field conditions. The modern UFO era may have begun in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying discs at Mt Rainier, Washington State, say the Nyall philosophers, but it was the public awareness created by the worldwide publicity that actually created the psychic conditions for the many future sightings.

On UFOs Thor Gudjonnson (apparently during a lull in sightings in Scandinavia) wrote, “The UFO-leaders and their groups, full of interest and activity, as long as they are enthusiastic, unwittingly form the Determinant centers, which support the generation of the phenomena. For every bioenergetic phenomenon, in the Earth’s vital field is needed: 1. an earthly support (Determinants) and 2. a ‘heavenly’ paradigm (extraterrestrial source), and that applies to the generation of UFOs no less than other such phenomenon.”

“The determinant conditions can be investigated here on earth ... But since supporters of the UFO-phenomena never had a clear conception of the subject’s relation to the life energy, never a real philosophy to back them up with, the movement couldn’t come to a continuous success. And the doubters and disbelievers, in spite of all evidence, played an easy game of malice against the phenomena, and for that very reason the conditions deteriorated.”

“There cannot be the slightest doubt that the UFOs come from other inhabited planets in the universe. It is their bioradiative nature and behaviour that has perplexed earthlings, because they are not in position to understand those phenomena and their mode of appearance.

“If the UFO supporters .... could bring their thinking and attitude into accordance with what has been suggested here, the development of the matter would take a new turn, and conditions for materialisation of objects and extraterrestrial visits would be highly improved.”

If the Nyall philosophy world-view is correct, it does offer an explanation for the baffling UFO enigma. The ETs and their craft traverse the Universe perhaps instantaneously as bioradionic waves, and they come from spiritually advanced cultures. There are various ET species and craft models simply because travel is quick and there are so many “worlds”. UFOs vanish “in the blink of an eye”, and ETs “walk through walls” because they are, like “Katie King”, bioradionic manifestations. UFO “hot spots” happen where favourable vital field conditions exist. Perhaps some crop circles are bio-induced copies of agroglyphs located on other planets, and Chupacabras, and other alien beasts, are spontaneous manifestations from other planets. Because the Universe is “connected”, and Earth has become a dark planet some visitors may be transferring technology, or else collecting genetic samples and administering last rites.

The Nyall philosophers believe their world-view is “scientific indeed”, and argue subsequent discoveries have verified Dr Pjeturss’ intuitive deductions. The following are allegedly some “direct hits”:

1. In 1923 Prof A G. Gurvich, a Russian medical scientist, discover bioradiation and biophotons, and in 1939 Semyon and Valentina Kirlian discovered the Kirlian Aura Effect, and their Kirlian photographic technique apparently captures bioradiation on film. In 1974 Fritz-Albert Popp, a German biophysicist, demonstrated biphotons are emitted from the DNA. Many psi researchers believe biophotons explain remote viewing and distant healing (both are today statistically science fact) and other paranormal phenomena.

2. In 1953 researchers at the University of Chicago discovered REM, or rapid eye movement. During sleep our eyes move rapidly during the dream state, and Nyall philosophers claim this proves our minds are perceiving real scenes during dreams.

3. In 1995 astronomers at the Geneva Observatory detected the first extra-solar planet, and so far “a 100-odd” Jupiter-sized planets have been discovered. Astronomers are now admit there are billions of planets out there, and if the Drake Formula is any guide there may also be many inhabited planets.

4. Early last century Einstein published the Theory of Relativity, which asserted the speed of electromagnetic light limit; however was Einstein right? The astronomer Tom Van Flandern on his website reports, “Modern, high-precision solar system observations show that the direction from which the Sun’s light comes, and the direction toward which the Sun’s gravity pulls us, are not the same. The former is retarded by the time it takes light to travel from Sun to Earth, 8.3 minutes; and the latter is not retarded by any detectable amount.” If gravity is faster than electromagnetic light, then Einstein was wrong.

5. In 1976 Milner and Smart at the University of Birmingham, England, plucked a freshly picked privet leaf and lay it beside a dying privet leaf and photographed the two using the Kirlian technique. When developed the film showed the fresh leaf “resuscitating” the dying leaf at a distance. Proof, say Nyall philosophers, that botanic bioradiation travels from high-charge to a low-charge areas.

Dr Helgi Pjeturss, who died in 1949, published six books about Nyall philosophy and he also fathered the Nyalsinnar (New Agers) movement in Iceland. However his final years were also overshadowed by allegations of pre-war anti-Semitism. In his defence Dr Pjeturss by say the Nazi regime’s brutality had been “absolutely ridiculous”, and that “many of the Danish Jews I know are among the best people I have ever come into contact with”, but some of the mud stuck.

Thorsteinn Gudjonsson, who died a few years ago, is perhaps best remembered as the man who got Paganism recognised legally as a religion in Iceland. His books about Nyall philosophy are available at esoteric bookshops.

The Nyall philosophy movement, which boasted a large membership in Iceland during the 1950s and 1960s, has an enquiry webpage at

Do we live in a bioradiation-filled Universe?

Time will tell.

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