By George Simpson © Victoria

Sighting Report
Frankston, Melbourne
Thursday 6th May 1999

VUFORS received a call from A.T that her boyfriend S.B had been outside with his video camera and had recorded images of an unusual object. We were given the date and time of the sighting so my first course of action was to consult the computer program “Skyglobe” to look for possible planets etc. I immediately found Venus low on the horizon and almost exactly in the position of the sighting. It was difficult to avoid concluding that the video was only the planet Venus, but I had not seen it yet. S.B ran the tape for me after showing me where he stood while filming the object. After a few minutes, it became clear that the image was not Venus.

I do not know of any atmospheric conditions that could cause a planet to flatten out, elongate itself and hover for a few minutes on a 30 to 40 degree angle. There are a few frames where there appears to be flashing lights, and some portions of the video where the object goes out of focus.

The clincher for me is the section where the object “hops” from one side of the screen to the other in one frame. The slow motion frame by frame function on my video recorder is a handy feature because it would be easy to miss this hop motion otherwise. S.B did not stop filming and restart, in order to produce this effect because the jump is perfectly smooth; an impossible task for a hand held camera!

There would be an associated wobble and shake if a bump was responsible for the “hop”. The framing of the shot would produce irregularities associated with the “apparent” motion. The “hop” is completely free of such tell tale effect. In fact, the object seems to dissolve on the spot and reappear gradually in the new location…to quickly even for it to be water vapour (which was earlier considered a possibility).

This evidences of some object capable of instantaneous movement of maybe some 800 metres (a conservative estimate) in less that 1/25th of a second! (Video runs at 25 f.p.s).

The evidence was quite some distance from Frankston, and if you look at a large map at the area, which corresponds to the direction of the object, you find it appears to be right over the RAAF base in Laverton. That is consistent with typical observed unidentified objects around the world over the last 50 or so years.

We have attempted to obtain still frames of the object from the video using video capture technology but the results were not of high enough resolution. S.B has agreed to come to our next public meeting to allow members to view the original footage. Then you will see what I mean!

Victoria U.F.O Research Society
JUNE 1999