Knowles Family, Nullarbor Plain WA

Mrs Knowles and her there sons were driving form Perth to wards Mundrabilla when they saw lights ahead of them on the road. As they approached they realized that they were hovering above the ground just off the main road and indeed hovering over another vehicle.

They turned of the main road and chased back towards where the sighting had occurred; unfortunately, the light changed its course and came back to meet them. They met when something making an audible noise landed on the roof of their car.

The car was apparently dragged upwards and there was some consternation and agitation amongst the witness. Suddenly the vehicle was dropped back to the ground where it burst one of its tyres; where the object had been attached there was damage on the roof. Once the car was back on the ground their family leapt out and hid in the bushes until the UFO had gone. From their observation they described the object as a white light about the size as their car, making a sound like electrical humming.

Thoughout the incident the radio of the car had been malfunctioning though subsequent investigations by Paul Norman of VUFORS indicated that it was undamaged. Examination of the tyre indicated that it was ripped in the most extraordinary way all around its edge.

Subsequent investigations revealed a great many more UFO reports on the Nallarbour Plain on that night.

Story from The UFO Encyclopedia

By John Spencer.