Scott and Wendy Longley

On the 16th of March 1996, our family was travelling back to Grafton from Lismore, after spending the day with friends of my family - Fiona M and Graeme H. Wendy had not seen Fiona since 1992, and was looking forward to the visit. They had been keeping in contact through letters and the telephone. For most of the time we were there, Wendy and Fiona talked and chased the children around. Graeme, his two sons and I played cricket. We said our goodbyes

and left at 7pm. We stopped at Hungry Jack's in Lismore, went through the drive thru, then carried on home to Grafton. In the vehicle were my wife, Wendy, 29, our two children in the back seat, in their car seats - Scott Jnr, 21/2 years old, and Bronwyn, 11/2 . I, Scott Snr, 38, was driving.

About five kilometres north of Casino, I noticed two strange lights in the vehicle's rear view mirror. I had not noticed any cars either behind or in front of me previously, so the lights were a surprise to me. I then looked to the front, then to the rear view mirror, noticing the lights were still there, yellow in colour, with a white halo surrounding the light. For the third time I looked in the direction I was driving. However, upon looking in the mirror the two lights which had previously been separate, came together as one. At this point I did not say anything to Wendy about the lights. Meanwhile, Wendy, at about the same time as I was watching the yellow lights, had herself seen unusual lights outside the car. They seemed only some 100 metres to the left front of the vehicle.

There were 200 or so, fairy lights and they were white and a bright green in colour. She watched these for an estimated ten to twenty seconds. After losing sight of these lights, Wendy asked me if I had seen some lights to the left front. I said I had not, but that I had been watching some lights behind the vehicle. We talked about these lights for a while as we continued home.


We reached our home in Grafton about 9.30pm. Wendy commented that the trip seemed to have taken longer than it usually did. We had travelled that particular route a number of times before. I said that at the time, I didn't think too much of this. We usually go to bed about 10.30pm. On this particular night, even though it had been a long day, Wendy stayed up until about midnight, while I remained up watching television until about 2.30am. We both felt wide awake - feeling energetic as Wendy said.

The next morning, Sunday 17th March, I arose at 5am to go for a 30 kilometre run, with my running partner Ken S. I had been running for some 25 years. As I started off I noted an unusual, momentary, prick like a needle sensation in my left nostril.

This ceased almost immediately. About half way around my route I developed a blister on my right big toe, on the outside of the toe. It was the first time I have ever had a blister on this part of my foot, despite all the running. I returned home, unable to continue running. On the way back I noticed I was getting a runny nose, something very rare for me. I checked my family and it revealed that all four of us had cold like symptoms. Wendy also had a sore left ovary, and a sore throat on the left side. Scott Junior's nose issued seven long strands of mucus with traces of blood present.

Scott Junior in his 21/2 years had previously only had one cold before this. He had never had a nose bleed in his life. He was normally a very good night sleeper, with no disturbed sleep, but didn't sleep well for two weeks after the event.

On Monday the 18th March, Wendy telephoned a UFO research group in Sydney, as we believed the lights which we had viewed from our vehicle might have been a

UFO. Wendy spoke to Moira McGhee, who was really helpful. During this conversation there was a discussion about the possibility of lost time, and a suggestion that hypnotherapy might be useful.

On Wednesday, the 20th March an article appeared in a local paper featuring local UFO researcher Gary White. White was interested in locating people who might have seen a UFO on the 16th March, in and around Grafton. Wendy telephoned White, who attended straight away. We told White about our observations of the lights and White noted that we both had red marks on the back of our necks. He also took some photographs of my blisters. Wendy asked White about hypnotherapy and White arranged it with a hypnotherapist named Sue. The first session took place about a fortnight after the event.


I was the first to be regressed by Sue, and altogether had three sessions, which were video taped. Wendy followed, without knowledge of what I had revealed. Under hypnotic regression, I found myself looking down on our stationary vehicle, from a point in space apparently above the car. I saw myself asleep in the driver's seat. Wendy was present, asleep in the passenger's side seat. Bronwyn was there, asleep in the rear seat, belted in. Scott Jnr seemed to be awake in his child seat. I watched as two aliens went to the driver's door and opened it. They undid my safety belt. The beings were tall, about 210cms in height, with a smoke like skin colour. They had small ears; big black eyes; two dots for a nose; a small mouth, with no lips. One entity placed its arm around my back, and was aided by the second entity.

They carried me out of the car, and held me there for some time. At the same time, two more 210cm tall aliens approached Wendy's door. They opened it, undid her selt belt and carried her out of the vehicle.

One smaller alien appeared and opened the back door to Bronwyn. This alien tried to release the baby seat latch on the baby seat without any success. Another small alien came and released the latch and they carried Wendy and Bronwyn into the paddock. Scott Jnr was still in the car at this stage.

Then they carried me around to the back of the car, and laid me down on my stomach. One entity held my head off the ground. Still watching from above, I saw the aliens with me use something like a silver staple gun, and press it into my neck.

They also seemed to insert something into my right big toe. After this they rolled me over onto my back, lifted up my shirt and looked at my stomach, where I have a scar from a car accident last year. At this point, I stood up and my viewing position transferred from above the vehicle separate from the Scott below, into the Scott below. When I stood up, I relaxed my body against the boot of the car and I then found I could telepathically communicate with the aliens, and asked them what they wanted.


The aliens told me: "We are a lost family" and conveyed the impression they

wanted samples. The entities added words to the effect: "You are very happy people, be happy and be kind to your neighbour." At this point, I could see Scott Jnr running around outside the car with aliens his size and age. At times they seemed to be laughing and talking to each other. There was no sense of fear or danger to any of us at anytime. I can recall thinking of the aliens: What beautiful people." At this time I can recall looking over my right shoulder to see two aliens carrying Wendy and two others carrying Bronwyn. They put Wendy back into the car and did the seatbelt up. At the same time, one entity appeared to kiss her on the cheek. The other two aliens put Bronwyn back in her car seat, and secured the baby latch. All of a sudden, I saw a crowd of some twenty aliens in the paddock.


Then I saw a spacecraft above me. They said to me: "We want you." As I looked back up at the spacecraft I said: "I can't go, I have my wife and children here." I then noticed that there were no more aliens around me, as I looked into the paddock. Suddenly, I found myself on a table, somewhere, with different creatures

looking at me. I was naked, and started to cry and yell: "I want to go home. I want my wife and children." I was then sitting up on the table, with a thick rubber blanket over my waist. I was looking around the craft feeling calm, and I saw high rise buildings out of its windows. It was very dark outside. There were no stars or planets around, just tall buildings. I am 175cm tall, and the table was longer than me. It seemed 6-7.5cm thick. There was a strong set of lights to my left, and above me there were three round lights. I also noticed a mechanical arm at one end of the table, which had four "claws" to it. Suddenly I was back in my car waking up. I patted my wife's knee, and both my wife and my daughter woke up.

Return home

Scott Jnr was still awake. We drove off back to Grafton. Between the hours of 9.30pm and 2.30am a two manned spacecraft appeared in our backyard. I was standing at the window looking out from the study, when I saw the craft. It was only some three metres from me and about 1.3m off the ground. I asked them what they wanted and they told me: "Making sure you got back home safely."


Wendy's recollections were, in her own words, "vague and blurred" compared to mine. She found herself lying flat on her back, on a table in an unknown space somewhere. The table caused her some discomfort and she concluded from this that it must have been a hard surface. The temperature in the space was cold, but she had no problems breathing. She was looking up to see the faces of some eight to ten figures who were around her. They looked as though they were wearing ice hockey masks. Only their necks and faces were visible from her prone position.

She did not see their bodies. Bright lights were visible in the space and Wendy recalled seeing a mechanical arm nearby. From time to time she recalls being levitated but has absolutely no recall of a physical examination being conducted on her. Nor can Wendy recall any conversation between herself and the beings. In addition, there was no sense of noise or smell, and she felt no fear at all. Finally, she was back on the ground being carried by aliens to the car. She noticed that she felt of the entities: "Aren't they beautiful." No further recall was obtained under hypnosis. Wendy's flu symptoms lasted about six weeks. Her sore throat, which was localised, went away.


About a week after the initial regression, I underwent a second session. I again recalled being on a table as on the first occasion. My viewing point transferred from "above" the tables, separate from myself below. I don't knowwhat they were doing but they looked very busy.

All of a sudden they inserted a rod into my right eye. They were 180-210cm tall, with a wrinkled appearance and long necks. Telepathically they told me that I would feel some pain as the rod entered. Although I felt the insertion, I felt more discomfort than pain. When the rod was removed, the alien dabbed my eye with some sort of "tissue." While still on the table, I recall something was drilled into my right toe.


I was then levitated up into the air above the table. At this point I saw a pattern on the domed ceiling. At the same time, while being levitated, they inserted a silvery coloured rod into my rectum and took bone samples from my pelvis and spine. I could feel the rod moving around inside me. It was not a nice feeling. I found myself sitting up on the table with a strong light to my left and above me - there were three round lights there. I also noted a mechanical arm at the end of the table, which had four "claws" to it.



After the examination, I saw a baby incubator, which contained two foetuses (aliens). The incubator was pyramidal in shape, and made of something like glass. Inside were two, 5cm long, baby aliens; pink in colour, facing each other. All of a sudden I was back sitting on the table, with aliens around me. There were two very small aliens standing at my feet. I was told telepathically, that I was the father of these two aliens. Through a window in the room, we were flying across the sea, along a coastline, down a street, to a house where I grew up. We were about 16 metres off the ground. I could see children playing in the front yard. We then flew around the back of the house.


An amazing sheet of light came over me. I could then see myself in the backyard, standing there. I was four years old. The feeling that came over me, I will neverforget. There was an alien present, who took me into my father's shed and conducted a physical examination of me. The alien checked my toes, calves, biceps, fingers and chest. My sister Maree, who was three years old, was also examined. My older brother Karl was also examined, he was seven years old. Karl and I walked around to the side of the shed, where we saw an egg shaped

spacecraft, floating about four metres off the ground. One alien asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I said: "Yes," so was levitated up into the craft. We went backwards and forwards, left and right. Then I was levitated back to the ground.

Age 8

A sheet of white light came over me, and this time I found myself aged eight. My brother Karl and I watched two "crafts" land nearby; one in a paddock and one in my backyard. When the craft landed, a ramp came down. An alien walked down the ramp, and at the same time I ran towards the alien. The alien patted me on the head and I turned around and walked with the alien to the shed. The alien carried out the same physical as the first time. After the physical we walked back to the craft, where Karl had just come out. I said to the alien that I wanted to go in. The alien replied: "Your turn next time."

Age 14

The sheet of light came over me again, and I was fourteen years old. My father and I saw the UFO while in the backyard. I noticed my dad seemed frozen in place. I was levitated up into the UFO. However, on this occasion, there was no medical examination. I recall running around in the UFO, playing with aliens my own age. An alien then told me: "Time for you to go." I said: "No, I do not want to go." All of a sudden I was back with my father, who told me not to be so stupid, when the UFO was mentioned.


The third regression session was different for me. On this occasion I can recall a different portion of the experience onboard. I was straight on the table, and I said: "I am OK. I'm with friends." Just like before, they were very friendly to me. One alien turned around, who was holding in his right hand a surgical knife. He said to me: "I'm not your friend." I was very scared at this point. To my left I noticed a bin with human body parts in it - no blood, just parts. Suddenly, the alien reached down and gouged out my right eye. After about ten seconds, he returned it to its socket. Then the alien did something to my feet; he hung me up by my feet and laughed. I also recounted that an alien had a test tube, with a fold down outer case (steel) and this was inserted into the head of my penis, and scrapped around. This was very painful. I recall that the hypnotherapist had difficulty bringing me out of hypnosis this third time.


Following the appearance of an article about our experiences in local New South Wales newspapers, we were interviewed by a major Women's magazine; and numerous television and radio stations, as well as the print media.


Recently, (May), while down in Sydney, I was regressed by a Sydney man, Mathew Faralora in a half hour session. I again saw the same alien as in the third regression, but this time, the alien was friendly. In this re-run of the episode the alien did not take my eye out. This regression also uncovered how I entered the craft. I walked from the car to the craft, then up a ramp; and spoke to a group of aliens. On the table I recalled at one stage, an alien who was holding something, with a hole in the middle of it, and was moving it up and down my body. In addition, all of a sudden I found myself in a mountainous area - white mountains.

There were aliens present. I tried to find out more about this area, but a white light blanked it out from my vision. I also recalled flying beside a spacecraft (as though I was flying through the sky).


* At home both of us have had fleeting glimpses of what seem to be shapes -white bodies. Just there and then gone.

* See "black spots" in the air around me. Even while I was flying in a plane      recently, I saw "black spots" in the sky.

* After 25 years of running I have given it up.

* Our computer plays up at times.

* Our stereo system switches itself off and on.

* I get electric shocks from things around the house.

* In the past three to four weeks I have had dreams of having been going for rides in a spacecraft. They are more visible and clear than my other dreams.

* When I walk past people in the street or anywhere, I can read people's emotional states.

* On two separate occasions - one lasting one hour, the other much longer - I seemed to be asleep and images came into my vision. It was as if from A to Z, an encyclopedia was being flicked through quickly in front of me. There was no

text though, only patterns.

* Rifles being fired (shooting at something).

* Watch strap on two occasions (separate) has been torn off my wrist. Once found watch on the floor in the lounge. Another time in the bedroom.

* Been woken up suddenly. It's like being in the back seat of a car asleep, all of a sudden, you are in the front seat, alert and ready to drive the car.

* Seeing a slower moving screen with patterns and designs coming across my vision - hieroglyphics.

* Been woken up with a loud yell of "Hey" each time I fell asleep.

* Seeing body parts scattered over (dry land). I can only see dirt mounds.

* Asleep - hearing a voice, a very pure voice, telling me of a date, year and place. I am also standing on top of a hill with people all around me. We are all wearing hard hats. I can also see two bulldozers in the foreground.

* In bed watching a screen in my mind, of patterns slowly going past my vision(circles) - hieroglyphics.

* Seeing the same thing night after night, tall grass, with a beautiful greencolour.

* Seeing mass graves - somewhere dry and hilly. No trees vision. I could alsosee patches of red colour over the clothes.

More after effects

* Asleep - watching an alien trying to put a ring on my wife's finger, who was asleep in our son's room. Ten minutes later, Wendy coming and telling me she has a sore finger.

* Asleep - seeing strange things coming out of frame.

* Arms being levitated up in the air, while in bed.

* Feeling great pressure on my right eye, while in bed, at the same time aswhite light comes over vision.

* Seeing slow moving screen of aliens that I have drawn, moving slowly acrossmy vision.

* Before going to sleep, remembering thinking about a person who I must send a card to. Then a clear, pure voice telling me: "Yes, you must do."

* Asleep - seeing stars, lots of stars. No movement. Remember feeling cold.

* Feeling sharp stabs in my ribs, lasting no longer than a split second.

* Asleep - seeing a screen showing me letters and numbers moving slowly up and down my vision.

* Talking to people on the telephone or when they come to the door, can tell if they are good or bad people, lying or telling the truth.

* Know most times who is ringing me, when the telephone rings.

* Laying in bed sometimes wide awake when a strange, bubbly feeling comes over my body - then moving up to my head. Lasting anything up to five minutes.

* Seeing the patterns of the spacecraft's ceiling and walls.

* Seeing alien faces in my vision, asleep or awake. Day or night.

* Always remembering landing on my feet through out my life.

* Seeing the remains of a plane crash, somewhere hilly.

* Seeing a boat disaster, lots of people in the water. Seeing boat going down.

* Extreme tiredness - interrupted sleep. Being kept awake at night until 3am.

* While in the study (1pm), hearing cupboards opening and closing loudly. Hearing someone walking around in the kitchen, approx for one minute. When I looked in the kitchen there was no one there. My wife was asleep in bed.

* Inside my house feeling scared at times, hair standing up. Day or night.

* Early hours of some mornings, hearing the sounds of feet pitter pattering in the kitchen. There is no one there when I check.

* I am more mechanically minded. Before I could never fix anything; but now I can - car, washing machine, radios etc.

* In bed by 10pm shown a screen of something that I now forget. Every now and then waking up and seeing an alien standing besides me, while I was in bed. The vision I was seeing lasted till 2am (31/2 hours of watching the screen).


* In my sleep occasionally I see screens of shiftng (in two fluid motion) colours and patterns, some with writing like hieroglyphics.

* Woke up one night with an instantaneous, very sharp pain in my right thumb. As it subsided, I had another sudden, less intense pain in my left nostril.

* Occasionally, see white figures (ghost-like) around doorways.

* Extreme tiredness, interrupted sleep.

SOURCE:: Recollections; Newsletter of the

Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre

Volume 3 Issue 3. June 1996

Editor: Keith Basterfield

Sketches drawn by Wendy Longley

Pictures by David Hahn

Courtesy of Womans Day 29.04.96

The Casino Alien Encounter