A Darlinghurst man thinks "someone from outer space" may have watched the Queen's arrival in Sydney. He is Mr.H.E. Ireland of Liverpool street.

Mr Ireland claims to have seen a flying saucer about 9.30 am on Wednesday, February 3rd while the Queen was on the Royal yacht Gothic in Sydney Harbor. He says he watched it from his knife and die casting factory in Bourke Street. "It hovered east of Sydney at least 10.000 feet up for about 10 minutes then disappeared leaving a blue vapor trail," Mr Ireland said:

Brilliant Light
"It seemed to be flat and threw a brilliant white light. "I called a policeman and he saw what I saw. "I knew it couldn't be an ordinary aeroplane. "I've flown in all these modern planes -- Constellations and so on. "I was Internal Auditor with the R.A.A.F during the war."
"Therefore I'm not a dill." A R.A.A.F spokesman said that he knew of no service plane or balloon which could have been mistaken for a flying saucer on the morning of 3rd February.