Source: Daily Telegraph © JULY .22nd
Constable Ray Ellema (left) and Constable Peter Ferguson first to see the UFO


Artist impression of the mystery object seen today over Melbourne suburbs, draw from a police description.
Melbourne Police and aviation officials are baffled over a mystery object that led police vans on a six-hour chase through Melbourne's western suburbs early today . Police said the object was "obviously playing fun and games" with them as it continually appeared and disappeared over Melton area.
Chief Insp Paul Hickman said he saw the object fly over Melton police station, but he could not work out what it was. "It reminded me of a cross between a Harrier jet and a helicopter," he said. "We put a spot light on it which showed it was gery , about 10m long and 6m wide, which made it to big to be a gyrocopter. "There could have been even two different objects. "At this stage all we'd like to know is what the thing was. A Department of Aviation spokeman, Mr Ken Williams, said the department did not know where to start to look for the object but the police helicopter was to search for it today.

Constable Peter Ferguson and Constable Ray Ellems first saw it hovering over the Western Highway at 12.40 a.m. "It had two headlights like a car with high beam on and red tail lights but it didn't seem to make any noise," Constable Ferguson said. "When it turned around and headed slowly down the Hwy we thought "What the hell is going on" . We followed it to the regional shopping center where it hovered again. "We shone our spotlights on it but itturned its light off and disappeared." "For the next six hour the object flew in a triangle over Melton, Sydenham and Rockbank". Constable Peter Ferguson said: "We thought it was a bit of a joke at first but when we got pretty annoyed because the bloody thing was too quick for us."

"It would land with its lights off. we got within 100m of it and we thought we got it this time." "But the next thing we knew it was in the air and behind us again." The object finally flew over the Melton Police station, down the western Highway over Constable Ferguson's car and then to a patrol car from Sunshine which was coming to give assistance. It hovered at about 30m and kept flashing its lights at the car