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Matthew Favaloro
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In my opinion, there has been an alarming problem that has welled up from New Age UFO believers, that of human “Star Children” being seeded amongst us mere mortals. Those that believe in star children have the catch cry of extra DNA and modified gene structure of proof that something is going on. Yet, no scientific evidence or data to my knowledge has ever been presented. The extra DNA catch cry is now becoming accepted fact ! Much like how modern urban myths work, enough people say it and so therefore it must be true.

Most web sites that testify to extra DNA in star children comes from “new age” sites multidimensional channeled stuff. While their spiritual intentions may be all love and light. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can’t help but worry as to where this trend is going. Some single minded, one sided believers in star children have focused on doing regression and hypnotic therapy work and it is sad but true, that inevitably through the sheer design of what they are looking for, they can’t help but embed them with the belief that they are special, that they are from some genetically altered program from space.

The blindness of most of these researchers never question or look at other possibilities. ie; mental illness, schizophrenia, cultural integration. Or that they are inadvertently shaping the mind of the minor towards star children beliefs.

Such shows showing teenage angst such as ‘Roswell’ - UFO beings have become part of our modern psyche (culture) through television ads, movies and even cartoons.

Could these so called Star Children of today, be the psychologically damaged children of tomorrow because of these over zealous researchers? As a hypnotherapist and UFO researcher I am aghast at what is happening. Are some driven so much to find UFO proof, that they are willing to put the psychological well being of our children at risk? even inadvertantly? Even if protocols are put in place, the child, having a nightmare of aliens, then gets ‘lots’ of special ‘attention’ then tags great significance, not to the event, but to what adults make of it.

Children live in a primarily Alpha brain wave state, the state of the creative imagination. Where they invent, dream and act out in a playful way. Next we will hear that the children’s imaginary playmate is really a mutlidiemtional alien being! Primarily bought about by quasi therapists and spiritualists bent on proving there beliefs. What is more alarming is the way most in the UFO community simply accepts the new beliefs as fact.

Primarily, I see the problem in two distinct areas. Those being the qualifications of the actual therapist or people helper investigating star children or UFO abduction claims.

1 Anyone can do a one week, or weekend course here and overseas in Hypnotherapy, from presenting overseas companies, and practitioners. Then they hang up their diploma on a shingle and start instantly regressing people. This does not make them qualified to handle such cases that present in the UFO, or other arenas. Although their qualifications look impressive, they usually have an overseas stamp to them. Their training may even have been part of another course, and they do not belong to a recognized hypnotherapy body in Australia. They are not covered by a code of ethics, indemnity and public liability insurance, nor can any of their clients claim from their health funds.

2. To offset this, in Australia we have proper trained Professional Hypnotherapists whose training is completed in three to five years, these hypnotherapists belong to recognized hypnotherapy societies and are now classed as ‘registered’ hypnotherapists, most people who see them can claim through their health funds. The registered hypnotherapist or member of a recognized society or body of hypnotherapists, is fully trained and bound by a code of ethics, as well as fulfilling then requirements of the society or body with on going training and supervision.

When you seek a Hypnotherapist in Australia, it is wise to ask, where they have their qualifications from. Are they in full time practice and belong to a society or hypnotherapy body here in Australia and do they meet the protocols mentioned above. If not, then you have a well meaning amateur. A hypnotist is not a Hypnotherapist, a nurse is not a doctor and not all doctors are psychiatrists.

In July 2000, child protection legislation was introduced in NSW and other parts of the country that affects all people working with children. This legislation is the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 and the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998. All clinical hypnotherapists that belong to Hypnotherapy societies and bodies are registered and have signed documents under the act that deems them suitable to work with children. I suspect the amateur has not, and could be breaking the law if doing regression work on children - counseling or working with children in anyway.

The law covers anyone who works with children ie; day care workers, teachers, ministers, employers, sporting bodies, counselors etc. It was introduced to keep a government listing of who was working with children and to keep children safe as possible from any known pedophiles, or sex offenders from having access to children.

Now that we have established the right therapists and counselors, it would be wise for UFO groups and organizations to pick the best possible ethically based people helpers, counselors and therapists to assist and help in UFO abductions and research. As a rule of thumb, I will work with their parents but I will not work with children on UFO related themes.

In researching the UFO phenomenon, as vast and interesting as it is, networking information, such as here, is essential in gaining an overview of the entire phenomena.

Good researchers will always remain objective and question the facts presented - over and over and over. Even challenge them, over and over and over. To draw definite conclusions and form beliefs (although helpful in abstract analysis and thought processes) proves fatal to the outcome ever being correct.

Putting popular culture, new age beliefs, urban myths, and popular themes into their right perspective, and not believing everything, is a sure sign of proper intelligent UFO investigative work and it shows signs of maintaining a healthy mind.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol. 6 No.5 Pgs 38-39


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