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Please Note: Disclaimer : The following article is written with-out prejudice to any religion, creed or way of life. It is written to make you think about comparatives to the UFO Phenonema. No offence is meant nor should be taken, to anyones religious beliefs, religions in general, or to any and all UFO groups or abductees.

Abductees can be classed into two distinct groups. Those who are fearful of Abduction, who are not believed and are fearful of losing their minds, and those who see the aliens ( greys ) as saviours of mankind. In fact the spiritual aspect of the latter is frightening close to the doctrine's of most modern day religious beliefs.

Similarities with religion and alien contact start with "The Event" Abduction to a higher plane or ship, or state of consciousness, telepathy, with many an out of body experiences. Abductees often talk of a calming effect, an inner knowing and some experience religious euphoria. (physical evidence is poorly evident) UFO' s are not seen and most abductees say they come from a higher plane, or the message is transmitted to them from far in space. Most religious texts talk of angels and divine communications about how to save humanity. No one sees Miricales today on the grand scale of say
for example: "The parting of the Red Sea by Moses" as reported in the bible. We have to trust, that this occured and to qualify it, because we haven't seen it first hand, we create "Faith" Faith allows us to believe it's so without questioning it.

"The Mission" Aliens have conveyed "You are important, you are a spiritual being, we are here to raise mans consciousness, peace, love, we channel love, you are chosen". Abductees then act as chanels for divine inspiration and love, as usual there is a lot of ego and support groups spring up expounding the new truth. Most religious groups past and present sent and send out Missionaries to spread the word. We have to trust, have Faith that God or a higher being has a mission, creed or code for the human race. Suport groups with the doctrine of implants, greys, mission, love and that
of saving you has a similarity with church, gospel and divine presence. One abductee entered a support group and before she could open her mouth was told she was abducted by a grey, had an implant and was seen by others aboard a ship. She left the group terrified.

"The Promise" Aliens make to abductees. We are here to save the world, We will create a new world, We give you important planetary information that will save humanity. Yet in all of this future promise there is nothing substantially new or life saving in the here and now, such as the cure for cancer, or aids or hunger. This is much like the promise of the second coming where you have to believe God will save you.... one day soon. Revelation talks about the wrath of God's return and saving you from evil and sin if we don't obey the creedence of the church or religious doctrine. As in abductee groups, you can't question divine "alien" chaneling, to try is to risks the scorn of the group. The world is saved but always in a future that so far remains in future, not allocated by date time or year. Criptic dates and times have come and gone but nothing has ever eventuated. Abductees see visions of mass destruction of the world yet they have been given a promise that they alone will, with the kindly help of aliens, survive the cataclysm yet to come.

"Genetics" Just as God made Adam and Eve, the aliens have created hybrids. The abduction senario points to a new race being developed by the aliens (King James Bible 1:26 Let us make man in our image) "Our" implying more than one God.

"Contact" Contact is tied up in the promise, when the aliens actualy come in their ships, land and save us. Some contactees point to the aliens starting the human race, being here millions of years ago and will return soon to save humanity. UFO's are everywhere but no one ever sees them,exept for the abductee, is akin to God is everywhere and you can't see him either exept in ancient times for the priests and chosen ones.

The abductee is driven by "faith, mission and promise". Just like religious followers. Please note, I am not discounting biblical doctrine or essential religious beliefs, but noticing the comparison to alien abduction "Culture" the new "folk-lore", religious beliefs and human behaviour.

So what is going on?????

A Possible Answer

The encounters with aliens of the "not so nice" abduction senario points to mind scan and masking, a system where the alien"s suck out the abductees mind, thoughts, memories experiences etc, A masking occurs to understand the horrendous experience with the unknown, the truly alien ! Now man is at the very top of the food chain and any entity, alien ect must be God, so a possibility is that the abductees "project" their own religious beliefs and values onto the experience and these beliefs then act like a double masking.

Now, this whole article is a hypothesis and none of it may be true yet all of it might be. We are exploring possibilites. Yet the similarities between alien abduction and religious texts I feel are parrelled only by the experiencer trying to come to terms with an experience with an entity far
greater and more powerful than man.

It reminds me of a time 40 or so years back when the Amazon primitive first saw a modern areoplane and made it a God and started worshiping and sacrificing to it. Some even had sharmanic visions and higher comunication with it.

Then, 10 or so years back a trade developed with the primitive natives where they would trade shrunken heads for modern day appliances which they would also worship... Even to the point of killing their children, shrinking there heads to "please the Gods" that being white man.

Have abductees inadvertantly become the primitive native worshiping a new God? It appears to be human nature to do so. Human nature to find the spiritual in all things, to understand a reason why?

Back to the Amazon for a moment. The tribes people were in fear, and awe of "White Man" and some possibly thought that white man being an advanced civilisation had to be benevolent in nature especially those bearing the gifts of the Gods, (modern apliences such as film, vidio ect) We
assimilated, made poor and wiped them out....

Abductees tell of the Greys being benevolent in nature, a superior race, bearing gifts of love and hope for mankind.

Think about it.................

Where do we go from here?????

We have no answers, only more complexing questions than ever before !!! Again are we only looking at what I conjecture to be religious spiritual projection from the abductee onto his / her experience? A masking which reacts deeply in the abductees mind?

If its not religious projection acting as a safety valve, for the mind to understand the experience, then the whole UFO phenonema will need to be be turned on it's collective head and re examined under a different light !!!!

More research needs to be done. More questions asked. More senarios looked at. More possibilities????? What we can do, however, is keep an open mind, ask the questions, hypothesis, speculate and keep on researching and working with abductees and the whole UFO phenonema.


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