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Matthew Favaloro
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I relaxed in bed, with a warm cup of cocoa and a UFO book in hand, romanticizing about alien abduction.... ah yes, a Star Trek universe seeing the wonders of the galaxy, traveling at warp speed, having the secrets of life revealed. contact with a myriad of alien species... I relaxed into the euphoria of it all and mentally beamed to the universe, “ come and get me, I am yours”.

Then, as always, reality set in and I thought about my work with Abductees, UFO’s, hybrids and alien encounters that would make Adamski think twice about his “contact” experiences.

On working with a male abductee, he was horrified at the thought of having sex in an abduction experience. Under hypnosis he said he felt nothing sexual, sure, they stimulated him physically, but he was emotionally disconnected. He had total fear, and felt violated. (So much for the love and light aliens).

The thought of sex with aliens was intriguing and bizarre. My mind flipped back into amusement, often you will hear of jokes that women are discerning, but men will bonk anything, If a UFO landed in the city offering free sex, they would have a que from men, a kilometer long. Generally though, I think men are discerning too. Unfortunately there is no romanticism in alien abduction experiences. If you have romanticized it, then it is a big clue that you have not been abducted.

All sexual desire and love, in humans, occurs in the brain, not the genitals. Something, I feel the aliens don’t quite understand. In fact, the male abductee on subsequent sessions, expressed how he would be forced to have sex with women (other abductees) and no matter how hard he fought this, his body was horribly and robotically out of his control.

On one particular session, he said he was having sex with a beautiful woman that looked odd ! He couldn’t work out what it was, but knew something was different, peculiar. On getting him to focus on his experience, he became aware that the women was almost mannequin like, and somehow not the right colour. As he got deeper into his experience of remembering his experience, he was horrified to see that the women was composed of a head, shoulders and breasts only, and that the rest of her was composed of tubes, wires, and mechanical apparatus. It shocked him, it repulsed him, the fact that his mind was seduced into thinking he was having sex with a woman only to find out, that he was tricked by a higher form of puppet mastery.

Unfortunately, he fell like a cow, that had been seduced by the milking machine. Others, had remembered having sex with weird grey looking aliens (Hybrids?) only to be repulsed at having to perform such actions.

Were they screen memories? Or memories within memories? or distorted imaginative make - believe that became the memories of nightmares? Or a myriad of layers - confusing, deep and dark, delving into the nature of human sexuality and response? We don’t know. We often hear of abductees that are forced to have sex together. Is this yet another masking experience? Again we do not know. Maybe the answer is yes, no, maybe everything, all of it, or nothing.

What is for certain is that the abductees human sexual relationships with their partner is irrevocably changed. A majority do not enjoy sex anymore, feel violated, hate their bodies, don’t want to be touched and don’t know why! Paradoxically, they are too frightened to be left alone, crave human companionship, but want their space also. This raises important point, living with an abductee can be incredibly frustrating if you are left out of the abduction experience.

Women have reported over time, phantom pregnancies, painful procedures from aliens that have eventually left their wombs scarred and useless. Men have reported painful procedures performed on the genitals that can lead to impotence, scars and prostate problems.

So where do we go from here, I am sure that if the aliens wanted a cross breeding program that we could come to some arrangement other than awful emotional and physical wounding, violation and ego destructive procedures that they impliment. The implications that they are here for our higher good and love of humanity is proving more and more to be false and misleading. They are here for their own agenda not ours. Are they alien? Are they some secret military black project with the arrogance of superiority to see humanity as simply test animals? The answer probably
lies somewhere in the middle.

Depressing thoughts, I finished the cocoa, looked at the cover of the UFO book and decided instead to get some sleep, ah sleep, better to dream of a good universe, a Star Trek universe, where everything is safe, where aliens co operate and the military are actually on our side, and where the universe is ours to adventure and explore.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol. 5 No.1 Pg 4


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