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Matthew Favaloro
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In the UFO phenomena today we have an overabundance of evidence on UFOs. So much so that if you look at the myriad sites on the web or the many books on the topic you would think that we could glean some light and direction from this. Yet in all the billions of words and trillions of bits of data, we in essence have nothing conclusive.

If we draw a map, we could scale the phenomena this way. (See Table 1) It is easy then to see how cults derive out of the UFO phenomena. Without naming them specifically for obvious legal reasons, we have the Love and Light Cults. This is where, I feel due to the lack of physical evidence, is where the UFO phenomena is focused and is now heading. What is worse it is heading there without control, logic or reasoning! The minute the UFO phenomena becomes a spiritual event we put our mind into suspended animation and develop unquestionable faith.

So when an abductee says there are beautiful blue beings, who want to save the planet, live in a dimension close to ours, send love and light and that they are acting as a ‘messenger’; this is when it then becomes faith, which in turn becomes truth, which then becomes unquestionable fact.

Anything subjective is open to interpretation. All channeled information is untestable and should be viewed as highly suspect. As you can see with Table 1, humanity's drive for answers, no matter what, will somehow fill in those gaps. This map is a useful resource when working with the phenomena and placing the phenomena in a viewable context.

The search for subjective meaning is wired into our experience of understanding life and the universe. On one hand our mind has an insatiable drive to work it out. If presented with an unsolvable problem that we can't figure out, we risk madness. The mind hates a blank it needs to know. and what the mind does not know, it makes up hypothesizes. Such is the function of our inquiring minds. This subjective thinking then becomes objective. In other words we project our internal representation of reality into reality itself.

An example: say your internal belief system believes that all men are monsters. Then, you will only view men that way; you will only attract men that ARE also that way. You will say to your friends, 'See I knew it, all men are monsters.' Not only but your internal radar will only pick up news and media items that prove this to be so. Now the interesting thing is this. What your mind focuses upon selectively will fill the mind disproportionately. It then becomes your total experience.

Lets look at this another way. Focus your mind on red cars, the thought of red cars. Do this twice a day before going out, and notice if there are more red cars than before (of course there are not, but it will appear so).

Looking back at the UFO Phenomena, there was a time when MIB (Men in Black) were everywhere. No decent UFO researcher (would be deemed as credible), if he had trademark Cadillac. Most paranoia starts this way, whether it is real or not. If you think people are staring at you, then you will see that everyone is.

Back to the phenomena.
The people who are spiritually inclined and abductees alike will see UFOs as Love and Light. Remember Heavens Gate, the UFO cult that was like Jones Town? They believed they would join a UFO, the only catch was they had to commit suicide to do so. What made logical normal thinking people follow this course of action? Remember that channeled information becomes faith, which in turn becomes truth, which then becomes fact. We then put our minds into suspended animation and blindly follow.

This applies equally to those people who hold negative views on the purpose of UFOs; i.e., that they are evil or from hell. If you see aliens as Greys, Reptilian, Nordic or just plain Hybrids walking amongst us, then your subjective senses, regardless of solid evidence, will.

What seems to be developing as an aspect of the phenomena is what we may call Star Children. More and more abductees are seemed to be claiming that they are actually alien beings placed or reborn on earth as humans.

With questions like,
• 'Why do I feel that I do not belong?'
• 'Are my parents my parents?'
• 'I am in someway special?'
Etc. In other words, are YOU a hybrid? (Normal behavior becomes an extraterrestrial event with this set of rose coloured glasses).

This line of thinking will certainly take the pressure of looking for them it subconsciously fills in the gap. Problem resolved.
'You have found the hybrid within yourself!'
So in understanding this, as researchers who are still exploring the phenomena and hope not to fall into ‘woo woo’ (the mystical side of it), we must always try and remain objective and look for the physical evidence. Hopefully, we will not follow something blindly just because it answers our need to know, or just because it is trendy and popular to do so. There are many hypothetical mazes out there in our collective thinking. Remember, just because someone somewhere says it is so does not make it real or valid.

One last point: Isolated primitive tribes worshiped the modern airplane. They even made human sacrifices to it. The medicine man went into trance and ‘yes’ communicated to the Gods of the airplane, consulted the oracles and controlled the tribe by what the great airplane demanded through channeled information.

Now think? Have we changed much since primitive times?

Hopefully we have.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol. 5 No.3 Pgs 26-27 (Diagram)


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