Now Then


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

Just imagine a major American news team doing a two hour special on the subject of UFOs , calling it “Seeing is Believing”, presenting the history of the subject including major cases and interviews with the eye witnesses and putting it to air.

t's hard to imagine. I saw the special recently , and I'm still trying to imagine it!
I suppose if you take into account their position on the subject they have done a pretty fair job, but on the other hand it was a bit like something from decades ago.

The UFO field is pretty dynamic, and these guys are just not 'up to speed' so to speak.
It was appropriate last century to structure a UFO documentary the way they have , but times have changed, and historical events of this century have permanently altered the state of affairs pertaining to UFOs.

Everything has changed. Had the producers been up to date the special would have been so much better, more factual, less insulting and more educational.

Yes, I do mean insulting. The old idea of giving very negative debunkers airtime on such a program is insulting. I don't care what some negative thinker believes is not true. It's a waste of valuable airtime when there is so much more that could be discussed and revealed by appropriately qualified researchers and ex military officials who are “ in the know”.

Dr Steven Greer gave the producers full access to hundreds of hours of taped interviews with key military personnel, with personal first hand accounts of UFO encounters that occurred in and around military bases, which put the authorities on full alert etc etc.

None of it was used.
Instead, we saw todays leaders of S.E.T.I., Seth Shostek and Jill Tarter regurgitating old past ideas of Carl Sagan. He once quipped that we have nothing from a UFO, not even a serviette. When Sagan said this, it was at a UFO conference and he was in the company of some very bright Ufologists. Jaques Vallee replied with “ You would not expect to find the joystick of a Jumbo Jet in the hands of a South American Aboriginal either”, or words to that effect. Fair comment too.

The people at SETI are never going to find any evidence of the type they seek. The main reason is that for them to accept it, it must fit right in with their expectations of what they are looking for. I don't think it's ever going to.

If you look at the life of Sagan he was a far more interesting person than today's SETI people. For a start he had original ideas.

In the seventies he had a TV documentary series called “Cosmos”, in which he espoused the true meaning of space exploration, and the Drake equasion. He explained how Man would one day travel the Milky Way Galaxy and meet the thousands and thousands of star civilizations that are out there.

Suddenly Sagan changed completely from a “Spielburg” type of character to a “Menzel” or “Randi”.

One can only surmise why the 'about face' happened, but it's not difficult to read between the lines. They had to shut him up somehow. What better way than to make him a member of the MAJ, where he could learn the cosmic truths, while espousing the views of a debunker. Problem solved.

I've wondered if Shostek might go the same way, but I don't think so. He's already setting the standard for the unimaginably dull belief systems of the typical debunker. He's happy with that, and so would the MAJ be with him. No need for re-education there, he's busily leading the worlds scientists completely in the wrong direction, and doing it well. Away from Ufology and Disclosure and towards total debunkery.

We need to ignore SETI completely. I like what the Late Professor John Mack said of SETI… “They think that if we send some “blips” out there and then listen for a reply that we are then going to find something….that's so culture bound it's like waving a flashlight into the night sky trying to find a good Italian Restaurant”.

If you want to see a really fantastic UFO documentary, then see the DVD titled “Out of the Blue” . The producer “James fox” had a personal UFO sighting, did the research, produced the documentary and presents the facts. He includes many of the Disclosure witnesses and the program shines as a result.

The truth is at last coming out. Seek it.
Find the DVD and show it to your friends.