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Favaloro, Matthew

Interested in Hypnosis from his early teens, Matthew Favaloro studied Hypnotherapy at the "NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences" and soon became a full member of "The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists" after having passed all the required certificated strands; ie, Psychology, Human
Sexuality, Psychopharmacology, Counseling and Medical Terminology.

Furthering his knowledge he completed the diploma in Humanistic Psychology under the tutelage of Dr. Don Diespecker at the College of Integrated Therapies, and in the process studied and experienced such forms of therapy as Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychodrama, Encounter Groups and many various forms of Psychotherapy.

Later he Studied Rebirthing (Holotropic Therapy) with the Breath~energetics School of Sydney Australia. He also learned such skills as fire~walking and Bio~energetics.

Currently he holds:

The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
The Diploma in Humanistic Psychology
Certificates in Rebirthing
Certificate in Medical Terminology
Certificate in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis
Certificate in Psychology
Certificate in Human Sexuality
Certificate in Psychopharmacology
Certificate in Counseling

He recently co-ordinated the "Australia UFO Encounters" with Robert Marx. Australia UFO Encounters is a group of scientists, psychologists, hypnotherapists and researchers who are concentrating on the UFO abduction phenomenon. They have opened up some of there files in the hope than more UFO abductees come forward and be helped

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