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Morley Legg


Morley Legg

It was through watching nature documentaries that I wondered if I was getting a glimpse into hierarchies and conflicts that stretch all the way from the Milky Way to the microscopic on earth. Do activities in other dimensions broadcast similar patterns in our world?

Just for starters there is an ant that lives in bare white sand hills (somewhere in Africa) that can find its way back to its nest as if by magic. They have recently discovered that the ant's head is µengineered' to select from the sun certain rays that are undectable by human senses. The ant navigates by that. On cloudy days he can still steer by them, but if you reverse the rays with a mirror he will go off in the wrong direction. But for a long time he was for us a psychic ant.

On another night I felt I could be watching a cartoon, with red ants standing for aliens, and black ants for humans. After an ant war, red ants were stupifying black ants with a chemical, then rearing the offspring and indoctrinating them to do certain tasks, so that the young black ants finally become slaves and loyal defenders of the adopted nest. It seemed to be so like the abduction/adoption pattern the aliens are supposed to be trying on us. One wonders if, in human society, the Greys are producing sceptics to deny there are psychics, aliens or UFOs. That was meant to be a joke but I am having afterthoughts.

Then there was the armour-plated caterpillar. It must have appeared to the fierce warrior ants as a UCO - Unidentified Creeping Object. Under magnification the caterpillar looked like a meat pie creeping along a bough. The ants prepared their ambush but their jaws could not penetrate the armour, nor could they succeed in tipping it over to attack the soft underbelly.

The caterpillar inched its way with minute suction caps into the very centre of the ant's nest. (Just think of the evolutionary time required to develop this defensive cunning.) Without modern cameras we could only have guessed its intentions. It settled into the nursery and began sucking up the newborn one by one. It remained until it turned into a Chrysalis. The ants were powerless. Eventually a moth began emerging, but it was so cunningly swathed in fine sticky hairs that the ants could not hold it. It wriggled out and flew away. The cycle would continue.

It occurred to me that every life form is attacked or manipulated by forces it misperceives and this could apply to us. A plant will sense little of the animal that eats it. If there are dimensions of existence above ours, Superbeings benign or malevolent could have µcameras' on us, in order to better use us.
To save the worst till last: I saw wasps injecting eggs into a pupa. Later the grub emerging from the pupa was µpossessed', already impregnated with infant wasps that ate from within - they burrowed their way out of their squirming victim. It was akin to entities invading us while we were asleep, or still in the womb.

I was suffering this episode during the height of the Gulf War. I switched over to massive American air raids and felt better because it gave me the impression that we were in control and winning. (A blacker joke with afterthoughts) We could be being set up - as always - for reasons beyond our grasp.

There is no need to be despondent about this. We are fast assembling a map of our perennial predicament, and we should be elated at the chance to evolve a solution.

The alien presence requires us all to grow, to become stronger and clearer, and to help one another to find our way in a genuinely new world.

Public perception evolves through three major phases. These are 1) denial and rationalization,2) confusion and debate, and 3) recognition and mitigation of the problem. At the present time, human society as a whole remains stuck in the phase of denial and rationalization concerning claims of an alien presence on earth. But there are clear signs that we are on the verge of entering phase two, confusion and debate; and once that happens, I believe things will start to move very quickly. - Michael Lindemann

Until I undergo hypnosis and some truth is recovered, there's no way of my really knowing right now which aliens are trying to help me and which aliens are trying to deceive me. - Karla Turner

It is, after all, the business of Government to protect its people, and for officials to acknowledge that strange beings from radar-defying craft can, in seeming defiance of the laws of gravity and space/time itself, invade our homes and abduct our people creates particular problems. - John Mack

Source: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 1, June 1995; PSI Newsletter July 1991


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