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Another “black” aircraft was based in Australia!

In Newsletter six we reported on our unexpected discovery that some Australian UFO reports in the period October 1960 to March 1963 were seemingly caused by USAF U-2 “black” aircraft.

Recently, while further researching the use of then ‘black” aircraft in Australia, reference was found to the English Gloster A-W Meteor PR19 aircraft. The PR19 was first flown in 1956, and like the U-2 made secret over flights of the USSR. Interestingly, it exceeded the U-2 in altitude performance. The RAF reportedly also flew these aircraft out of Butterworth in Malaya and from Laverton in Australia during the period 1960-1962. Flights were reportedly all made at night.

As the U-2 seems to have generated some Australian UFO reports, the possibility exists that so did the English PR19.

Police participation in UFO investigations:

Another unexpected item which has arisen from examination of some of the earliest Government UFO files, is that of the participation of some State Police forces in the investigation of UFO reports on behalf of the RAAF.

This was recently reinforced when we secured a copy of files series number PP474/1 control symbol 5/5/Air. This files contains papers which extend between Jan 1951 and June 1960 and is a record of investigations conducted by RAAF Pearce in WA. Throughout this period there was continual use of the WA Police forces’ resources to interview UFO witnesses in that state. We had earlier noted a similar arrangement existed between RAAF Townsville and the Queensland police force.

More NAA files become available:

We have been waiting for several months now for the NAA to review the status of a number of RAAF UFO files in the 580/1/1 series. We had already accessed parts 1-10 of this series, and posted page by page summaries and catalogues of the UFO sightings contained therein. There are another 24 parts of this series listed in the Archives with status reading “Not yet examined.” Recently however, another 8 parts have been examined and their status changed to “Open”. We have now submitted requests for digital copies of these files. This process will take between 4-6 weeks.

RAAF files AF 554/1/30 Part 2 and 574/3/884:

In Newsletter 11 we reported on our attempts to access these two files through an FOI request.  In their letter of the 20 Feb 2004 the RAAF advised that they were in physical possession of these two files, however as they contained papers over 30 years old they could not be accessed under the FOI request we had submitted. In subsequent correspondence we were advised that they might be available via the RAAF Historical Records to which we then directed a letter of request.

The RAAF Historical Records area on 1 Apr 2004 advised that “I have been advised that there is no record of a file with the number 574/3/884, and that it is more likely to be 574/3/88 Part 4, which was apparently destroyed in 1998.”We will attempt to track down references to either file 574/3/88 or 574/3/884 in the RAAF’s own materials in order to resolve this issue.

Concerning file 554/1/30 part 2, the response was “File number 554/1/30 Part 2 is shortly to be forwarded…from the National Archives…”

RAAF FOI Update:

Advice has just been received in response to our second FOI request to the RAAF. They have located 38 files – an additional 2300 pages to the 600 pages already released to us – relating to UFOs. We are in the process of arranging access to these.

More file summaries:

We continue our series of bringing you short file summaries, with a file from the Northern Territory from Defence Establishment Berrimah (Formerly HMAS Coonawarra.)

Summary of file series E499/18  control symbol C21/4/41 located at the Darwin office of the  National Australia Archives. Tiled “Unidentified flying object sightings.” The file was from Defence Establishment Berrimah (Formerly HMAS Coonawarra) and  consists of 41 pages which have been numbered for the purposes of this summary.





Two newspaper clippings. (1) 25 Aug 59 meeting to form Darwin branch of AFSRS. (2) 1 Sep 59. Reports. (a) Katherine Late Aug 59. Object passed over emitting a strange glowing light. (b) 28 Aug 59. Darwin. Fiery red ball swooped over witness. (c) 30 Aug 59. Fiery ball. 6am. (d) 6.19am Gulf of Carpenteria 30 Aug 59. NW to SE burst into flames leaving trail.



Telegram. 30 Aug 59. From “Drysdale” to SOI Navy Darwin. Prof Abbie-meteorite glowing brightly NW to SE with rumble. Vapour trail. 6.20am



Telex. 25 Sep 59. From NOIC NA to BASQNDAR. Mr Carter of Mandorah reports large object 80-100 feet seen last night. 6.30pm. Large black shallow object. Went towards Delissaville Creek. Seen again at 7.15pm 25 Sep 59.



Repeat of 3. Two press clips re “Monster” off Mandorah suggesting it was a fish. Others say “It is driven by an engine.”



Two press clips. 29 Jan 60 & 29 Mar 62. Mandorah “Monster.” Seen again, believed to be a giant ray.



Two press clips. (a) 24 May 62 & (b) 6 Jun 62.

(a) 40 ml out of Darwin  22 May 62. McCarthy, Daniel & Crescent. Size of aircraft 1000 feet up. Dark object seen over 10-11 miles travel distance. Cigar. Travelling straight line at steady speed. Gradually drew further and further away from the three men. Faded from view.

(b) 1. June 62. Nth sky travelling s. 2. Satellite 8.10pm Kelly. Satellite moving SSE.



Three press clips.

(a) 23 Jun 62. Mystery light over Darwin Harbour. Venus?

(b) 21 Jun 62. 9pm. 10mins. Light in sky over Darwin Harbour. Big as basket ball. Changed to deep orange and sped to NW and disappeared.

© 30 Jun 62. (1) is 7b above. (2) Voules & Fouranis. Big light reflected in sea. Green changed to yellow. E to W. Disappeared.



News clip. 4 Nov 63. Orange light travelled 10 foot above water seen in Racecourse Creek. Maloney & Young. Light rose out of the water 200 yards away straight up. Travelled in a straight line for 60 feet before disappeared. No sound.



Report. 23 Jan 64. 0140-0245hrs. Between Cape Gray and NE Pt of Groote Eylandt. Johnson/Wooler/Scott, Bak & Davies. Landing barge “Loellen-m”. Compass went erratic and unusual lights seen in the water.



Hand written note. BOO-  -For reply and letter to hydrographer.



Memo. 14 Feb 64. Naval OIC N Aust area to Hydrographer RAN Sydney-strange phenomenon seen at sea on 23 Jan 64.



Memo. 14 Feb 64. Naval OIC to Harbourmaster Darwin re 9 & 10.



Telex. 28 Aug 64. From NOIC Qld to ACNB-Thursday Island. Bright flashing blue light seen over Edward River Mission at 1945hrs 27 Aug travelling very fast E to W. 4 secs. Explosion 5 minutes later.



Memo. 13 Nov 64. Fm OIC Nth Aust Area to DNI Canberra. Mr McLean 2000-2359hrs 13 Oct 64. Observed  large patch of light below surface ½ mile away. Stationary. “Water in the vicinity became quite hot.” Circled this for 15 mins. Depth of water 8-10 fathoms.



Memo. 7 Dec 64. DNI Canberra to NOIC Nth Aust area re 15.



Memo. 7 Dec 64. NOIC Nth area to DNI Canberra correct position of 15.



File note. M V Kabbarli report 26 Oct 66. King Sound. 16 deg 36min S 123 deg 15min E. 1355 GMT. Conical shaped glow. Half degree in length, bearing 242 deg at18 deg elevation going NE. 20 mins. White.



News clip article 4 May 67 on Condon Report.



Statement. Mr Lord. Munmalary Station, South Alligator River. 29 Jul. 8.15pm. Very bright pulsating white light with circle of orange/red lights seen 60 deg elevation W. Descending. 15mins to tree top level. 30 Jul same object seen.



Memo. 12 Dec 67. From RANVR to DNI Canberra re 20.



Memo. 13 Dec 67. Copied 21 to Sq Ldr RAAF Darwin; NT Command-Army; ASIO Darwin; Special Branch NT Police.



Receipt notes for copies of 21.



Memo. 8 Jan 68 from ASIO Darwin to RANVR, in response to 22. Staff at ELDO station have seen lights out to sea on Gove Peninsular. Rose to great heights, curve and return to sea. Very bright. Associated with these were torch flashes. Check of area revealed nothing. 6 times in one month. Oil search teams?



News clip. 30 Jan 68. (a) 8pm three men see cigar with  white to pink flame. Speed. Mount Bundey. N to S. No noise. 10-15 secs. (b) Pine Creek 8.03pm. 



News clip. Scores of people report 8pm object –see 29



News clip. 1 Feb 68. UFO was Boeing 707.



News clip. 2 Feb 68. Mr Johnson says object on Sunday night was UFO. Egg shaped. NE to SE.



Memo. 14 Mar 68. HQ RAAF Darwin to RAN Darwin re 22. Lists UFO reports received.

1. 27 Sep 66. MV Kabbarli. See 18 above.

2. 22 Nov 66. Met official Daly Waters 0943 sights object at 280 deg az 59.2 deg elev and follows it for 2mins till lost at 320 az 27.9 el. Travelling fast. No noise. DCA reported no aircraft in area.

3. 1 Apr 67. Darwin. 2100hrs Mr Webber sighted moving bright red star like light.

4. 25 May 67. Daly Waters 0229hrs Met official. Obj in S sky for 40 secs. NW to SE at 25 deg el. Slowly broke up and disintegrated.

5. 9 Sep 67. Alice Springs. 1415hrs 5-10mins. Silver object hovering NNW then rising quickly faded out.

6. 22 Oct 67. Wildman Camp. 0131hrs. Mr Edgar saw light suddenly appear as bright spot extended into pencil of light. Died out.

7. 28 Jan 68. Darwin to Pine Creek. 8pm. Number of wits. Light with long bright red/orange tail.



Report from Mr  and Mrs lord & Mr and Mrs Farmer. Munmalary Station. During week 5-12 April some unusual “stars” over the station.



News clip. NT News. 26 Feb 74. Four people see 3.30am cross shaped light and half moon lying on back in SE sky. 3 hours.



News clip 28 Feb 74. UFO seen and photographed over Darwin by The News photographer. At 5.30am a very bright white light was seen in the sky. “It slowly grew in size brighter than anything else in the sky…Shortly afterwards the object moved slowly upward, receding as it did so until it became invisible…”



News clip. 31 Mar 74. Headline “RAAF probes reports of UFOs ‘seen’ in Aust. General article.



News clip. 2 Apr 74. NT News. Headline “UFO sightings are on increase.” General article.



NAA cover sheet.


The next file from the year 1940 turned out to have a tantalising title “Report of sighting of strange object by master of Auxiliary Ketch “Jane Moorhead.” However, the cause of the sighting may well have been an unidentified submarine periscope.

Summary of file series number MP150/1/0MP742/1  Control symbol 589/201/792  titled: “Report of sighting of strange object by master of Auxiliary Ketch “Jane Moorhead.”. Located at the Melbourne office of the National Archives of Australia. The file, which is a Navy file, consists of 4 pages  which have been photocopied and numbered by us for reference purposes and comment in the right hand column

Page number




Undated note from Secretary to sub-collector of Customers, Launceston, Tasmania. Thank you for your memo of 29 Jul 1940.



Memo. 28 Jul 1940. From sub-collector of customs to Sec Naval Board Melbourne. Letter from H J Lund.



Letter. 28 July 1940. H J Lund. Master of Auxiliary ketch “Jane Moorhead” 5.35pm 26 Jul 40. Off Kangaroo Island. 100 feet away saw an object stationary-extending vertically some 18 inches out of the sea for 2-3 inches in diameter. Drew sketch. “I presume this could possibly be a periscope of a submarine.”


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