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Hello to all researchers, enthusiasts, government agents, aliens and MIB’s.

I would like to welcome Mishelle Miller to the AURA team in South Australia. Mishelle is a resident in the North of the state and I feel strongly that she will be a huge asset to AURA and the UFO community in general.

In the coming months, AURA will go through a number of changes involving both new members and the outline of work for the next 10 months. Still heavily involved in tracking Disclosure Australia, those who wish to participate are urged to become involved in the witness location program. This program will see the structured search for such witnesses who are able to be interviewed and then willing to go on record in order to personify the reports discovered by the project.

Also, many reports are made in the current climate for which the AURA group are called to investigate and often requires a more in depth interview situation. At times, these witnesses are also willing to go on the public record. It would be an oversight of AURA not to commit as much to the public record as people are willing to offer. In many instances, simple processes such as a collection of material may one day prove to be more important than could possibly be imagined at the time.

The month of February saw the public appearance of the camera operator witness known to us as someone who actually operated a Contraves Theodolite at the Woomera rocket base during the years of high activity when many strange objects were observed by personnel at the base. These objects were reputed to have ‘buzzed’ the target vehicle under test and many claim such objects might have been captured on film.

On Monday the 13th February, 2006, the south Australian public were left in no doubt as Lisbeth May fielded questions from the AURA public meeting crowd. Her interview has only been released to the South Australian public through the Adelaide Conference of 2005 and at the February AURA public meeting involving her presence. But it will soon reach a national level when I present to the National conference in May of this year.

The March public meeting was a small turnout as expected on a public holiday Monday. Although I tried to contact as many people as possible to ensure that everyone knew it was still on, it seems I will have to update the contacts list a fair bit as many emails are no longer operating. I will have to catch up with some of our regulars in order to ensure that I can inform those who have no internet access of any news in the future.

Our special guest speaker for the month was Larraine Cilia from UFOSWS, NSW presenting the mysteries of the Rendlesham Forest. Her presentation was a spectacular cache of imagery and paranormal behaviour of the strange goings on in the forest where, just over 25 years ago, a strange UFO incident took place which has made it into the annals of the UFO case files. Those who will not be fortunate enough to attend the national UFO conference in Sydney this year at least got a taste of what it will be like as Larraine will be presenting the same material in full length during that evening. We thank her for her time and effort on her visit to Adelaide.

The April meeting special guest will be AURA co-founder, Keith Basterfield. His talk will once again be of short duration, followed by an interactive session with his audience. Entitled, “confessions of a UFO researcher”, ‘what do we know about UFO’s’, will be an opportunity to hear and query a man who has some thirty years or more of dedication to various incidents and projects in the UFO forum. I thoroughly recommend to people that they should attend wherever possible.

Dominic McNamara


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