Australia Wide UFO Night Watch
Thank you "Everyone" who participated in the Australia Wide UFO Night Watch Unfortunately the craft seen flying around Australia over the past month appeared to have taken the night off.

AUFORN and locals joined in the Australia wide UFO Night Watch with participants participating from one end of the country to the other. AUFORN thanks Ben Langford of NT News from rallying Northern Territorians into join in with his latest article. Thank you - Rainner - Kevin - Adam - Paul - John - Maxine and Keith Douglass of NT for your help it was most appreciated. At the AUFORN camp Diane & Robert put on a sausage sizzle with hot lental soup & garlic bread for the 11 night watchers.

George our amateur astronomer introduced the neighbors to the Universe which they viewed through the telecope. The sky was very clear temp not too cold.

If you're interested in attending our next Night Watch Campout keep an eye on this page for details of our next Night Watch this September.

Taken 8th 04 2008
Even though the UFO spotters reported shooting stars, Planets, satellites and the occasional meteor's the Australia Wide UFO Watch was very successful with well over 60 people participating.

AUFORN sees the importance of internet communication and how one can rally its many users at short noitce into participating in worth while events. Again thank you everyone who participated.

Taken 3rd May 2008