What Now


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria


About two years ago I read an article in a British UFO Magazine which was about popular music and which artists had contributed the most to our awareness of UFOs, space, aliens etc.

The article stated that David Bowie was the most influential with songs like 'Space Oddity' and 'Starman'. I like both of these songs , but I was amazed that there was no mention of either John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix.

Lennon wrote the line in the song 'Nobody Told Me' which says… “ There's UFOs over New York….and I ain't too surprised ”.

I could write a whole chapter on Jimi Hendrix.

Just listen to the lyrics in “EXP…Up from the Skies”, ( this track begins with a spoken introduction to an interview with a 'rather peculiar looking gentleman who goes by the name of Paul Caruso..on the rather dodgy subject of "are there or are there not Flying Saucers, or UFO's” and then features the sounds of an alien spaceship taking off from the interview )..all done on guitar with none of the modern technology of today.

“The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice” ( This one's a ride in a spaceship ..through the solar system... “If you look out to the left you will see Saturn, and if you look out to the right you will see Mars…I hope you brought your tooth brush with you..”..and.. “Hey, look out, don't open that door, don't open that door..oh well..that's the way it goes…”.

The song 'Third Stone from the Sun' is all about aliens who come in search of intelligent life on earth....all they find are chickens..so they decide to blow up the earth!. ( Meanwhile Jimi sings “And you'll NEVER hear SURF music again!”)

Then there's the lines from 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' on the 'Crash Landing' album, where Jimi sings… “And up in the clouds I can imagine UFOs jumping at themselves, laughing and they're saying , those people are so uptight…they sure know how to make a mess.”. ( Isn't that the undisputed truth!)

And the sound effects in 'The New Rising Sun' on the 'Voodoo Soup' album could be used by Spielburg…but it's only one man with his guitar ..and no special devices…..

I would have put Jimi at the top of the list..and Bowie second…followed by Lennon.
Have a listen for yourself