Now Then....


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

Every now and then something really unusual happens. The sort of event that keeps UFO researchers really intrigued, and Leaves many people astonished. In this case the people that it happened to are still wondering, still puzzled by what happened, and thankful that no-one was hurt.

It happened in Warnambool, Victoria, on Friday 18th of October 2002. Sue and her husband John were driving along Mortlake road, coming home from shopping. They had their grandson in a bassinet on the back seat, and a few plastic shopping bags full of groceries etc.
As they travelled along Sue noticed something moving in and out of the clouds. She said it was round in shape and had a matt finish, a dull unpolished metal look like old or dirty silver or aluminum. She got a few looks at it as it went in and out of the clouds. She was watching it in the rear vision mirror as they drove along.

She described it as looking like a 'Frisbee' with something above and something below, like a dome shape above and below the Frisbee. She said that it was quite big, and occasionally it 'wobbled'. Suddenly it appeared really big because it came down to just above the car!

It wasn't there for long, and it shot straight up again into the sky. But then there was something odd, there was a lot of road noise coming into the car. Suddenly they realised that the rear window of the Toyota was completely missing!

Then Sue became worried that one of the shopping bags, which were now being blown around in the back of the car, might cover the baby's head and suffocate the child. She quickly slowed the car down, and noticed that she could see the rear window of the car heading upwards into the clouds…where it disappeared from view!

Luckily the child was safe. Then something else occurred to Sue as she checked the baby. There was a pair of booties on the rear parcel shelf, and some plastic bags which were undisturbed, even though the window was gone.

Meanwhile John was having trouble with Sue's explanation of where the rear screen had gone, and wanted to look up and down the road for it. He didn't actually see the UFO, it was obscured from view while he sat in the car. One thing was for sure though, the screen was nowhere to be seen, and Sue maintained that she watched it disappear upwards into the clouds.

So they spent some time travelling up and down the road, John being more and more puzzled, while Sue was getting a little annoyed by this stage…by her reckoning it was time they went home. There was nothing on the road.

Sue reported the missing screen to the police, from the perspective that it could be a hazard to motorists when it eventually comes down. They responded immediately with a squad car, but found no hazard, no windscreen, no apparent danger. ( Police have since apparently denied that any call was made to them regarding this missing rear windscreen incident.)

John is still unable to explain what happened to the rear screen, and as he has been Scientifically trained it's not sitting well with him.

The car was taken to the local 'Windscreens O'Brien' workshop. The technicians there were also astonished. They found NO trace of broken glass, which means that the screen was somehow “sucked out” of its rubber, which would require a phenomenal force, and in their view would be “impossible”.
And no kidding it gets even stranger, they replaced the missing window and fitted it free of charge!

Now that's a really remarkable story.


A thank you must go to Jason Groves for his research regarding this story.