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By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

My background is in the field of optics and electronics. I was employed by a Canon Service Agent to repair cameras, lenses, binoculars and telescopes. I have been interested in optics and photographic technology for over 30 years. It's been both my job and my hobby.

I recently came across a video by David Sereda which explained to my satisfaction what was going on in the NASA videos. Of course this had a great appeal to me, and I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment of the facts. I understand that avid UFO researchers have probably seen and read enough already on these videos, however, they remain the most hotly debated videos as well as the most compelling evidence ever seen. They are of the utmost importance.

Many “explanations” have been put forth by people regarding the images, some have even denied that there is anything unusual in the footage. Some have insisted that the Images show dust particles that are very close to the lens and out of focus. It's an interesting interpretation , but it's just wrong.

David Sereda has produced evidence that casts doubt on the assumption that these objects are microscopic. The video tape is of a higher quality than that used in the 'Smoking Gun' video. In this tape it's absolutely clear that objects pass BEHIND the tether.

In this image you can see the tether, which is the light line, and the object, which is darker and is obviously behind and obstructed by the tether.
In this image you can see the tether, which is the light line, and the object, which is darker and is obviously behind and obstructed by the tether.
Here it is clearly visible that a bright circular object is half obscured by the tether because it is disappearing BEHIND it. A couple of frames later it appears to the right of the tether, it comes 'out' from behind.

This in itself may seem insignificant, but it is anything but insignificant. Critics of the NASA footage claim that nothing actually passes behind the line of the tether. For this to be true the NASA video cameras would have to have an unusually low refresh rate, in order to create such an optical illusion. However, the CCDs in these cameras are the best available and do not produce such an effect.

I find it strange how the worlds BEST equipment in the hands of the worlds most intelligent people manages to produce such startling UFO images that are actually 'officially' illusory. Had the situation been different, such as new images of distant planets in another solar system, the images would have been hailed as a major discovery and been splashed all over the newspapers. The real issue here is that we have Clearly defined objects passing BEHIND something which is at a known distance, from 80 to 100 nautical miles. Some have flashing' pulsating lights.

David Sereda uses a simple example to show how an object will look when it passes behind or in front of an object. By holding a compact disc behind a ruler he demonstrates clearly what it should look like on tape…as in fact it does.

He then points out that at this distance these objects must be at least a few kilometers across, as he puts it “Independence Day sized objects”.
Another thing that Sereda manages to show clearly is the amazing depth of field that Video cameras have. This is a simple test that anyone with a video camera could carry out. Sereda used this test to show that the objects MUST be in focus, otherwise everything in the images would have to be blurry. The test involved holding a set of keys close to the lens while focusing on a distant tree. The keys are only a few centimeters from the lens, while the tree is a few hundred meters away.

Both are in focus. And as added confirmation, in the NASA footage you actually hear someone saying “ Claude is doing a good job adjusting the focus”. So we know that focus is not an issue, and that the tether is up to 100 nautical miles away , in focus, and has objects which pass behind it. But there is something else to be seen in this footage. Few people have made any comment regarding this other phenomenon. It's what I call a “sparkling effect”.

In this image you can clearly see an area that looks like a concentration of light sparkling spots producing a basically spherical shape above and left of the tether. While seeing this on video and in motion it looks like an area of intense energy, a field of intense activity. This and similar effects are visible on most if not all of the most interesting pieces of NASA footage such as STS 51, 75 and 80.

We have had at least three reports of UFO sightings which included a description of a field or area adjacent to the UFO which was like “hundreds of small camera flashes going off continually”( Taralgon Case). In another case “ my partner was more interested in the flashing lights to the side of and separate to the large craft” (Edithvale Case).

The whole of the air around the object seemed to be sparkling, the whole sky was sparkling” (Fern Tree Gully case). And “ it is hard to describe, a large area of sky to the left of the “UFO ” was filled with flashing lights that were moving all around”. (Taralgon)

One gentleman from central Victoria even described that objects were swarming around “like flies around a piece of meat”.

I have no idea what this intense energy field is or what it does, but it remains there on tape to be seen and pondered over. Some have suggested that it's a portal to another dimension. It might be. Perhaps it's a side effect of an alien propulsion system when it travels beyond light speed, when entering or leaving 'super-luminance' velocity. Whatever it is, people are seeing and reporting it.

Keep your eyes open,
Cheers GS.