Tales of Ghostly Sightings

What we fear most
Is fear itself

One way the dead can get a message across to us is through our dreams.
There may be many other ways for the dead to contact us but it is dreams which are by far the most common.

By Joe Kent © AUFORN Queensland

May-June 1962
Perth, Western Australia

Bill Haley and Elvis Presley were the tops. Forget the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, they were screamers not singers. For Tony, Rock and Roll was real music. Unfortunately, Tony was to die from leukaemia leaving his parents devastated, as he was their only child. About six months after Tony's death, his father heard music coming from his son's bedroom. Thinking that his wife had switched on the radio and forgotten to switch it off, he entered the bedroom. What he had not expected was to see his son sitting on the bed tapping his hands against his thighs in tune with the music. He was stunned! As his son turned to face his father he vanished, as did the music. Both parents were to hear the music once more but they did not enter the room. Both felt that their son was letting them know he was well.

late 1950s
Noosa, Queensland

An elderly gentleman who use to fish from the rocks and feed the pelicans was a common sight to those who also liked fishing. It was very much of a shock to two friends (both fishermen) to be told that this gentleman whom they waved to had in fact passed on at least eight months earlier. Neither man could believe they had been waving to a ghost.

late 1960s
north England

During the late 1960s there was a considerable amount of renovations taking place at York Minster. Watching the workman was a lady who was a visitor to the area. She had stopped to watch and admire the skill of the stonemasons when, without any warning, a man suddenly appeared at her side with his face and clothes covered in what looked like a fine powder. She was wondering where he had come from when he turned to her and said, “I carved that myself. Do you like it?” He then promptly vanished. Only when the lady had recovered from the shock of what she had just witnessed did she realise that the man was wearing clothes from another time. She guessed that the man must have been a stonemason in another life. This man has been seen by others who feel that he may be keeping an eye on things.

early to mid 1950s
southwest Victoria

On a property in the southwest of Victoria there use to be two ghosts. One was a small girl, the other, a small boy. Both looked to be about six or seven. The small girl would always be seen playing with her doll on the verandah steps and did not appear to notice the people around her. The small boy was a different kettle of fish. He was always sitting cross-legged on the dresser, watching people working in the kitchen. He obviously enjoyed the company of people as he would give anyone, who looked in his direction, a big smile. As one lady put it “a very cheeky grin”. At no time did the children speak. Many people presumed they were brother and sister, maybe even twins, but their mode of dress would contradict this. The girl's clothes indicated wealth whereas the boy's clothes came from poorer stock. Both children disappeared in their own way.

The girl would be there one minute and gone the next, whereas the boy would fade away. The boy also stayed longer than the girl. Sadly no one knew who these children were or why they haunted this particular house. They were expected as part of the household. “They never scared anyone” was one report. Neither of the children has been seen for many years. The one thing that puzzled the family was the way the boy would sit on the dresser. It was never understood why he chose such a place.

Nundah, Queensland

Seen at Nundah Cemetery was a young man wearing a German naval uniform from the early 1900s and seen with his head bent while standing at the foot of a grave. Who this young man was has never been discovered. The grave that he stood at was of an elderly woman who died during the 1920s. It was presumed that the woman was his mother. There has been no sign of this young man for many years.

Perth, Western Australia

While in her garden, Vera's cat wanted to be picked up. On doing exactly that and stroking the cat at the same time, Vera was to hear the words: “You know Vera, she really is a beautiful cat”. Vera's mother had been an avid cat lover all her life so her remark about the cat would not have been out of place, except that Vera's mother had been dead for over ten years. It was the only time that Vera had heard her mother but she made it very clear that the voice she heard was definitely that of her mother's.

Melbourne, Victoria

A young nurse working in a large hospital was on night duty when movement caught her eye. Thinking it was a patient needing help the young nurse walked towards the corridor and was horrified to see a nurse in an ankle length uniform gliding, not walking, along the corridor and into the end ward. When the nurse got up enough courage to follow this gliding creature (as she called it) she found the end ward empty except for the sleeping patients. There was only one way in or out and nothing had come out. On reporting what she had seen, and expecting to be laughed at, she found that many nursing staff and a few doctors had also witnessed this old nurse. It was obvious that this nurse was still doing her rounds even though she and her patients had long gone. Because of this incident, this nurse, now retired, believes in ghosts.

Sydney, New South Wales

One man had not been asleep for long before he was woken up by someone or something stroking his cheek. At first he thought someone had entered his room, but when he switched on his torch he found the room empty. He decided he must have been dreaming. Yet twice that night he was woken up by something stroking his cheek. Although he stayed the night he did not go back to sleep simply because he was afraid to. When morning arrived he left and never returned to the hotel. The name of the hotel is not known but the whole area has been rebuilt several times since.