This is our first weekend at the Alien encounter exhibit Phenomena and we have had a great time meeting all the locals and listening to some of their amazing stories of sightings and ET close encounters. The Phenomena exhibit is educational and very informative and is well worth the $12.50 admission to get in. Its a visual wonderland of UFO history starting way back in the biblical times to present day sightings. Robert, Vivian and I have had a great weekend and we would like to thank Barry Cummings and his staff for welcoming us to join in their exhibit.
The Media
The exhibit is defiantly attracting a great deal of media attention and we AUFORN have done our fair share of media interviews this weekend, so keep an eye on the local Tweed and Gold Coast news papers. Unfortunately for all of us UFO organizations the Ralieans are in the news also, so I can say with honesty we had to side step many questions being asked of our thoughts on human cloning.
Phenomena exhibit is a great experience for all the family and International and Australian audiences seem to be fascinated with the evidence presented to them. One young visiting American boy aged 11 summed up the thoughts of many by saying. "We can't be the only living organisms in this vast universe, there has to be many more life forms, we just haven't found out were their from, yet, but we will,".
I'm not going to give to many of the exhibits secrets away and there are many more for you to experience, but you're just going to have to go and have a look for yourself. As this is only a glimpse of what you can encounter at the exhibit.

So go along or tell your friends the aliens have landed in Coolangatta, and will be there for the next 3 weeks.

If you have any UFO sightings to report an AUFORN representative will be there to assist in answering any question you many have wherever possible. Be advised to be on the lookout for the men in black.
The staff at the exhibit are great fun and John and Judy are always eager to assist with any enquiries.
By Dane Harrison/Frola