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The Proston UFO as described by Mr. and Mrs. Herbohn to staff artist Peter Stephenson
A young Proston couple told yesterday how an unidentified flying object had terrorised them during its eight pursuit of their car on a lonely western roadway.
Mr. Mrs. David Herbon said they were returning home from Wondal to their home town Proston, about 125 miles north-west of Brisbane, when a large bright disc appeared beside their vehicle. Mr. Herbohn 18 said he was driving past the Wondal cemetery when he heard a noise like jet passing overhead and then he saw the object which gave off a reddish yellow light.

He said the object chased the car for eight to nine miles. "After it became obvious it was chasing us there was no way we were going to pull up," he said, "Just before it disappeared it seemed to come very close and bright and felt I could have reached out and touched it.

Car Shuddered

"Then the car gave a shudder as if hit by a strong gust of wind and the object disappeared." Mr. Herbon a truck driver, said the incident occurred about 9.30 p.m. on Sunday. Mrs. Noela Herbon 21 said: "We were terribly scared. The thing flew alongside us for miles - it wasn't an aircraft that's for sure." She said the object was shaped like the bottom crescent of the moon and travelling about 300 yards from their vehicle, until it came in close shortly before it disappeared at high speed.

"We thought it was the moon at first but then it started following us," she said. " I have never believed in flying saucers before but I'm so mixed up now I don't know what to think. "I'm so frightened, I won't stay at home by myself at night now, Mrs. Herbon said. Mr. and Mrs. Herbon said the did not report the incident to the local police because they were afraid "that they would start laughing at us."

The military aviation authorities last night were at a loss to explain the episode. They said there were no military aircraft or helicopters in the area on Sunday night.

Third Sighting

The sighting is the third of unidentified flying objects in the Wondal - Proston are in the last two months. In February Wondal newsagent Mr. Arthur Martin saw two mystery objects on the outskirts of the town and a week later several people at Wondal Hospital reported a UFO.

Mrs. Rhonda Braithwaite of Moombidary station, 153 miles south west of Cunnamulla, said yesterday that she saw three large lights with trails like masses of little stars streaking across the sky at 6 .a.m. On Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, two station hands on a central-Western property found a piece of metal believed to be from a Russian satellite.