Queensland Times, Ipswich ©
A DARK red egg shaped object with legs was seen in the sky above Raceview early yesterday.
Residents Ray and Daphne Donald reported seeing the object above their home about 7.30 a.m. Mr Donald said the object was about 150m From the ground and moving at 70 to 80 knots.

He said the object was quite large and made a "whirling noise" "I've got no idea what it was but it wasn't an aeroplane of a hot air balloon, he said.

"It was travelling in a south-west direction and then turned and proceeded to go west." Amberley RAAF base wing commander Ray Whitton said there were no military aircraft in the air at the time and the air traffic control tower reported nothing.

Mr Donald said he thought the object may have something to do with the visit by the Duchess of Kent. "I thought it was a gimmick for the Duchess' visit because it looked like it had some bunting on it," He said I hadn't been drinking.

Ipswich police Sgt Bernie Ziebell said the station had received no calls about the object. A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said it was unlikely the object was a weather balloon. "We release the balloons at 3am and it is very unlikely that a balloon would be near the release sight after a couple of hour," the spokesman said.