It was New Years Eve 2003. I’d gathered for the end of year celebrations with my family on the lawn area next to the big Mildura Bridge in northern Victoria. The evening went well, with a crowd of around 2000 people. Midnight soon past with fireworks and some singing. I was standing with my niece’s boyfriend Simon, my two kids Kirsten and Jack, and Ryan who belongs to my sister. Simon was looking up. He said to me, oh look, what’s that, an amber from the fireworks some ten minutes earlier. I look straight up above us, to see a small glowing ball, moving from west to east at around 5000 metres, flying in a controlled manner. It glowed orange in colour and we watched the object fly east until it disappeared. I told Simon the object was a UFO and not an amber. The night ended and we all went home. The next morning I had a visit from a young couple at my home. They told me that they were driving along San Mateo Avenue in Mildura, on the last day of 2003 and spotted a large orange glowing ball flying about 500 metres above them and flying parallel to the street. They stopped and looked at the object out of the windows of their car. I had a think about things for a minute and said to them I’d like to have a skywatch tonight, come around about 11.00 pm and so they did. We gathered out in the darkness of my backyard. The young couple, Aaron and Jen, had Aaron’s sister and brother with them to make a good night of it. They are teenagers and non-believers so to see something would be good. Aaron’s little brother, my son and daughter got sick of looking up and went inside the house. It was about 11.40 pm. I said to the young couple I’d try to summon them in, just wait a minute. I used telepathy and said in my mind to the visitors to fly over, because I want to show some non-believers, and left the request at that. It was only a minute later and to the south I saw the big orange glowing ship which looked like a ball of fire. I heard Jen say, oh my god. I heard Aaron say, Jesus, and I said it was flying past the front of the house. I ran around the side and through the gate. When I arrived out the front, the others came out the front door, with the kids in toe. There, about 300 metres up, flying in a northeast direction, was the big glowing craft; no noise and flying straight. I don’t think anyone there could believe their eyes. On watching it fly past, you could see an egg-shaped craft inside the glow. We watched it fly away and disappear into the distance. The duration of the sighting was a good four minutes at least. We all went inside and talked at length about what had happened. I felt good that others could experience a close-up sighting of a UFO with me, as I always see them on my own as a rule and that confirms, that I’m not seeing things that aren’t there. The closest I’ve been to an alien craft was about 25 metres in daylight hours. I will tell you all about that encounter next time.

Brian Jewell


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