Australian UFO Researcher
Robert Marx


Robert Marx & Rocco Delillo

As presented at the 1998 National Conference: "Australian Contact : The UFO Reality"
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 September 1998: Sydney Australia

"This Never before released Document will change the way your view the whole UFO Phenomena"

The central question of Ufology is, of course, why. What are they doing here? What do they want? What program are they pursuing and for what end? Some say they want the Earth and need to put an end to us. Others that they are afraid of their own end and need us to refresh their genes. Still others say they want to alter us-culturally or genetically-because they fear us, or for our own good.

In our long search for answers we have looked to individual cases to try to infer the Big Picture. We assume that by gathering many, many small details and extrapolating them we will define and fill in the puzzle. A reasonable approach and we have used it for five decades.

Perhaps we need to look differently. After all, there are two ways to complete a puzzle. From the inside out, that is, jiggle the odd piece to the odd piece until spots of clarity emerge and eventually the whole scene. Or from the outside in, that is, find the patent size and shape of the frame-where the straight edges and corners are-and build inward.

Let's look at the UFO Big Picture-the macro rather than the micro-look at its size, scope and depth, and see what picture emerges. For the moment let's stop focusing on each brick and see if we might discover what kind of structure we are dealing with. Bricks only reveal their significance when you see the overall construction. In fact, when we think about it, can we even begin to understand the UFO problem until we understand how big an intrusion it actually is?

A small local UFO presence means one kind of reconnaissance: a scouting party, ie., a quick scientific or cultural survey to discover the overall lie of the land.

A massive widespread presence indicates a totally different level of intent: rigorous and thorough, ie, a detailed examination of the Earth to fully grasp our human occupation.

And heaven knows we certainly have plenty of bricks, despite what the debunkers say. UFOs have been around for quite a while and have been seen across the globe. Reports have reached the tens of thousands in the last fifty years. And from the assembled cases there is every reason to believe that their presence goes back at a minimum to the turn of the century, and most likely to the 1860s. More sketchy evidence points to hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

The number of reported UFO sightings is guesswork. We've seen reasonable figures of 50,000. Over fifty years, that is a 1,000 cases a year, about 3 a day world-wide on average. Of course that is cases, not witnesses. It does not take into account multiple witnesses, or witnesses who have NOT reported their sightings. From personal experience non-reported cases are much more common that the ones reported. Time after time at parties or conferences people come up to me and tell me of sightings they, or their friend, or their mother, or some other relative have had years before and never reported. And how many UFOs in our skies were not actually seen by anyone, or if witnessed, shrugged off and mistaken for something else? (Yes, Virginia, just as ordinary objects can be taken for UFOs, so can UFOs be mistaken for ordinary objects.) Plus there are many parts of the world where the reporting of UFOs is simply irrelevant, or impossible, or against government policy, or heresy to religious beliefs, and so forth. Besides, to whom would you report them? How many sightings have gone unrecorded in those areas?

And that is after the modern UFO era; what about pre-1947? "Foo fighters" alone could count for dozens, maybe hundreds, on either side of the war. A final figure is arbitrary, but we can say with reasonable assurance that UFOs are a global happening, seen by millions of people.

That a foreign power, or society, could sustain such a program, over the entire planet, with untold number of sightings, seen by millions-and in committed secrecy-shows a determination and consistency that is wondrous. Marvel becomes awe when we realise that this program has maintained this consistency for a minimum of sixty years, probably at least double that from our human perspective this is an unheard of length of time to maintain such a focus of planning and execution.

No human project comes to mind - not the Pyramids, not the Great Wall, not even the cold war-which can match it. Yes, nations have fought each other on and off for hundreds of years, but not constantly. Kings and dictators on both sides come and go and peace and war have ebbed and flowed with them. This is a consistency unrecorded in human history

So it is no surprise that our scenarios for their behaviour fail. How can we understand what we cannot feel ourselves? They do not invade us; they do not contact us; they do not overtly change us; they do not…. In fact except for spotting them once in a while, all we can seem to do is define them by what they do NOT do. They do not obey the laws of science as we understand them, and their actions seem to make no sense.

In 1991 leading Ufologists, Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs, --after a generous donation by philanthropist Robert Bigelow-agreed to organise a research survey to try to estimate the actual number of abductees there were in the United States. Popularly known in UFO circles as "The Roper Poll", the results according to Jacobs (The Threat p122 to125) were "Breathtaking."

Results indicated that 8% of the US population had been abducted, and figures as high as 13% were possible. Because the results were so astounding Hopkins and Jacobs erred on the side of caution-and fear-and took a very conservative approach to the statistics. They altered their initial criteria for likely abduction and shrank the 8% probable abduction figure to 2%. Nevertheless, this still came out to about five million abductees out of the US population of 250 million. Extrapolating on a world scale the figure is 120 million people who have been abducted by aliens. The possible error rate was low, only 1 to 2%.

These are numbers to make even the most comfortable sweat and stretch the envelope of the mind. 120 million people of the present population of the planet have been abducted! And remember, this was a survey taken in the present. What about all those who had been abducted early in the century, or earlier, and have since died.

The dimensions of such a program are awesome. Think of it. If you were to ship 120 million people by 400 a plane-load from one city to another it would take 300,000 planes! Even over a lifetime of say 60 years that means you would have to have 5,000 flights a year. That is 14 flights every day for sixty years. Not too bad you might say. But what if you had to pick up each of those people individually from different places all over the world, not gathered together at a single airport? And then return them back to where you picked them up individually?

And what if you had to do it in secret, mainly during night hours after they'd gone to bed? And that meant you had to have hidden bases either deep in space or on Earth, say possibly the ocean.

Already some of the assumptions you made earlier are broken. Since you have to return them individually you can't ship them 400 a time. Even if you bring them to a waiting mother ship you have to get them from their beds to the larger ship. That means smaller tender style craft, and more

And because they take people against their will they need to escort each and every individual abductee when they take them-which has, indeed, been recorded over and over. Then you'd have to remember that since this occurs over decades you have to have staff on call for that length of time with all the possible accompanying problems of nourishment, rest, health, training, managing, scheduling, replacement, etc., etc. As one of the abductee I know once said, "It's a factory." A factory on a scale unknown on Earth. Then we have to look at another logistics complications. We calculate there are 120 million abductees.

But how many actual abductions are there? After all, each abductee may have been taken more than once in their lives. Most researchers will admit that the bulk of abductees are taken repeatedly. Research has indicated that abductions are typically generational, that is, they tend to follow family lines and occur over the course of a person's life. How many times? Dr. David Jacobs in his latest book says he took an informal study of his experiencers and gives a conservative average number of five abductions for each abductee per year. In conversation he suggested the figure could be higher, but he wanted to be cautious. Let's be wary of even this figure and say one a year. I've known abductees who seem to have been taken less and others many more. However, for the moment for the sake of argument let's settle on one a year.

WAIT A MINUTE. That's forty or fifty or more in a person's lifetime!! That means we have to multiply our 120 million by 50. That means 6 BILLION over a lifetime, or 120 MILLION A YEAR.

Our gross previous figure of 300,000 planes for a lifespan now happens in a single year. 822 planes a day. And that is without adding possible problems of secrecy, perhaps night time limitations, staff management, and, most daunting of all, individual pickup and return.

This is literally beyond our imaginings.

Let's breakdown the logistics further. If there are 120 million a year taken globally, that makes about 328,700 humans each day, 13,700 per hour, or 3.8 abductions per second.

If we create a possible typical scenario and we further assume each abduction is an individual pick up and return, then perhaps:

Capture takes 3 minutes, Transport to base or mother ship takes 2 minutes. Offloading to exam room takes 3 minutes Time 8 minutes/per abductee And: Actual inspection/procedures can vary from
20 minutes to many hours, but say 60 minutes

Then let's assume the return time is the same as the capture time 8 minutes. So the total time for an abduction (in this scenario) is 76 minutes. 76 min times 60 seconds per minute gives us how many seconds an abduction takes 4560 seconds for each abduction And since our calculations show that there are 3.8 abductions for every second there are 17,328 abductees at any one time being abducted Out of this 76 min. each craft is in flight 16 minutes (8 min in capture, 8 min in return)

So the ratio 16min/76min is the time a craft actually spends transporting an abductee in each abduction. This is its minimum % of time each craft uses shuffling back and forth per
individual abduction. We divide 16 by 76. The result is 0.2105263, or 21.05263% of abduction time requiring a shuttle UFO for transport.

And since our figures point to 17,328 abductees being abducted at any one time, if we multiply 17,328 by the % of minimum craft time necessary for each abduction (21.05263%), you get the minimal number of craft which can service that minimal time.

That comes to: 3,648 craft in constant, 24 hours a day usage.

Of course, other abductees will be captured and others returned in the 60 minutes' inspection period of the initial abductee. The ships act like taxis: picking up people, dropping them, and then going straight out and picking up the next abductee while the first is being examined. In this way they overlap, capturing up a second, returning another, and picking up a third, and then a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and a seventh as they return others. Then they can return the first abductee back home, overlapping other abductees' inspections.

It is, in essence, "A Conveyor Belt". Incessantly, unceasingly, unstoppably, the craft pick up humans, fly them somewhere for examinations or tests or some unknown reason, and return others back to their beds. They form a chain of shuttling ships that feed the program, the number of abductees passing through as if on belts down the processing line of a factory. The very mass of numbers driving it.

Even if we shorten the inspection time to 32 minutes, the number of required ships stays the same at 3,650 as the number of people able to be processed in the smaller time frame also drops.

THAT IS 3,650 UFOs IN CONSTANT SERVICE. That assumes they never stop for maintenance, for re-fueling, for repair, for breakage. Include those possibilities and the number rises. Though many abductions seem to be solo affairs let's be conservative and make the assumption that EACH UFO capture involves more than one person-let's say five at a time.

Capture 5 people Acquisition- 2 minutes/person . Time to locate next- 1 minute/person. Time 3 minutes X 5 people 15 minutes. Trip to base/mother ship 3 minutes. Offloading 4 minutes. Time 7 minutes. Total time used before inspection 22 minutes . Inspection/procedures time 60 minutes. Return 22 minutes. So the total time for an abduction (in this scenario) is 104 minute. 104 min times 60 seconds per minute gives us the number of seconds an abduction takes 6240 seconds for each abduction . And since our calculations show: 3.8 abductions for every second there are 23,700 abductees at any one time being abducted Out of this 104 min. each craft is in flight 44 minutes (22 min in capture, 22 min in return)

So the ratio 44min/104min is the minimum time a craft actually spends transporting an abductee in each abduction using this scenario. This is its minimum % of time each craft uses shuffling back and forth. We divide 44 by 104. The result is 0.4231, or 42.31% of abduction time requiring a shuttle UFO for transport However, since each journey carries 5 abductees we divide 23,700 by 5 and get 4740. And now we calculate 42.31% of 4740 to get the minimal number of craft necessary for this scenario. That comes to: 2000 craft (Like the previous scenario we still assume that there are other overlapping captures and returns in that 60 minute inspection time frame. This time 5 per flight.)

As huge as the number is, 2000 ships in full-time, constant, 24 hours-a-day toil is a conservative guestimate. What if Dr. Jacobs is correct in his survey and each person is abducted five times a year we multiply this 2,000 ship figure 5 times: Each abductee taken 5 times a year requires 10,000 craft in constant use!

And the number of abductions rises to 1,640,000 people Every Day. Now remember this is for 2% of the population. The Roper figures indicated that at least 8% of people matched the tough criteria. And 13% matched somewhat lower criteria. At 8% you multiply these figures by 4 times again. 6,500,000 people a day being abducted by 40,000 ships in full time use. That's 480,000,000 people a year world-wide!

40,000 UFOs and that's not counting mother ships or bases. 6.5 million people!!!!!!! EACH DAY. At 13% the number are even more overwhelming, 780,000,000 abductees, or 10.5 million a day. Even those who have not experienced UFOs can understand what a mind altering, worldview destroying, reality-changing phenomenon this is. This is a logistics incomprehensibility, 6,500,000 people a day-a factory that processes more a third of Australia's population every day. In almost total secrecy.

Perhaps all the military jets of all types of all countries combined could reach the 10,000 craft figure. BUT 40,000 is.…unfathomable. AND they would all have to be fully operational and flying non-stop with no time to refuel or for maintenance each and everyday all year round for a lifetime. Additionally you would have to keep constant check on all the abductees and schedule their abductions according to whatever you require for your program. Since medical examinations seem to occur regularly, these would have to be scheduled, taken and recorded.

And before we can digest these awesome numbers we should not forget the aliens themselves. How many aliens are needed to run and control the program? Just think of a few logistics considerations (again using conservative 2% rate estimate):

1. Aliens accompany almost every abduction, usually two or more, plus others. Sometimes there are two or even three different types. Using our model of 2,000 ships taking 5 people each trip we get 2,000 times 4 aliens = 8,000 aliens associated with abductions in the small craft.

2. Each hour 13,700 people are being abducted (at 2%). Because of logistics this 13,700 would be onboard the mother ships or bases, being inspected, tested, or escorted by aliens. Yes, some abductees seem to wait around, but the majority are accompanied by at least 2 aliens. If we assume half of abductees are accompanied by 2 aliens that makes 13,700 aliens onboard the mother ships or bases at any one time.

3. Then there are many who seem to be doing tasks. These are seen at the controls, at monitors, in "nurseries". Then there are the "Professors" or "Doctors" who give orders. And many hybrids seem to be involved in the abduction process too, no doubt due to the huge logistics strain on staff. Furthermore, if the project is hybrid oriented, then there would be large alien biological research unit/s to sort out the genetic program. (If they had total knowledge of this genetic aspect, they wouldn't need their ongoing program.) Remember they are dealing with a minimum of 120 million abductions a year. Take a wild stab. 2,000 (not counting hybrids).

4. How many techo and mechanical and research staff would be in the background, both onboard the tender craft and the mother ships AND at home base, wherever that is? In a modern army the support staff comprise 90% of the personnel. In the rocket program it is far, far higher, a few astronauts to the thousands who make and launch the vehicles. We will be conservative and reverse those ratios. Nevertheless ships have to be designed, ordered and built, then transported, maintained and repaired. There are communications, levels of command, "food" and hygiene requirements, etc. One can only guess at these. Let's say 10% or so of our running alien total = 2,000.

In total let's say 25,700 aliens dedicated for 60 years of full time unremitting work. However, shift to the 8%, you multiply by 4 and get = 102,800 aliens!!!!! to run the program. And that does not include any replacement or substitution of staff for possible holidays, sickness, reassignment, promotion, or death. Under these statistics aliens would work without rest, time for replenishment, recovery, or any kind of play 24 hours a day every day, all year, decade in and decade out. Clearly this seems unimaginable; personnel changes would have to be expected.

And now we come to the greatest unknown: the hybrids, which seem to be the focus of the program. How many of these are there? After all, it has been at least sixty years, and probably at least double that. What of all the hybrids who have been created? How many? Where are they? What are they doing? Who watches, guides, controls, etc, them? How many aliens work with them? Who tends them, their health? Their food? Their rest? Their shelter? And who knows what else they may need?

Even the quickest, vaguest sums are mind boggling. If there are only 120 million abductees and half are women and each one only has one hybrid child, that is 60 million beings which have to be nurtured to "birth" and beyond. But who knows how many of them there really may be? Most of my female abductees talk of losing their reproductive eggs for years. Many have only met one or two or three hybrid children who are supposedly theirs, yet have reported "feeling" pregnant far more frequently. And we are at least the third generation who has experienced this. Don't forget they have been doing this for a minimum of 60 to 100 years. Figures of hundreds of millions seem plausible given the numbers we have discussed. Some have speculated billions. Think of how many public servants are needed to administer a large city like Sydney alone. If the focus truly is on reproductive samples and on creating new hybrids, those similarly would have to be tracked and recorded. AND the care and board of all of these new creatures would have to be planned for and accomplished.

Hundreds of millions, billions? These are numbers to choke the mind and swell the size of our UFO problem to brain-numbing theory. Researchers such as David Jacobs talk in term of catastrophe, others are optimistic.

Whatever the hybrid numbers they only add to the ones we have discussed earlier. They lead to the pressing conviction that the aliens are running a stupendous, massive program that defies our sense of understanding, maybe even our sense of imagination. Awed, we hunt for the agenda.

If these incomprehensible figures are correct, this is not a program we can ignore. Nor, in all honesty, can we really grasp by human intuition and emotion. This is program with motives we can only intellectualise and solve like some obscure mental puzzle . They are alien motives. They are doing it for their own ends, their own purposes-whether it bodes good or ill for us. For no foreign power-and by definition any non-human power must be foreign-nor any human power for that matter, would ever conceive and run such an enormous undertaking, with such a usage of resources, without precise goals and very much in their own interest. We can only hope it is also in ours as well.


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