UFO Sydney 2001

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Source: National UFO Hotline 1800 Callin Code: 01281 26.03.2001 NSW

Image by Daniel Tomey © New South Wales Australia

Date: 26.03.2001 Day: Monday
Time Reported: 9.30 pm
Location: NSW
Reportee: Daniel Tomey
Report given to nearest State Director: Doug Moffett
Report by Attila Kaldy UFOSWS 2001

On the 23rd March 2001 around 2:30pm, Daniel and A were in their third floor apartment in north Sydney when they noticed three dim flashlight-like beams above a large tree near their balcony. As they went outside on the balcony to investigate, they found no trace of the light source or the lights.

Instead they discovered a large cylindrical “craft” hovering above the apartment block. It is believed that the unusual anomaly was at a considerable height (about 2000 meters above the observers site, according to the observers). It appeared like a smooth, dense, cigar shaped cloud amongst the fine, transparent atmospheric mist (which at the time was apparent-an otherwise clear night sky besides the fine film of atmospheric haze).

Daniel described a sudden, strange overwhelming feeling that they felt at the time; they felt vulnerable, ominous, isolated from the rest of the world as if it was for “their eyes only”. The environment around them felt harsh, cold metallic.

The couple observed the craft for three minutes before it moved 5 degrees south (with in one minute time span). It appeared to be closer than before, giving them a detailed view of its structure.
The craft positioned itself on an angle (approximately 45 degrees according to the sketch). Daniel obtained a pair of binoculars and saw the anomaly in great detail. It was described to e a steely matte gunmetal colouring; with a light refraction of gradient showing it’s surface, shape and colour. Two rectangular shapes featured at the end facing towards them. Both shapes bore eight red lights, arranged in two columns of four, positioned vertically and parallel to each other.
Over five minutes, both felt that they had enough and decided to contact their friend via the telephone. The craft was still visible when they reached the phone inside, however as Daniel glanced away for a few seconds to dial, it had disappeared.

Original Sketch of the UFO sighted by the accounted witness

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